domain name news - 30 June

domain name news - 30 June

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Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2005 22:56:01 +1000 (EST)
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au: Moss Vale for sale..and Bowral, and Mittagong
Moss Vale Chamber of Commerce will bid to register or as an internet address in a ballot
for geographic domain names.

Iraq hopes to get domain name in cyberspace within
Iraq hopes to bolster its sovereignty by putting the
country's official domain name on the Internet within

Iraq: presto il dominio .iq sul web
L'Iraq potrebbe riavere presto un suo dominio su

.EU Domain name applications can now be officially
submitted (news release)
EuroDNS, the leading Luxembourg-based European Domain
Name Registrar, is now an Official Accredited '.EU'
Registrar, and is accepting applications for '.eu'
Domain Names. Bearing in mind that the 'First Come
First Served' rule always applies, your application
and payment will establish the sequence in which your
application will be submitted to the Registry.

DirectI is an Accredited .EU Registrar
Becomes 1st Asian registrar to get accredited for the
European ccTLD

eu: Top Level Domain Name europeo
Dopo la travagliata storia del dominio europero .eu 
durata circa quattro anni, la Commissione europea ha
annunciato che nei prossimi giorni la IANA (Internet
Assigned Number Authority)  procederà alla
registrazione del dominio comunitario nella "root"
della Rete, grazie all'accordo intervenuto tra l'ICANN
(l'Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
Numbers) e l'EURid (European Registry of Internet
Domain Name) il 21 marzo scorso.

eu: New domain may see cybersquatting return
The launch later this year of the new European domain
name, .eu, could herald the return of the
cybersquatting phenomenon last seen during the height
of the dotcom boom at the end of the Nineties, the
chief executive of the .IE Domain Registry (IEDR) has

Putting Multiple Root Nameserver Issue to Rest
I am often asked what I think of multiple root
nameserver systems -- sort of like the Public-Root or
the Open Root Server Confederation (ORSC) pushed by
others in the past years. Whenever some well meaning
person asks me for multiple roots in DNS, I answer:
"DNS is a distributed, coherent, autonomous,
hierarchical database. It is defined to have a single
root, and every one of the hundreds of millions of
DNS-speaking devices worldwide has the single-root
design assumptions built into it. It would
theoretically be possible to design a new system that
looked superficially.

Cybersquatting Hits Businesses for Top Dollar
There are few sure ways to make a million dollars. But
registering a domain name like, before
the financial elite had even an inkling of an idea to
create its own web site, was certainly one of them.
When it came to the buy-out of rights to the domain
name, the price tag on read $1 million.

Las webs especializadas en contenidos para adultos
acogen sin entusiasmo los nuevos dominios .xxx
La ICANN ha aprobado la creación de dominios de primer
nivel ".xxx", que estarán disponibles para su
contratación a finales de año.

Foreign characters may increase domain options
Registrar Nominet, responsible for net addresses
ending in .uk, is considering support for
International Domain Names (IDNs) and has invited
comment from interested parties.

The Free Domain Name Giveaway is Back at
Responding to Requests From Regulars,
the Owner of The Domain Blog Has Decided to Restart
The Domain Blog Free Domain Name Giveaway.

Pick dot-com first for new domain name
Question: What extension should I register my domain
name as? Answer: Choosing a domain extension is a very
important aspect of picking the right name for your
online presence.

Can A SubDomain Ban the Main Domain?
Can A SubDomain Ban the Main Domain? Yes. It is only
logical to say that it is possible for a subdomain
that is deploying SEO tactics that warrant a
penalization by the search engine to have the
potential to spread that penalty across the whole
domain. This is the current discussion taking place at
HighRankings Forum.

Icann stakes out domain for red-light district
Pornographic websites and their legions of fans will
soon have their very own corner of cyberspace.


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BNA Internet Law News <>.


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