domain name & WSIS news - Apr 04

domain name & WSIS news - Apr 04

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Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2005 22:04:32 +1000 (EST)
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ICANN races to meet .net deadline
CONSULTANTS working for the peak domain names body are
racing to finalise a report that will be used to
select a new registrar for the key .net domain ahead
of today's deadline for its release.,7204,12684774%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

Internet to get three new domains
The internet will very probably soon have three new
top-level domains - .eu, .travel and .jobs - the ICANN
has announced.

VeriSign poised to retain operation of '.net' domain
VeriSign is poised to run the Internet's third most
popular suffix for the next six years despite concerns
the company already exerts significant control over
how people send e-mail and find Web sites.,39020369,39192970,00.htm

ICANN Publishes Telcordia Report on their Findings and
Rankings for .NET
The following is an update on the selection of a
successor operator for the .NET registry.

ph: RP gov't asks ICANN to review of Disini's deal
with Postel
THE PHILIPPINE government is set to request the
Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN) to review the "handshake deal" between Jon
Postel and Joel Disini, the current administrator of
the .ph domain, an official told

ie: Cybersquatters may be taking names in vain
Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary, broadcaster
Eamon Dunphy and newspaper tycoon Tony O'Reilly may be
used to having their names taken in vain.

Fifa declares war on websites
Fifa and the 2010 Local Organising Committee (LOC)
have vowed to clamp down on any illegal websites
intending to take advantage of the showpiece for
personal gain.,,2-9-840_1681523,00.html

uk: Whizz-kid takes Apple to court over website -
A young internet entrepreneur from London is launching
a legal battle against Apple Computer to try to
overturn a ruling on the ownership of a website
(Real Audio)

Spirit of .Pro, Where Art Thou?
On March 2, EnCirca launched its ProForwarding leasing
service for .pro domains. When we launched the
service, we were sure that the ProForwarding service
would appeal to a segment of the internet community
not being served well by other extensions:
self-employed professionals and other small
businesses. Based on the response we've received, it
appears we were right. It also caught the attention of
ICANN and others, who accused us of "violating the
spirit of .pro". Does .pro even have a spirit? And if
it does, who gets to decide what it is?

us: Net domain scams offer preregistration
Increasing numbers of Maine consumers are contacting
COMBAT saying they have been cheated by or are
intended victims of bogus Internet domain
registration, Web site creation offers, chain letters,
Internet moneymaking schemes, identity theft, and an
abundance of other schemes. Since COMBAT receives no
government funding and relies on community volunteers
helping their neighbors, the influx of
Internet-related complaints is stretching our
mailboxes. You can help greatly by protecting

High Impact Sites: Inside Adam Dicker’s Domain Empire 
At this time two years ago, the name Adam Dicker
didn’t ring a bell for most people in the domain
business. When you mention the 39-year-old Canadian
today, just about everyone knows who you are talking
about. Even in an industry that moves at the speed of
light, it is amazing how quickly hard working
newcomers can make their mark.

The U.N. thinks about tomorrow's cyberspace
The International Telecommunication Union is one of
the most venerable of bureaucracies. Created in 1865
to facilitate telegraph transmissions, its mandate has
expanded to include radio and telephone


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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