domain name, WSIS & governance news - May 16

domain name, WSIS & governance news - May 16

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 23:03:15 +1000 (EST)
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the latest domain news. By close of business Melbourne
time on 19/5, a more recent edition of the news will
normally be posted to the auDA web site.

The domain name news is supported by auDA.


au: June start for .au geographic domain ballots
The Australian domain names regulator has announced it
will kick off the ballots for new geographic domain
names in .net and .au from next month.,2000061791,39191671,00.htm

au: auDA Announcement on on the use of geographic
names as domain names in and (news
Under current policy there is a restriction on the use
of geographic names as domain names in and Following a public review in 2004, the auDA
Board resolved in that geographic domain names are
useful and desirable for Australian businesses and
that the restriction should be lifted.

uk: New chairman at Nominet
Domain name registry Nominet UK has appointed Bob
Gilbert as chairman of the company.

Google DNS glitch sparks hacking fears
A Domain Name System (DNS) glitch left many surfers
unable to reach Google for a short time on Saturday (7

Google, experts say outage not related to hackers
Google and security experts said on Monday that a
brief weekend outage of the Internet search giant's
Website was not due to a hacker attack, despite fears
that it was linked to a new type of Web hijacking.

MP3 Recording of GNSO Council Teleconference, Held on
May 12, 2005

"Financial Incentives for Route Aggregation and
Efficient Address Utilization on the Internet" by
Yakov Rechter, Paul Resnick and Steve Bellovin (1997)
The Internet Governance Project has posted a paper (in
1997) on introducing market forces into the allocation
of IPv4 addresses. This paper is one of the earliest
attempts to explore how economic incentives might be
used to improve IP address allocation.

us: Court Finds Cybersquatter Violated Restraining
Order (from BNA Internet Law News - sub req'd)
BNA's Electronic Commerce & Law Report reports that a
federal court in Minnesota has ruled that
anti-abortion activist William S. Purdy Sr. violated a
preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order
by continuing to display material linked to Internet
domain names that were previously found to be
confusingly similar to the name of a law firm who
represented Purdy's opponents in previous litigation.
However, the court also ruled that use of the
plaintiffs' names and marks in Web site metatags did
not constitute trademark infringement where their use
was necessary to describe the content of the site.
Case name is Faegre & Benson LLP v. Purdy.

us: Massachusetts targets spammers
The Attorney General of Massachusetts, Tom Reilly, has
been awarded an emergency injunction to close down
dozens of web sites allegedly operated by a ring of
Boston area spammers.

ca:  Operations Update, Effective June 14, 2005
The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)
revises its policies, rules, and procedures on a
quarterly basis to respond to the demands of
registrants and potential registrants, to better meet
the needs of CIRA Certified Registrars, and to
implement operational improvements.

Morgan Freeman Wins Transfer of from
Perhaps Morgan Freeman never learned about the high
profile domain name disputes involving celebrity names
(e.g., Madonna, Bruce Springsteen and Julia Roberts),
because he didn't register before it
was snatched up by Mighty LLC in April 2003. After
learning about Mighty LLC's (no stranger to domain
name disputes) cybersquatting, Freeman filed a
complaint before a WIPO arbitration panel under the
Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy.

.travel: A New Domain For The Global Tourism Industry
Thanks to technology, the world has become a global
village. The current trends in travel and tourism
point to the fact that about 51 per cent of all
travellers use the Internet for bookings that makes it
imperative for a huge number of stakeholders in the
travel and tourism industry to hook on to the
internet. Therefore realising the need to provide a
common domain for the travel industry, Tralliance
Corporation has begun operating the dot travel
(domain). The company intends to actively work with
all sectors of the travel industry to build the
.travel registry to meet varied internet needs of
today's travel community.

us: Erie politicians fuming about Web site
Many of the city's mayoral candidates want to know who
created a Web site that accuses the politicians and
others of misconduct.

Schmäh-Domains - Wer darf, wer will?
Die Uniform Domain Name Dispute Policy (UDRP) schützt
Markeninhaber vor dem Missbrauch markengleicher oder
-ähnlicher Domain-Namen. Mit Einführung der UDRP, die
auf Vorschlägen und Erwägungen der World Intellectual
Property Organisation, kurz WIPO, gründet, stellte
sich die Frage, wie es mit Domain-Namen ist, die einen
Markenbegriff aufgreifen und mit einem Ausdruck für
eine kritische Haltung verknüpfen, um Kritik gegen den
Markeninhaber äußern zu können. Die Rede ist hier von
den so genannten

.eu (dotEU) – die Stunde Null hat geschlagen!
Vor etwa zehn Tagen hat die Stunde Null für die
Europa-Domain geschlagen – mit ging erstmals
eine Internet-Adresse mit der neuen Domain-Endung
online. Glaubt man dagegen der beliebten Suchmaschine
Google, gibt es bereits ungefähr 2.400 Webauftritte
unterhalb von dotEU.

Atelier : Ne laissez pas le .EU vous
échapper ! invite ses lecteurs à un atelier
d’information le mercredi 29 juin de 9 à 11 heures.
Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant !

The Struggle Over Internet Governance: Searching For
Common Ground - Draft Position Papers for Discussion
Forum Oxford Internet Institute: "Slouching Towards
Geneva: Ten Unappreciated Axioms of Internet
Governance" by Kenneth Neil Cukier, Technology
Correspondent, The Economist (page 19)
The meaning of ‘Internet governance’ has changed over
time, and been so misused by people to promote their
self-interests that the phrase is almost meaningless.
In regards to the management of the domain name
system, most individuals and institutions vying to
play a role have only got involved relatively
recently, and are unaware of the long history, a
knowledge of which can help avert repeating mistakes.
In this context, and as a melancholic observer of
global Internet policy matters for over a decade, I
offer ten basic points to enrich the understanding and

WGIG questionnaire & forum discussing Internet
governance arrangements
The questionnaire refers to four different processes
or functions. These categories are not intended as a
model for any future Internet governance structure.
Rather, they are simply a schematic tool with which to
organize key elements of the discussion.


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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