domain name news - Mar 24

domain name news - Mar 24

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nz: Application for a new 2LD -
Comments are sought on an application to create a new,
moderated second level domain (2LD) – A
copy of the application to create the new 2LD, and the
proposed moderation policy, can be seen at:

au: Searcher twists name rules
WOULD-BE search king Ansearch has ruffled a few
feathers among Australia's top corporate brands by
registering misspellings of well-known internet domain
names in an attempt to drive traffic to the search

us: Hillary Clinton wins Web domain name ruling
The National Arbitration Forum said Monday it has
ruled in favor of Hillary Rodham Clinton regarding
rights to the Internet domain name

eu: EU domain jumps final hurdle
The .eu domain may finally come alive, five years
after its conception, following a meeting this coming

ICANN approves EURid's agreement for .EU domain
EURid logoAt a meeting on 21 March 2005, the board of
ICANN approved the delegation of the new .EU top level
domain and authorised their CEO, to enter into an
agreement with EURid, the organisation selected by the
European Commission to operate the .EU registry. The
decision was taken following contractual negotiations
between ICANN and EURid over the past few months and
approval of the agreement by the European Commission.

eu: ICANN Approves EURid's Agreement for '.eu' Domain
Name (news release)
Preparations for the launch of the '.eu' Domain took a
major step forward earlier this week when ICANN
approved EURid's application to take the new Top Level
Domain (TLD) into ICANN's root files.

ICANN board approve agreement with EURid (news release
and updated timetable)
At a board meeting today, ICANN approved delegation of
the .eu top level domain and authorised their CEO to
sign an agreement with EURid.

EURid appoints PriceWaterhouseCoopers as .eu Sunrise
Validation agent (news release)
EURid has appointed PWC to Validate 'prior right'
claims of applicants during the .eu sunrise period.

Shambles at the .Pro Registry
Registration of .Pro domains has descended into
shambles as the Registry responsible for their
administration has allowed a flood of domain
registrations which appear to be in breach of the
strict rules restricting who can register a .pro
domain and the certified credentials required before
any such domain can work.

AfriNIC to become officially recognized registry
The ICANN next month expects to give full recognition
to Mauritius-based African Internet Numbers Registry
(AfriNIC) as the organization responsible for IP
(Internet Protocol) number registration in Africa.

nz: Enum trial to link phone, internet addresses
Enum, a new means of identifying devices that are
connected to the internet, is about to arrive in New

Apple Blocks IDN Spoofing in Safari
Following in the footsteps of Mozilla and Opera, Apple
has issued its monthly Mac OS X security update with a
fix for the spoofing vulnerability caused by
Internationalized Domain Names (IDN). Apple's Safari
Web browser will now only display URL characters from
an approved list, which can be customized by the user.

Change of JP DNS Server Configuration (news release)
The service provided by "," which has been one
of its six name servers, will be terminated. Through
measurement and examinations, it has been confirmed
that JP DNS as a whole maintains the same quality of
service even after the termination of this server.

Changes in WHOIS Query Services in Japan (news
JPRS and JPNIC will run WHOIS servers separately from
22 March 2005, aiming to clarify the management of
information registered in WHOIS, such as information
on .JP domain name, IP address and ASN. This
separation of services will be executed around the
same time as the enforcement of Personal Data
Protection Law.

JPRS Makes JP Domain Name Management and
Administration Compliant with the Personal Information
Protection Act from April 1 (news release)
On February 1, JPRS announced that it would reflect
the requirements of the Personal Information
Protection Act ("Act") in the JP domain name
management and administration services from April 1st
of 2005.

1&1 Internet Registers 5 Millionth Domain
Continuing its impressive growth both domestically and
abroad, 1&1 Internet Inc ., has announced that it has
registered its 5 millionth domain name; bolstering its
status as one of the world’s largest and most
successful domain registrars and Web Hosting

An Introduction to Domain Names
Simply put, a domain name is a "front" - they are word
sequences users enter in their browser’s location bar
to visit your site, but are not a Web site's true
address. Domain names are attached to DNS (Domain
Naming System) servers, which are used to translate
numeric addresses (known as IP, or Internet Protocol,
addresses) into words. Each site you visit on the net
has a numeric IP address behind its name, which
represents the site's true address on the Internet.

Online Internet Keyword Marketing, The Next Generation
of Website Marketing (news release)
Web Wise Media has built a strong technical and sales
force aimed at providing the best online marketing
services at the most affordable costs in order to
service a wider array of online clientele. Their
experience goes back 10 years in the Email Marketing
arena and another 6 years in the Search Engine
Optimization field. Web Wise Media has most advanced
by perfecting a quicker and easier Internet navigation
system called WP Keywords for those who no longer want
to navigate using long complicated and hard to
remember domain names, or hunt through thousands of
search engine results to find what they are looking

Industry Data Demonstrates Strong Growth in Secondary
Web Domain Sales in 2004; Volume Increased Nearly 300
Percent from 2003 (news release)
According to data from three leading independent
companies tracking the domain name marketplace,
DNJournal, and, the
secondary domain marketplace--the marketplace where
already registered domain names are bought and sold --
experienced strong gains both in terms of the volume
of sales and the overall sale prices for domains
compared to the previous years. According to, a German publication that closely
tracks the sale of domain names, the domain name
marketplace experienced explosive growth with more
than 1,400 transactions reported -- compared to only
500 domain transactions reported in 2003 and with just
400 domains sales reported in 2002. In addition, the
average sale price of a .com domain increased more
than $1,400 from 2003 to 2004, with the average domain
selling for more than $9,700.

Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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