domain name & WSIS news - 23 June

domain name & WSIS news - 23 June

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 19:48:34 +1000 (EST)
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au: Misspelled Google case may end up in court
A local businessman wants and has
threatened to sue the Australian domain regulator to
get it.,2000061791,39198132,00.htm

nz: Domain-name body going ahead
A challenge to the legitimacy of Britain's internet
address registry, Nominet, appears unlikely to halt
moves to establish a New Zealand domain name
dispute-resolution process based on the Nominet model.

ca: 'Cybersquatters' play virtual politics with
same-sex marriage
It contains a reputation and a lifetime of political
capital, all rolled into an easy two-word brand. But
on the wild, mostly lawless Internet, a name is only
as good as the first person to register it.

de: Hell of a URL
The German Language Society holds the longest internet
domain name in the world.,5478,15668023%255E663,00.html

uk: Web challenge to English supremacy
The dominance of English on the internet is being
challenged by the UK organisation that maintains
British website addresses, in a move designed to
reflect the country's multi-cultural mix.,12597,1510967,00.html

uk: International Domain Names on the way from Nominet
Domain names worldwide are currently limited to using
the letters A-Z,digits 0-9 and hyphens. It currently
excludes the use of accented letters, other character
sets or symbols. This potentially leads to
difficulties in creating local domain names in, for
example, Asian or Eastern European languages where
symbols are frequently used.

us: Burnsville firm looks to capitalize on school
A Burnsville investment company plans to commercialize
the websites of the nation's high schools and
universities using 23,000 sound-alike website names it
has acquired. But already some legal experts say BDC
Partners' plan may violate a federal law against
cybersquatting, using a website name that legally
belongs to someone else. It also may violate the
policies of the Internet Corporation For Assigned
Names and Numbers (ICANN), the organization that
manages Internet website names, which are formally
called "domain names." is open to a deal Inc. on Monday, June 20, rejected a $172
million offer from board member James Mitarotonda,
although the Internet domain name registration company
said it is open to further discussions with the
investor as it reviews its strategic options.

Twenty Myths and Truths About IPv6 and the US IPv6
After hearing over 350 presentations on IPv6 from
IPv6-related events in the US (seven of them), China,
Spain, Japan, and Australia, and having had over 3,000
discussions about IPv6 with over a thousand
well-informed people in the IPv6 community, I have
come to the conclusion that all parties, particularly
the press, have done a terrible job of informing
people about the bigger picture of IPv6, over the last
decade, and that we need to achieve a new consensus
that doesn't include so much common wisdom that is
simply mythical. There are many others in a position
to do this exercise better than I can, and I invite
them to make a better list than mine, which follows.

WIPO addresses developing world needs (reg req'd)
The World Intellectual Property Organization is
hosting a meeting focusing on the IP development
agenda this week

WIPO Domain Name Panelists Meeting
A meeting of WIPO panelists to exchange information on
precedents and procedures in WIPO domain name dispute
resolution will be held on 17 Oct 2005. The meeting is
restricted to WIPO domain name panelists.

us: SEMINAR: ".eu Finally Confirmed. What Next?"
MarkMonitor is holding an Educational Domain and Brand
Management Solutions Web Seminar featuring the topic:
".eu Finally Confirmed. What Next?"

Hope for Human Resources with .Jobs Domain
Yesterday, at the annual SHRM Conference in San Diego,
the .jobs domain was formally unveiled to the public,
and offered exclusively through ICANN authorized
registrars. As a HR professional myself, I have
conversed with many HR professionals who are often
frustrated by the inability to provide an exact
destination (i.e., a "jobs" page) that restricts the
ability to communicate and otherwise effectively carry
out the organizational strategy HR is charged with in
our communication to the labor market.

.Jobs Domain Extension Launches its Start-Up Phase
.Jobs, the new domain name extension designed for
helping companies more efficiently recruit new
employees, has been officially launched in San Diego
at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Human
Resource Management (SHRM).

Will the Department of Commerce OK a XXX Internet
Unless the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) withholds
its approval, the porn industry will have its own
domain on the World Wide Web, .xxx. Proponents of the
domain say that Web sites such as “Hardcore,”
“Rape,” or “” will make it easier
for parents and software filtering companies to
protect kids from “adult” material. As if “Hardcore,” “Rape,” or “XXX,” leave
them clueless.

.NU Domain Adds Domain Typo Protection
Domain registrar .NU Domain announced on Thursday that
it had introduced its new SpellGuard service to help
companies protect their brands from keyboard errors
and "typosquatting."

ITU Launches development initiative to bridge the
Digital Divide
The International Telecommunication Union has launched
a major new development drive designed to bring access
to information and communication technologies (ICTs)
to the estimated one billion people worldwide for whom
making a simple telephone call remains out of reach.


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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