domain name, WSIS & governance news - 30 May

domain name, WSIS & governance news - 30 May

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 23:50:42 +1000 (EST)
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the latest domain news. By COB 2 June, a more recent
edition of the news will be posted to the auDA web
site. The domain name news is supported by auDA.

Timor-Leste NIC Registrations in the second level to
commence 23rd May 2005
Timor-Leste (East Timor), the youngest sovereign
state, today joins the online community of nations
with the formal launch of the .tl. country code
toplevel domain (“ccTLD”). The East Timor Department
of Information Technology will begin accepting
applications to register internet names which end in
the suffix .tl from 12 PM on 23/05/2005.

uk: Cohen disputes UK registry's legitimacy
The company that runs the UK's Internet registry is
not officially recognised by the government and as
such has no right to decide what should be done with
the millions of domains that it sells each year.

uk: iTunes row sees Nominet challenged
The legitimacy of Nominet, the registry of .uk web
domain names, was called into question today after it
was revealed that the Government has provided no
statutory authority for the company to make judgments
about web addresses in the UK.,,9075-1628872,00.html

us: Fans urge ICANN celebrity blogger to keep on
Joichi Ito, the American businessman who after a kind
of immaculate conception hatched forth as a pre-formed
internet celebrity a couple of years ago, is having a

au: auDA releases commercial geographic domain names
in and (news release)
Commercial geographic domain names ballot to raise
money for release of Community geographic domain names
later this year

ua: Adoption of decree on online registration worrying
Reporters Without Borders expressed concern at a new
decree governing registration of websites, put forward
by the Ministry of Transport and Communication, that
has already come under attack from the Ukrainian
media. Compulsory registration has so far been adopted
only by countries that trample free expression, such
as China and Vietnam, the organisation pointed out.

China in drive to register all Internet sites
Chinese-run websites have until the end of May to
register their sites or face being shut down as part
of a new government campaign to police the Internet.

cn: Samsung registers 470 .CN domains in 2005 to
protect against domain name hijackers
Samsung has registered more than 470 .CN internet
domain names during 2005 in an attempt to protect the
company from domain name hijackers, a Marketing
Manager with CNNIC (China Internet Network Information
Center), which administrates the registration of .CN
domain names, said.

Security Concerns Boosted VeriSign's Dot-Net Bid
When the nonprofit organization that oversees the
Internet's domain name system announced last month
that the world's fourth largest domain would remain in
the hands of VeriSign Inc., technology workers and
Internet policy wonks around the world were
incredulous, wondering aloud how the company had
managed to navigate a process that was, in many ways,
designed to reduce its hold on key pieces of Internet
real estate.

ICANN Posts Revised Telcordia Report on .NET RFP
Telcordia has published a revised version of the .NET
RFP Evaluation Final Report.

au: Battle for naming rights gets ugly
IT'S not every day lawyers are called in to battle
over who has the right to go nude. ... Nudie's lawyers
have demanded Nude Wine give undertakings to stop
using the name Nude Wine, remove it from the register
of business name, withdraw its trademark application
and deregister the internet domain name,5936,15408959%255E421,00.html,5936,15408959%255E421,00.html

gk: It’s all Greek for new Internet addresses
In a meeting of ancient and modern, Internet users
will, for the first time, be able to register website
addresses using Greek characters in just over a
month’s time, the telecoms market regulator said.

us: 4th Circuit Hearing Today on Domain
Name (more at
This morning the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth
Circuit held an oral argument in the case of the
domain name In August 2004, U.S.
District Court Judge Claude Hilton granted summary
judgment in favor of televangelist Jerry Falwell in an
action brought by Christopher Lamparello, the
registrant of the criticism website
Lamparello appealed, and a copy of his Appellant brief
is available here.,0,1081051.story,1,3411778.story

ca: Dispute resolution settles Internet tiff
London's DRN Commerce Inc. recently won a domain name
dispute. DRN provides collection processing and debt
recovery services to various financial institutions,
insurance companies and their service providers.

us: WIPO Denies Complaint (more at
In a decision released earlier this week, WIPO
Panelist Debra Stanek rejected a UDRP complaint
brought by the National Spiritual Assembly of the
Bahá’ís of the United States over the domain name National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of
the United States v. Second International Bahá’í
Council, WIPO Case D2005-0214 (May 8, 2005).

