domain name, WSIS & governance news - Apr 07

domain name, WSIS & governance news - Apr 07

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What to Do About ICANN: A Proposal for Structural
Reform by Dr.Milton Mueller and Dr.Hans Klein
A Concept Paper by the Internet Governance Project:
With the 2005 WSIS in Tunisia quickly approaching, and
with the work of the UN WGIG well underway, it is time
to identify concrete policy options for Internet
governance. Any initiatives in this area must address
the criticisms that have been made of ICANN. Although
the international community has defined “Internet
governance” in a way that goes beyond ICANN’s control
of domain names and addresses, ICANN nonetheless
remains central to many issues. Here we propose a
series of structural reforms for it.

au: Ansearch launches amid domain name dispute
Local search engine Ansearch will begin commercial
operations today despite being accused of domain name

au: Hostway aims at local hosting with IntaServe
Looking to propel its local sales, Hostway has
acquired Australian hosting provider, IntaServe.;1945627986;fp;2;fpid;1

ICANN Digs into Domain Theft—but Not Too
Opinion: Notwithstanding ICANN's claims to the
contrary, its new transfer rules are partly to blame
for the incident and others certain to come.
But it's not the only party coming out of this
smelling bad.,1759,1781859,00.asp

ICANN Meetings Open in Argentina 4-8 April 2005
ICANN welcomes the Internet Community to Mar del
Plata, in Argentina. This is ICANN's 22nd
international public meeting and the fourth to be held
in Latin America. These meetings constitute an
essential part of ICANN's global consensus-development
and outreach efforts.

ICANN Publishes Latest Newsletter,
In conjunction with its meetings in Mar del Plata this
week, ICANN has published it latest newsletter-
available for download in Spanish, Portuguese and

ICANN Meeting Opens in Argentina
At the picturesque coastal city of Mar Del Plata,
Argentina, 463 internet community members are gathered
to discuss various issues concerning the ICANN.

Lextext coverage of ICANN in Argentina
For coverage from Lextext of the ICANN meeting in
Argentina, see:

ICANN's Questionable Deals Coming Under Attack
How is it that ICANN continues to have free reign over
the internet with little-to-no real oversight? The
latest, as pointed out by Ed Felten, is that it looks
like ICANN violated its own rules and did a secret
deal with a front group for the airline industry to
give them control over the .travel domain.

ITU and ICANN make plays for global domain firms
A struggle between the ITU and ICANN for the hearts
and minds of the world's top-level domain name
managers appears to be taking shape.

DNS in need of upgrade
The internet Domain Name System (DNS) requires both a
technical and political update if it is to meet future
challenges from hackers and accommodate further
growth, says a new report from The National Academies
Research Council.

Internet address system poisoned
A new round of so-called "pharming" attacks is
targeting the .com Internet domain, redirecting some
Internet users who are looking for .com websites to
Web pages controlled by the unknown attackers.

DNS pharming attacks target .com domain
A new round of so-called "pharming" attacks is
targeting the .com internet domain, redirecting some
internet users who are looking for .com websites to
web pages controlled by the unknown attackers.

in: .IN domain registrations surpasses 1lakh mark
The .IN country code internet domain name Registry
services set up by the National Internet Exchange of
India (NIXI) announced today that the .IN domain has
surpassed 1 lakh registrations in just over 90 days
since it was officially re-launched.

Spurned .net bidder cries foul
The dispute over which company should run the critical
.net internet domain could be about to get messy.

.Net report speared a third time
The .net report has been speared a third time - by
bidder Sentan.

.Net report was fudged
The controversial report over ownership of the .net
registry was fudged and the evidence is contained
within the report itself.

us: Court Rules Man Can Disparage Company on Web -
Bosley Medical Institute v. Kremer
A man can disparage a hair-restoration company on a
Web site using the company's name without violating
copyright law, an appeals court ruled Monday.$file/0455962.pdf

us: Court ruling finely parts hair suit
The noncommercial use of a trademark as the domain
name of a Web site -- the subject of which is consumer
commentary about the products and services represented
by the mark -- does not constitute infringement, the
Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco
ruled Monday.

JET Open Letter to Microsoft
We, members of the JET (Joint Engineering Team), send
this open letter to request Microsoft Corporation to
implement IDN (Internationalized Domain Names)
standards[1] in the next version of Internet Explorer.
...IDN is a critical enabling technology that will
make the Internet more useable and attractive to the
majority of the Chinese, Japanese and Korean
population who do not use English in their daily life.
In fact, IDN is mentioned as one of the Declaration of
Action of the World Summit of Information Society
(WSIS). To date, IDN registration has been launched in
.cn, .jp, .kr, .tw and many other European country
code top level domain as well as other generic top
level domain names. More than 1 million IDNs have been
registered since 2000. Most of the web browsers, such
as Safari, Firefox and Opera have implemented IDN
standards. This means that users can use IDN in these
web browsers without additional applications or

us: ruling upheld by Court of Appeals
Stephen Cohen has lost an appeal against a ruling that
he must pay $65 million to Gary Kremen, the man who
registered, reports USA Today. Cohen stole the
domain name in 1995 and used it to front a lucrative
porn business.

World's Tourism Domains Just Released. What Makes a
Good Travel Domain?
Specially targeted internet domain names are becoming
increasingly sought after in the Tourism Industry, and
this week sees over 1,000 released.

us: GoDaddy Plays Daddy to .US Domains; Launches
The Go Daddy Group, Inc., today announced the debut of
its new website,, devoted to
raising public awareness of a recent decision by the
U.S. Government to eliminate private registrations for
certain Internet domain names.


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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