domain name, WSIS & governance news - 20 June

domain name, WSIS & governance news - 20 June

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 22:04:05 +1000 (EST)
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au: Dot com name dilemma
The Augusta-Margaret River Tourism Association is in
danger of losing its .com internet address under a
Federal Government plan to release geographic names
via a domain name ballot.

uk/ca: Elephant gun backfires in Admiral's domain name
British insurer has lost an attempt to
capture from a Canadian who uses it for
his web site about elephants and who had indicated
that he would sell the name if the offer price was
over $1 million.

eu: Registrar Accreditation Begins 16/6/05
From Thursday 16 June, it will be possible to apply to
become a .eu registrar using online application

uk: iTunes UK domain dispute heads to High Court
Nominet UK was this morning served with papers
relating to an application for Judicial Review in the
High Court of the regulators decision concerning
ownership of the domain.,39024677,39131234,00.htm,,9075-1656470,00.html

NRO document presented to the WGIG during its 4th open
consultation meeting
This statement is made by the Number Resource
Organisation (NRO), representing the 5 Regional
Internet Registries, and pertains to the question of
Internet technical coordination, one of the key topics
of the recent Internet Governance discussions.

ICANN seeks members
ICANN is seeking a number of players to take up
leadership positions on its board of directors and its
supporting organisations.,2172,106554,00.html

ICANN GNSO Council Teleconference Agenda
Draft Agenda for GNSO Council meeting Thursday, June
23, 2005

nz: Peter Griffin: Cyberspace gets a red light
In the late 90s there was big money in dotcoms. It
didn't matter what these companies did, the .com
website addresses attached to them were gold, a
valuable signpost in cyberspace.

Issues with .XXX domain
ICANN approved the .xxx domain for porn sites earlier
this month. In my opinion, opening up an “authorised”
red-light district lane on the information
superhighway has its pros and cons. There are many
questions that keep playing in my mind following this
move. Will the porn industry players abide by the new
domain? Is this really good news for parents, or
another cause for worry?

.xxx domain blessing or curse?
In response to the announcement a new extension for
Internet addresses would be established especially for
sexually explicit websites – .xxx – both pornographers
and traditional-values activists have taken up sides
on the issue of whether or not it is a positive

We can support ICANN on '.xxx'
The Internet equivalent of a red-light district has
tentatively been given the green light by an oversight
body. ... The adults-only sites are already out there.
The new domain wouldn't encourage them. It could,
however, help others avoid them.

Pharming, phishing remain major online fraud threats,
VeriSign says
Pharming, in which hackers intercept personal data
sent between a shopper and a genuine web site, is
emerging as a major method of online fraud, according
to VeriSign Inc.’s most recent Internet security
intelligence briefing. The briefing is based on
transactions settled by VeriSign during the first

.NU Domain Adds Free Blogging Service
The .NU Domain Ltd today announced that its free
blogging service now includes the capability for
RSS-news feeds (Really Simple Syndication). With this
new offering, .NU Domain customers can offer readers
of their Blogs continuous alerts of any new Blog
postings, available directly on their web browsers via
an RSS-feed - all for free.

News from reports on chess champion Garry Kasparov
prevailed in his UDRP face-off against registrant Mark
Andreev over the registration and use of the domain
name, the  American Arbitration
Association making decisions on .us, the American Red
Cross Wins Typosquatting Case and the registrant
keeping Domain in WIPO Decision. See

Debaten sobre exclusión en Internet  	
La gerencia de Internet, la exclusión digital y el
software libre son hoy centro de interés en
Latinoamérica y el Caribe, que junto al resto del
mundo subdesarrollado quiere pasar de actor secundario
a protagonista de la llamada Sociedad de la

ASO AC statement to the 4th Working Group on Internet
Governance (WGIG)
I want to thank the members of the Working Group on
Internet Governance for their diligent work so far.
Based on the summary of WGIG Member Responses to the
recent questionnaire, there seems to be consensus for
a new organization. There is not yet consensus on the
form or role of this organization, and the ASO AC
would like to offer suggestions for its functions
relating to Internet addressing. These suggestions are
consistent with the Working Group’s own findings in
the Cluster One B3 Assessment Report.

Effects of ICANN's Legal Presence in the US, Under
California Legislation
Excerpts from the recent address of the President and

Three civil society participants attend Tehran-WSIS
The High Level Asia-Pacific Conference for the World
Summit on the Information Society was held in Tehran
from 31 May to 2 June 2005. It was jointly organised
by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran,
UNESCAP, UNDP-APDIP and ITU. The conference adopted
the Tehran Declaration and the Regional Action Plan
towards the Information Society for Asia and the

Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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