Re: [DNS] Searcher twists name rules

Re: [DNS] Searcher twists name rules

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 22:21:41 +0800
Quoting Deus Ex Machina on Thursday March 24, 2005:
| > 
| > Can you buy thousands of number plates to resell, without even owning a
| > car?
| afaik

I am surprised then. But on the other hand, I guess the market for
securing a specific number plate is substantially different to domain
names. There is probably little demand for a speculative market on
number plates.

| , and you can also buy phone numbers without owning a phone.

That's true, but it is rare there is an intrinsic connection between a
company's name and/or services, and the number the choose. The only one
I can recall is 1800-reverse.

For domain names, there is a perception (and correspondingly a market
need) that a domain name matches the service it points to. Perhaps it
would be different if companies like Enetica were expected to be found
at or But, then again -
unlike phone numbers or registration tags - the whole reason the DNS was
created was to create a mnemonic relevant mapping between an entity's
name and its location on the Internet. If it didn't, we could draw that
analogies more relevantly if people were fighting over specific IP

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