domain name, WSIS & governance news - 6 June

domain name, WSIS & governance news - 6 June

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 03:19:11 +1000 (EST)
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The Post-COM Internet: Toward Regular and Objective
Procedures for Internet Governance by Milton L.
Mueller & Lee W. McKnight (Paper prepared for
presentation at: TPRC 2003, the 31st Research
Conference on Communication, Information, and Internet
Policy, 2003)
Abstract: This paper makes the case for using regular
and objective procedures to assign new Internet
top-level domain names (TLDs) instead of the
unscheduled, irregular, discretionary and ad hoc
processes and criteria currently used by ICANN. The
paper also shows that ICANN’s current approach to TLD
additions is anti-competitive and fosters
rent-seeking, political strife, and the potential if
not the reality for corruption. The paper proposes a
procedure for adding 40 top-level domains to the
Internet domain name system on an annual basis. It
puts forward a process for doing so that is
predictable in timing and procedure, rule-driven, and
economically efficient. And the paper analyzes the
technical constraints on TLD additions and shows that
the DNS protocol imposes only two significant
limitations: the number of additions should be set at
a low enough level to retain the hierarchical
structure of the name space, and the rate of change in
the root zone should not exceed the capacity of the
root zone manager. to accurately and reliably update
and distribute the root zone file. The paper argues
that there is now and likely always will be demand for
TLD additions. The paper suggests that ICANN’s role is
not to second-guess the marketplace by choosing which
of these TLDs are “good ideas” or most likely to
succeed, but simply to coordinate TLD assignments. The
paper concludes by anticipating and attempting to
answer arguments that might be advanced against the
proposed procedure.

Sex sites get dedicated net home
Pornographic websites are about to get their own
online home - xxx.,39023166,39195251,00.htm,7204,15494754%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html
Net porn plan labelled 'obscene'
The creation of the .xxx net domain has come under
fire from net veterans. The decision was called
"obscene" by Karl Auerbach, and  "dangerous" by net
privacy campaigner Lauren Weinstein.

FRC Voices Opposition to '.xxx' Domain Name
"Pornographers will go to the '.xxx' domain, but they
won't leave the '.com' domain," says Family Research
Council's senior legal counsel Patrick Trueman.

Will Webmasters Move to .xxx?
After years spent trying to get ICANN to approve a
domain space for smut, will ICM Registry be able to
convince adult webmasters to have a change of heart,

Some Notes on the .XXX Top-Level Domain
The ICANN board discussed and approved ICANN staff to
enter into negotiations with ICM Registry, Inc. for
the .XXX Top Level Domain (TLD). I'm sure there will
be a longer more complete presentation from ICANN
later about this, but as an individual board member I
thought I'd post a quick note before people got
carried away with speculation based on a lack of

Plans for creation of adult .xxx dotcom are slammed
ICANN has been lambasted for its plans to created a
new domain for adult websites, which will see the
creation of the .xxx name and the emergence a
so-called online red-light district.

us: Not much to do in kids' online domain
There's not much for kids to do in the "online
playground" set up by the U.S. government more than
two years ago. They can go bowling with SpongeBob
Squarepants at, plunk a piano keyboard at, and learn about mummies at There are fun facts about the solar
system at and motorcycles at

New domains must protect trade marks, says WIPO
A uniform intellectual property protection mechanism
should be established to protect trade marks whenever
new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are introduced,
according to the World Intellectual Property
Organisation (WIPO).,10801,102230,00.html

WIPO Recommends Uniform Registration for New gTLDs
WIPO has recommended the introduction of a uniform
intellectual property (IP) protection mechanism
designed to further curb unauthorized registration of
domain names in all new generic Top-Level Domains
(gTLDs). The report, "New Generic Top-Level Domains:
Intellectual Property Considerations", which is
available at WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center,
says that such a preventive mechanism would complement
the curative relief provided by the existing UDRP.

WIPO Recommends Uniform Mechanism to Regulate Domain
Name Registrations with Introduction of New gTLDs
(news release)
WIPO has recommended the introduction of a uniform
intellectual property (IP) protection mechanism
designed to further curb unauthorized registration of
domain names in all new generic Top-Level Domains
(gTLDs). This came in a report by WIPO’s Arbitration
and Mediation Center (WIPO Center) on the IP
implications of introducing additional generic
Top-Level Domains (new gTLDs). The report, "New
Generic Top-Level Domains: Intellectual Property
Considerations", which is available at,
said that such a preventive mechanism would complement
the curative relief provided by the existing UDRP.

WIPO fordert standardisierten Markenschutz bei
Einführung neuer Top Level Domains

my: UNDP: Cyberattacks opened our eyes
The attack in March by hackers on the United Nations
Development Programme website, hosted in Malaysia, has
opened the UNDP’s eyes to the vulnerability of its ICT

au: Suburban sprawl moves into cyberspace
If Craig Pontey is successful, he will soon own Rose
Bay, Double Bay, Bellevue Hill and Bondi. But Mr
Pontey isn't a property baron, he's just one of the
hundreds of people applying for the 20,000 geographic
domain names released yesterday.

nz: Registrar Sanction - Domain Name Management
Services Limited
The NZ Domain Name Commissioner announced that Domain
Name Management Services Limited (DNMSL) had been
subject to a sanction resulting from action by its
reseller, Go Kiwi Internet Limited (“GKI”).

nz: Britten's widow to sue biographer
The widow of legendary Kiwi motorcycle inventor John
Britten is suing his biographer in the latest twist to
a bitter feud over his legacy. ... They are seeking
damages and asking for control of the website with which Hanna markets the
biography. Hanna, whose book has sold about 10,000
copies, says he has done nothing wrong in using the
domain name.,2106,3303263a4501,00.html

ca: Claiming Your ".ca" Domain
With the millions upon millions of domain names
registered for the Internet, getting the unique domain
name you want can be quite the challenge as you can

ca: Cybersquatting same-sex marriage foe hijacks MPs'
websites (sub req'd)
Liberal MPs say they are victims of "cybersquatting"
after an active opponent of same-sex marriage
registered Internet domains with the MPs' names and
replaced their web pages with his own messages.

