Re: [DNS] Searcher twists name rules

Re: [DNS] Searcher twists name rules

From: Tony Owen <tony§>
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 11:26:55 +1030
I think to discourage "international" domain resellers in general would be 
quite easy. They want quick, easy transfers at no cost.

AUDA charge a $100 fee for transfer (paid in advance)
2 week 'cooling off period' before transfer is sanctioned.

I believe it is in the best interest of everyone to have an open market .. 
if someone overseas wants to sell product in Australia, they should be able 
to easily reg a .au name. If I wanted to sell something in New Zealand, the 
first thing I would be looking for is a .nz domain name. I would like to do 
that online and instantly.

If the terms and conditions for reselling the name sounded tough .. that 
wouldnt worry me. (unless I was a reseller, it would put me off instantly)

History seems to indicate that eventually nearly governmanet sanctioned 
'board' relaxes its control and opens the market.

Cheers Tony 
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