domain name, WSIS & governance news - Apr 11

domain name, WSIS & governance news - Apr 11

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Signposts in Cyberspace: The Domain Name System and
Internet Navigation Committee on Internet Navigation
and the Domain Name System: Technical Alternatives and
Policy Implications National Research Council
This document reports the conclusions of an assessment
of the current state and the future prospects of the
DNS and its interactions with Internet navigation,
including its uses as a means of navigation itself and
as an infrastructure for navigation by other means.
The assessment is the result of the deliberations of a
committee that encompasses a wide range of
disciplines, experience, and viewpoints.
(page 6)

VeriSign responds to .net report criticisms
VeriSign has posted its response to the ongoing
dispute over Telcordia's report into .net ownership,
but surprised observers by launching into a rant
against a rival bidder.

.net evaluation report 'flawed' (reg req'd)
One of the registrars which made a bid to run the .net
registry has criticised the report which recommended
that incumbent VeriSign be allowed to retain control.

ICANN Officially Designates .JOBS & .TRAVEL
ICANN is pleased to announce the designation of two
new sponsored Top-Level Domains (sTLDs), .JOBS and
.TRAVEL. The ICANN Board approved the designation at
the 22nd ICANN International conference in Mar del
Plata, Argentina. The announcement marks the
culmination of the independent evaluation and contract
negotiation process for these two sponsored Top-Level
Domains that was outlined in an ICANN request that
solicited proposals for new registries. The new
registry operators are Employ Media and Tralliance

Adopted Board Resolutions at ICANN meeting in
Recognition of AFRINIC as Regional Internet Registry,
Proposed Change to ICANN Bylaws Regarding New ASO MoU,
IPv4 Global Allocation Policy, Proposed Change to
ICANN Bylaws Regarding Number of GNSO Council
Representatives, Proposed sTLD Agreement for .JOBS

ICANN Proposed Review Procedure for ASO Policy
Proposals - Public Comment Forum
According to the ASO MoU, in Section 5 Global Policy
Development Process, ICANN agreed to the following:
Under this agreement the ICANN Board will ratify
proposed global policies in accordance with the Global
Policy Development Process, using review procedures as
determined by ICANN. ICANN will publish these
procedures no later than ninety (90) days from the
date of the signature of this agreement by all

Proposed sTLD Agreement for .TRAVEL
ICANN Concludes 22nd Meeting with Major Announcements
on AfriNIC, sTLDs & IPv4
Over 600 delegates from 80 countries gathered in Mar
del Plata, Argentina, to participate in ICANN's 22nd
International Public Meeting. These meetings
constitute an essential part of ICANN's global
Internet Community consensus-development and outreach
efforts. ICANN conducted a series of important
workshops on DNS Security, Domain Name Hijacking, the
World Summit on Information Society (WSIS), and
coordinated further discussions on Whois Policy
development and Internationalised Domain Name (IDN)

ICANN Gives Final Approval to Two New Domain Names,
'.jobs' and '.travel'
The Internet's key oversight agency gave final
approval Friday to two new Internet suffixes ".jobs"
for the human resources community and ".travel" for
the travel industry.

GNSO Public Forum presentations in Mar del Plata
    * Proposal for Deleting Names Central Listing
Service - Dave Stewart Senior Manager for New Product
Development Verisign Naming & Directory Services
    * Deleting Name Auctions SnapNames - Ray King
    * Whois task Force Update Mar del Plata - Jordyn

au: Ansearch launches amid domain name dispute
Australian search engine Ansearch began commercial
operations despite being accused of domain name

us: Key Internet System Faces Technical and Political
Challenges (news release)
The DNS has performed well, but technical and
political challenges must be met for the system to
continue to operate effectively, says a new report
from the National Academies' National Research
Council. Security must be heightened and steps taken
to counter attempts to use the system to control other
aspects of the Internet, a task for which it was not
designed and is not suitable, said the committee that
wrote the report. It added that the Domain Name System
should continue to be administered by a
nongovernmental body -- not turned over to an
intergovernmental organization, as has been suggested
by some nations and international agencies.

The Ultimate Solution to Internet Governance: Let ITU
and ICANN compete By Milton Mueller
Controversies over ICANN led to the creation of the
Working Group on Internet Governance, but so far there
have been few specific proposals for change.