ca: Use by Others of Website Names of Members of
A discussion in the Canadian parliament on

ca: CIRA Board of Directors' Election Question and
Answer Period Begins Today:
CIRA Members and the public to ask questions and raise

us: Thieves steal identities and money over the net
Supporters of the Heartland Institute got a different
kind of e-mail recently from the Chicago-based think
tank. This one wasn't a policy paper on a pressing
economic issue. Rather, the e-mail warned "Internet
pirates" had hijacked the Heartland's Web domain name.
Their likely goal: to use the institute's good name to
defraud people.

.net vote stalls
A controversial vote to give VeriSign control of the
.net registry for the next six years has stalled. A
special meeting of the ICANN Board on Wednesday - the
second in a month, both with .net top of the agenda -
failed to reach agreement after a number of members
abstained and the necessary quorum to pass a
resolution wasn't reached.

ICANN sTLD Update: ICANN Moves Forward in First Phase
- Commercial & Technical Negotiations with an
Additional sTLD Applicant
ICANN is pleased to announce that the independent
evaluation process, which began last year, has
resulted in a further sponsored Top Level Domain
(sTLD) application moving to the next stage.

ICANN Announces New Staff Appointment
ICANN is pleased to announce the appointment of Dave
Piscitello to the position of Security and Stability
Advisory Committee (SSAC) Fellow. In this position
Dave will work closely with Steve Crocker and other
SSAC members and ICANN staff to review and report on
issues relating to the Domain Name and Addressing
Systems which encompass this field of expertise.

ICANN Publishes Proposed Agreement on .MOBI
ICANN has completed negotiations with the Applicant
for .MOBI sponsored top-level domain. The Agreement
and Appendices have been posted on the ICANN website
and submitted to the ICANN Board for approval.

ICANN: MP3 Recording of GNSO Council Teleconference,
Held on June 2, 2005

Terms of Reference for WHOIS task force Accepted by
the GNSO Council on 2 June 2005
The goal of the WHOIS task force is to improve the
effectiveness of the WHOIS service in maintaining the
stability and security of the Internet's unique
identifier systems, whilst taking into account where
appropriate the need to ensure privacy protection for
the Personal Data of natural persons that may be
Registered Name Holders, the authorised representative
for contact purposes of a Register Name Holder, or the
administrative or technical contact for a domain name.

May 2005 “.travel” Update
The .travel Registry is counting down to the
pre-Authentication period (July/August) and we are
currently in the midst of system testing. This period
of pre-Authentication is designed to allow
authenticating TTPC member associations the time to do
so in an orderly manner.

eNom Passes 6 Million Domains
Domain name registrar and online services provider
eNom ( announced on Thursday that it now
hosts more than six million domain names on its
platform, including more than four million domains
registered under eNom itself.

Keep control of your domain name
If the Web is the front door to your small business or
home business, losing control of your Internet domain
name can be catastrophic.

Independent Inventor Granted Key Domain Name
Registration Patent (news release)
As domain name registration providers are becoming
more competitive, an independent inventor from Ohio
has been advancing the state of the art and filing
dozens of patent applications since 1999 regarding his
discoveries and technologies.

VeriSign Set For Continued Growth
Credit Suisse First Boston maintained an "outperform"
rating and $37 price target on VeriSign. CSFB said,
"Due to solid growth in domain names, we remain
confident in our June quarter revenue and deferred
revenue forecasts for VeriSign's core Internet service
group business."

Domain Names Predicted to be Outstanding Investment
Domain name owners from around the world gathered for
a conference last week in Las Vegas to discuss
strategies for developing domain names into profitable
sources of revenue and valuable assets.

Aegis, Vanco, Blockbuster, ICANN, IGN, Monster...
Aegis se renforce / Vanco rachète Universal Access /
Blockbuster s'intéresse à la VoD / Les noms de domaine
en ".xxx" / IGN acquiert / La nouvelle
campagne de pub de Monster / Tiscali UK signe avec

ICANN, WSIS and the Making of a Global Civil Society -
Part I, II & III
A three-part series interview by Geert Lovink with
Milton Mueller discussing ICANN, World Summit on the
Information Society, and the escalating debates over
Internet Governance.

A battle for the soul of the Internet
With little fanfare, there is a battle going on for
the soul of the Internet. The United Nations and the
ITU (International Communications Union) are trying to
wrest control of domain names, the DNS and IP
addresses from ICANN (Internet Corporation for
Assigned Names and Numbers). This battle manifests
itself through the U.N.-created World Summit on
Information Society (WSIS) and the ITU-lead Working
Group on Internet Governance (WGIG).

Vienna WSIS conference on “ICT and Creativity” had
lively debate
The Austrian government has hosted a WSIS contributory
conference on “ICTs and Creativity” that ended today.
Though the organizers had invited many more corporate
representatives than civil society activists and real
creative people, the draft “Vienna Conclusions”
started an interesting discussion about concepts like
“content” or “creativity”. Austrian civil society has
produced it's own "Vienna Declaration" on information
freedom in the meantime.

Building an effective Information Society in Asia and
the Pacific (news release)
The High Level Asia-Pacific Conference for the World
Summit on the Information Society will be held in
Tehran from 31 May to 2 June 2005, jointly organized
by United Nations Economic and Social Commission for
Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), ITU regional office for
Asia and the Pacific, and the Government of the
Islamic Republic of Iran in cooperation with


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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