Re: Policy on domain ownership

Re: Policy on domain ownership

From: Jason Allen <jallen§>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 19:21:05 +1000
Jason Allen wrote:

> So, on to my question ... what would the auDA policy be on who is the
> 'owner' of this domain (I believe it would be the 3 guys - or more
> accurately the registered business name) and what steps/actions would be
> involved in these 3 guys getting an auDA decision to transfer ownership of
> the the domain record over to them (or more accurately, the business
> name).

Further to this, the registrar claims that it is not the organisation 
that is the legal leasee of the domain name, but the contact/s on the 
domain record that are the legal leasee. ie. The registrant organisation 
has no legal claim to the domain name, only the contact name/s listed on 
the domain record have any legal right to the domain name.

How is this the case? Is every organisation/company that has a .au 
domain name in trouble if the contact person/s on their domain record 
get hit by a bus or leave the employment of that company?

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