domain name & governance news - Mar 29

domain name & governance news - Mar 29

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Free case book of domain name decisions
The WIPO has published an overview of trends in its
7,000 domain name dispute decisions since 1999. It is,
in effect, a free on-line case book about
cybersquatting that can help parties to gauge their
chances before action.

WIPO Offers New Tool for Analysis of UDRP Trends (news
The Arbitration and Mediation Center of the WIPO has
created and made available online a new information
tool that offers a concise overview of trends in
decisions taken under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute
Resolution Policy (UDRP) – a quick and cost effective
dispute resolution procedure relating to Internet
addresses. The WIPO Overview of WIPO Panel Views on
Selected UDRP Questions considers common and important
substantive and procedural questions that have been
extracted from the over 7,000 UDRP cases handled so
far by WIPO. The Overview is available at

Rolling out next generation's net
The body that oversees how the net works and evolves
says it has coped well in the last 10 years.

nz: Domain Name Fee Announcement
InternetNZ, NZOC and NZRS have today announced that
InternetNZ is maintaining the wholesale domain name

nz: New 2LD proposal calls for submissions
A new second level domain,, has been
proposed to InternetNZ in order to provide some
distance between parliamentarians and executive

DNS — root concern for Pacific
Root server vulnerability concerns raised during UN
internet governance forum

.tl - Timor-Leste
For those interested, as of 24/3 whois information was
available for .tl and details on registration of .tl
domains is available.

us: How the U.S. Anticybersquatting Act May Adversely
Affect Foreign Trademark Owners
Foreign trademark holders may be inadvertently
compromised by the Anticybersquatting Consumer
Protection Act ("ACPA"), which was passed to protect
the rights of U.S. trademark holders. Thus, this may
ultimately impact the business of U.S. domain name

Are you master of your own domain?
The hottest commodity in Cyberspace is the domain
name. Between 1996 and 1999, the number of domain
names registered in the United States exploded from 1
million to more than 6 million. As a result, more than
97% of the words in Webster's Dictionary have been
registered. Given the critical importance that a
catchy, memorable domain name has for the success of a
website, some people have been able to make
significant sums of money by selling domain names. For
example, the domain name "" sold for $7.5
million in 1999, and "" is currently on the
auction block for a minimum bid of $10 million.

us: Maybe Tom Reilly can use those internet domain
names after all
You may recall that in a particularly sneaky move, the
Massachusetts Republican Party bought up several
internet domain names that Attorney General and likely
Gov candidate Tom Reilly might want to use for a
campaign for Governor (including

ICANN Completes Negotiations with Applicants for .JOBS
ICANN has completed negotiations with the applicants
for the .JOBS and .TRAVEL sponsored top-level domains.
The .JOBS and .TRAVEL sponsored TLD registry
agreements have been posted on the ICANN website and
submitted to the ICANN Board for approval.

Neue DNS-Poisoning-Welle im Gang
Seit einigen Tagen läuft anscheinend eine neue
Pharming-Welle. Diesmal versuchen die Hintermänner
alle Browser-Aufrufe von .com-Adressen auf ihre
Web-Site umzuleiten, auf der sie
verschreibungspflichtige Medikamente verkaufen.
Auslöser der Zwangsumleitung kann schon eine
HTML-E-Mail mit einem Link zu einer externen
Grafikdatei sein, die auf einem Server der
Hintermänner liegt.

Registrar Converts Domain 'Parking Lot' Into Ad
Dotster is running keyword advertising on tens of
thousands of .info domains it recently registered,
creating an instant advertising platform that
generates revenue for both Dotster and Google. The
strategy marks a shift in registrars' efforts to
leverage the huge numbers of customer domains "parked"
on their servers, which have traditionally been used
to market registrars' in-house offerings.