Microsoft issues DNS poisoning advisory
After the Internet Storm Center raised its warning
level over the pharming-related vulnerability the
software behemoth updated its advice for people
running Windows servers,39020396,39194296,00.htm

DNS attacks attempt to mislead consumers
Employees at more than 500 companies have fallen
victim to domain attacks in the last month,
underscoring the increasing popularity of the tactic
among Internet fraudsters, security experts said this

VeriSign boosts domain support
With internet traffic doubling every 12 to 18 months,
VeriSign this week announced that it is beefing-up its
web infrastructure services by installing additional
servers over the next two years in growth areas such
as Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Africa, Middle East,
India and Eastern and Central Europe.

us: Schafer defends domain name purchase
Saying that his one crime was being “overzealous,”
Scott Schafer came to the Littleton Board of Education
meeting last Monday to explain why he purchased the
domain name of the Littleton School District Web site.

us: Comcast suffers DNS outage, denies pharming link
Problems with the DNS servers at ISP Comcast prevented
customers around the U.S. from surfing the Web
Thursday, but the company said the interruptions were
not linked in any way to a spate of recent DNS attacks
known as "pharming" scams.

us: Jacko Suicide Watch Website Listed on Ebay
Apparently some out there are concerned with Michael
Jackson's mental state due to the ongoing litigation
and money problems. The people behind keep track of his mental
state and the news surrounding the case, and now have
made the domain name available on Ebay.

DNS attacks on the up
The SANS Institute's Internet Storm Centre (ISC) has
said that domain name system attacks are becoming more
widespread since they were first reported last month.

ICANN-backed project pushes DNS security
A project to roll out security to the internet's
domain name system, backed by ICANN and the US
Department of Homeland Security, was launched this
week here at ICANN's weeklong meeting in Mar Del
Plata, Argentina.

.in domain registration crosses 1,00,000 mark
The '.in' Internet domain name registration has
crossed the 1,00,000 mark in just over 90 days since
its official relaunch. on Nasdaq Watch List faces Nasdaq de-listing for failing to
register its annual financial statement on time.

Domain Name Marketing Blitz Coming to South America
Sistemas Del Registro (SdR), via their Reseller web
sites (Spanish language) and (Portuguese language) has been
selected by VeriSign as one of their Registrar
partners in a marketing project aimed at increasing
the awareness of businesses and individuals in South
America of the benefits of owning and using gTLDs
(.com and .net).

RIPE NCC General Meeting May 2005
The RIPE NCC General Meeting (GM) is open to members
of the RIPE NCC only and will be held alongside the
RIPE 50 Meeting in Stockholm.

ICANN Calls for Comments on the Proposed Review
Procedure for ASO Policy Proposal
On 6 April 2005, ICANN called for public comments on
the Proposed Review Procedure for ASO Policy

il: Ynet alleges domain name extortion
The Yediot Internet partnership, a subsidiary of the
“Yediot Ahronot” Hebrew daily, says that an attempt
has been made to extort NIS 100,000 from it in
exchange for the domain. The partnership
owns the Internet site.

Why Do Domain Resellers Charge So Much? Because They
Can. Stop Paying Those High Prices.
The domain name market was effectively privatized in
1999 so many companies can now register domain names
for you. Some choose to maintain the original $35 per
year price point or a little below that. These days
registrars charge around $10 to $15 to register a new
name. You still do not have to pay even that much for
your Domain Name. The same name you might pay more for
form another company you will pay less at

Ninth Circuit Protects Online Speech (Bosley Medical
Institute v. Kremer)
In a significant victory for free speech on the
Internet, the United States Court of Appeals for the
Ninth Circuit on Monday held that “the noncommercial
use of a trademark as the domain name of a website -
the subject of which is consumer commentary about the
products and services represented by the mark - does
not constitute infringement” under the federal
trademark laws. That conclusion, in Bosley Medical
Institute v. Kremer, had been urged by an amici curiae
brief submitted to the court by the Berkman Center
Clinical Program in Cyberlaw on behalf of 15
distinguished intellectual property law faculty.

CENTR Open Day (May 05)
CENTR cordially invites you to its first Open Day
where it will introduce its members and its activities
to officials of the European Institutions and related

Which Domain Name Should I Register?
If you are looking for a domain name for a website, or
if you want to invest in domain names, it can be
difficult to figure out what to register. Shoots to Top 15 on List of ICANN
Accredited Domain Name Registrars (news release) announced they have recently entered the
Top 15 list of ICANN accredited domain name

Prepcom-2; Between NGOs, Visa Racketeering
On the road to Tunis 2005, the second Preparatory
Committee meeting (PrepCom-2) for the phase-II of the
WSIS-05 recently ended in Geneva, Switzerland, with
the re-occurring suspicion of visa racketeering by
some non-governmental organizations (NGOs) on the

UN ICT Task Force Series 6 - Creating an Enabling
Environement: Toward the Millennium Development Goals
The ICT and development communities have a unique
opportunity. The recent report of the United Nations
Millennium Project and the United Nations
Secretary-General's report “In larger freedom: towards
development, security and human rights for all”
(A/59/2005) have both highlighted the importance of
science, innovation and technology in realizing the
MDGs and related national development priorities. ICT
have an especially significant role to play here for
it is only with the strategic, widespread, intensive
and innovative use of ICT in development polices and
programmes that the ambitious agenda of the MDGs
becomes that much more possible to achieve. But this
involves the need not only to unleash the potential of
ICT per se but also the need to ensure that an
enabling environment and capacities that can
facilitate its development uses are in place.


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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