RIPE 50 Report
The RIPE 50 Meeting took place from 2 - 6 May 2005 at
the Clarion Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden. A report is
available at:

Transfer of Authority to AfriNIC and Joinder to NRO
The NRO is pleased to note AfriNIC's continued
progress since it received ICANN recognition as the
fifth Regional Internet Registry (RIR) on on April 8,

GNSO Council Teleconference Agenda
Draft Agenda for GNSO Council meeting Thursday, June
2, 2005

Communiqué from the CENTR Open Day
CENTR, the Council of European National Top-Level
Domain Registries, brought together over 85
representatives in its first Open Day, held yesterday
in Brussels. Participants included representatives of
country code Top Level Domain registries, European
government, European institution, Permanent
Representations to the European Union as well as
members of the European Internet Foundation.

Crack the Code: That's a Direct Challenge
I had quite an interesting experience recently. I was
hired by a company to perform a vulnerability
assessment and penetration test on their network.
During the initial meeting, one of the key technical
staff presented me with a challenge; He handed over
the NTLM hash of the domain Administrator account and
challenged me to decipher it. He explained that the
complexity and length of the password would prevent me
from deciphering it during the time allotted for the
project. He was actually quite confident in my
impending failure.

Is Google Having A Tough Time With Their Website
If you are one to pay attention to what happens within
the Google realm, you might find yourself thrown for a
loop these days. As Google updates their results, it
seems like they are having some issues dealing with so
many new websites popping up. [the article goes on to
say] Let's take a look at why this may be true: 1st)
It has been long speculated that Google searches
through the "WHOIS" data base regularly ("WHOIS" -
Contact record of who owns a specific domain name).

The domain name game [Cybersquatting]
Ted Stalets is staking claims to the future. "They're
not that valuable today, but they will be some day,"
said the 52-year-old Nashvillian of the domain names
he has thought up, purchased, registered and will
resell for products and services - most of which don't
exist ... yet," Stalets is quick to add.

Domain Name Speculators See Triple-Digit Returns (news
An analysis of 8,000 domain name resale transactions
collected from dozens of sources since 1996 uncovers
triple-digit returns for domain name speculators who
buy and resell domain names for profit.

EU listening to Civil Society on WSIS, Development and
Internet Governance Meetings in Brussels and Strasburg
went well
The European Union had meetings with civil society on
different levels recently. The WSIS rapporteur for the
European Parliament met with Civil Society Caucus
representative Jean-Louis Fullsack in Strasburg, and
the High-Level Internet Governance Group had a
successful meeting with several caucus members in
Brussels on Tuesday.

NGOs meet at UNESCO's WSIS conference in St.
A conference "between the summits" organized UNESCO in
St. Petersburg, Russia, last weekend, had a lively
discussion on the role of content on the Internet.
Another heated topic were multi-stakeholder
partnerships. A comprehensive report can be found on
Rik Panganiban’s blog. Participants of the roundtable
on the Role of NGOs in the Information society issued
a recommentation on the role of UNESCO in the WSIS
follow-up. We document it here.

WSIS conference opens next week
The High Level Asia-Pacific Conference for the World
Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) will be held
in Tehran from 31 May 31 to June 2.

Tunis & London’s special responsibilities at WSIS
Twists of diplomatic fate grant Tunisia and Britain
special status at this November’s UN World Summit for
the Information Society. Tunisia faces demands that it
improve its human rights record in return for the
‘honour’ of hosting the summit. Britain will be
holding the EU presidency and is expected to lead
calls for reform. Index on Censorship reports.

ILAW Turin Starts Today
This morning Jonathan Zittrain lectured on the history
of the Internet and foreshadowed its many possible
futures. The ILAW Turin audience responded with
questions about Internet regulation, and then broke
into a discussion on how to preserve the open nature
of the Internet given increasing security concerns
worldwide. Yochai Benkler lectured later on the rise
of the networked information economy. ILAW is a
three-day instructional program with the world's
leading experts on cyberlaw. The program looks through
the lens of the law at developing Internet trends
which are most significant to business, consumer and
technology interests. If you are interested in
attending ILAW, Harvard Law School will host ILAW
Cambridge June 22-24. For more information, click


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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