VeriSign Digital Branding Bulletin - March 05
In the March edition Canadian Domain Name
Registrations Pass Half-Million Mark; EURid Still
Awaiting Guidance from EC on .EU Launch; Hungarian
Registry (.HU) to Change Registration Requirements,
Arbitration Rules; .IN Domain Name Opening Draws More
than 75,000 Registrations in First Days; Public
Sunrise for Vietnam (.VN) Registrations Delayed Until

us: Ferraro agrees to transfer Web site to opponent
Peg Ferraro says Bob Nyce can have his Web site
because she is tired of hearing him fuss about it.,0,6957141.story

Whois Privacy vs. Anonymity
The Internet is often a lawless place. Everyone knows
that there are many tricks and traps lurking on the
Internet, just waiting to prey on unsuspecting and
innocent users. Some of these traps will trash your
computer while others will turn your PC into a zombie
that will broadcast messages at the virus writer's
command. ...The list of annoyances and downright
criminal activities seem endless. ...To make the
Internet a safer place both legislators and law
enforcement are now focusing on the Internet. In the
crossfire that's taking place there are many ideas
that are being offered up. Some of them are good and
some are not. One bad decision that was recently
forced upon the Internet community (without hearings
-- more on this later) was to eliminate private domain
name registrations for .US domain names. ...It's
important to understand the difference between privacy
and anonymity.

Explained For Non-Experts
Dear non-Experts, This is for you who always wanted to
know what the DNS root name servers actually do and
how they are operated. These servers are a small but
esential part of the Internet Domain Name System
(DNS), a part that is often talked about these days
but little understood and sometimes even mysticised.
After reading this briefing DNS root name servers will
be no mystery to you any more and you will also
understand what these servers are not involved in.

This is Daniel Karrenberg's personal FAQ about the
root name server system. It is based on questions he
had to answer over the past few years of "Internet
Governance" debate.

GNSO Council meeting Mar del Plata Agenda 
Proposed GNSO Council Agenda Wednesday , April 06,

Latin America/Caribbean At-Large Users Workshop
ICANN's At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) invites all
interested individuals to attend the Latin
America/Caribbean At-Large Users Workshop on Sunday, 3
April from 14:00 – 17:00, at the Sheraton Mar del
Plata, to advance the interests of the region’s
individual Internet user community (At-Large). The
workshop will feature discussions of the future of the
“Information Society” in Latin America/Caribbean, the
user community’s role in the governing of the
Internet, and increasing Latin America/Caribbean
Internet users participation in ICANN and other global
Internet/Communication/Technology decision-making
forums. Participation is free and all are welcome.

New Instance of RIPE NCC Operated K-root Server
Deployed in Abu Dhabi, UAE
The RIPE NCC (Réseaux IP Européens Network
Coordination Centre) in partnership with Etisalat
(Emirates Telecommunications Corporation) deployed a
new mirror instance of the K-root Internet root name
server at Emirates Internet Exchange (EMIX) in Abu
Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Mergers Should Not Create Two-Faced Corporations
Hit-and-run naming has already left a very bad taste
among companies, customers and media. With hundreds of
high-profile naming failures all over the world, there
is now an urgent need to restore the credibility big
branding agencies have lost. ... Most corporations
have dozens of different names for print and for
e-commerce Get a Free E-Commerce Start-up Kit from
Verisign as domain names, and they often clash with
each other. It's always better to have a few healthy,
strong and globally protected names.

au: Australian Search Engine In Dodgy Domain Reg
Australian Search engine Ansearch finds itself in hot
water over some particularly ill thought out domain
name purchases.

.EU Update
Earlier this week, ICANN's Board took steps to
authorize the delegation of .EU as a ccTLD (country
code Top Level Domain), and for ICANN Staff to enter
into an agreement with EURid and to complete the
delegation of .EU.

ICANN signs in .eu
Addresses withing the new top-level domain for the
European Union will be available from the end of this

European Domain Name Gets Green Light
A European Union Web address took a critical step
toward becoming a reality this week after gaining the
approval of the Internet's domain-name oversight body.,1759,1779370,00.asp

Articles and Guides about Domain Names

us: Web site names are firm's domain -
beats the odds
A profile of GoDaddy. Buys 650+ Domains Inc. a rapidly growing eCommerce
company, today announced that it has signed an
agreement to acquire more than 650 dot-com URLs.

us: Announces Sale Of Domain Name
(news release)
Want to buy

uk: Last Digital Automates DNS Management
Last Digital from the UK announcs that it has unveiled
a new Domain Name Management system for its customers.

How To Register Your Domain
A basic guide to registering a domain name.

"Who Rules the Internet? Understanding ICANN"
A new briefing paper published by Panos institute,
describes the issues behind Internet governance that
made it a heated subject at the 2003 WSIS meeting in
Geneva. It is the first of a series of briefing papers
that will cover other Information and Communication
Technologies (ICTs) issues. It also gives important
background information on the issues being raised at
the upcoming World Summit on the Information Society
in Tunis in November 2005.

Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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