domain name, WSIS & governance news - 11 July

domain name, WSIS & governance news - 11 July

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A Turkish group seeking to improve communications
technology is pushing the use of a splinter Internet
network that might avoid control by the United States.

Turkish Group Seeks To Control Some Internet Root
A Turkish group seeking to improve communications
technology is pushing the use of a splinter Internet
network that might avoid control by the United States.

au: Academics converge on ENUM trial
The Australian Academic & Research Network (AARNet) on
Wednesday kicked off trials of ENUM, a method of
electronically mapping telephone numbers to IP

DNS name serving through NSD
Given the sheer importance of name servers in
providing Domain Name System (DNS) resolution -- a
process used by every Web-facing application to
translate domain names into IP addresses and vice
versa -- not many people put much thought into the
available software alternatives for pulling off this
feat. One compelling application is NSD, an
alternative to the widely deployed BIND name server.

Google wins in copycat Web domain dispute
An Internet arbitrator has awarded Google Inc. the
rights to several website addresses that relied on
typographical errors to exploit the online search
engine's popularity so computer viruses and other
malicious software could be unleashed on unsuspecting

Internet politics (reg req'd)
In a pre-emptive strike, America decides to keep
control of the internet

NRO comments submitted to ICANN regarding Policy
Proposal Review Procedure
The Number Resource Organisation submitted to ICANN
the following comments to the Proposed Review
Procedure for ASO Policy Proposals.

WHOIS to Become Restricted
Global Name Registry, the Registry operator for the
.NAME top level domain, announces the release of
"WHOIS II" in a move that establishes an important
benchmark in the continuing struggle to protect
personal information online.

ICANN Publishes Latest Newsletter
In conjunction with its meetings in Luxembourg, ICANN
has published it latest newsletter- available for
download in French, German, and English.

ICANN Posts New gTLD Questions Paper
In September 2004 ICANN published a strategy for the
implementation of new top-level domains (TLDs). The
strategy called for the implementation of a strategy
that would appropriately take into account many
relevant technical, economic, socio-political and
cultural issues. In light of several new developments
regarding DNS operations and structure, ICANN has
developed a plan to facilitate implementation of the
strategy for the designation of new TLDs. (update:
deadline extended to 1 August)

Is ICANN getting out of price-setting?
ICANN looks to have taken a step to play down some of
the price-setting powers it has over the domain name
industry, by lifting a price cap previously imposed on
VeriSign Inc.

ICANN to lift price caps on .net domains
Owners of .net Web addresses may face higher registry
fees in the future--but not until 2007.

EURid Seminar on .eu at the ICANN Meeting, 12 July
EURid is the body chosen by the European Commission to
operate the new .eu registry.  We aim to launch .eu
with the sunrise period commencing in the fourth
quarter of 2005.

VeriSign To Benefit From More Domain Names
Credit Suisse First Boston reiterated an "outperform"
rating and $37 price target on VeriSign. According to
the research firm, there are 44.9 million domain names
as of the end of June, an increase of roughly 1.2
million for the month and a 3.5 million increase from
the end of the March (first) quarter.

RIPE NCC Regional Meeting Moscow 2005
We are pleased to announce the RIPE NCC Regional
Meeting, Moscow, 2005. The meeting will take place
from 15 - 16 September 2005 at a location to still be

2005 RIPE NCC Membership Survey
Please note that this survey is intented for RIPE NCC
Members only. 

Bring on Those .XXX Internet Domains
Bob Parsons is an interesting, entrepreneurial kind of
a guy. He got in on the front end of the technology
curve in the early 1990s when Parsons Technology made
a name for itself in Evangelical circles by being
among the first to market Bible software. His
QuickVerse software brought the Scriptures to
Christian computer users’ fingertips.

Interesting ICANN Details
After my column of 6/16 (Start Your Censorship Engines
about ICANN and their approval of the .XXX domain, one
of the directors sent me a nice note offering a few
details on how they work. In fact, Michael Palage used
a football analogy, rushing the season a bit.

Domain names with Greek characters
Registrations of Domain Names in Greek characters will
start on the 4th of July

Registration of .mo 2nd level domain names
2nd level domain name registration sunrise and trial
period from 1st March 2005

.vn sunrise period
MarkMonitor reports currently submitted domain names
were scheduled to go LIVE in June, however that date
has been rescheduled for July (a specific date has not
been determined).

2-character .PS domain names
MarkMonitor reports the Palestinian National Internet
Naming Authority (PNINA) has announced that
2-character The Palestinian National Internet Naming
Authority (PNINA) has announced that 2-character .PS
domain names are now available to trademark holders.

ps: PNINA extended the sunrise period to 30 June
With the increased popularity of the .PS ccTLD we are
experiencing an increased amount of cyber squatting.
Companies that wish to protect their brand integrity
should register their corporate, registered and
trademark names with .PS as soon as possible to ensure
that their brand names are protected.

Cybersquatting Hits Businesses for Top Dollar
There are few sure ways to make a million dollars. But
registering a domain name like, before
the financial elite had even an inkling of an idea to
create its own web site, was certainly one of them.
When it came to the buy-out of rights to the domain
name, the price tag on read $1 million.

Everyone Wants
Since 2003, has been the subject of
intense shareholder agitation. It started with James
Mitarotonda, the CEO of the private equity firm
Barington Companies, who tried to take over the
company via a proxy fight.

On 30 June 2005, Fay Howard is leaving EURid.
The board and management wish to thank Fay for all the
excellent work she has done for the company.

gTLD Registry launches Free Trial on Domains
As the first global top-level domain, .name opens for
up to 60 days of free trial on domain names for
consumer portals, increasing consumer friendliness and
breaking long-held traditions in the Internet Registry

DomainsBot Launches Powerful Domain Name Search Tool
(news release)
DomainsBot, the well-known provider of domain name
information, today announced the release of its new
domain search tool, available for free at the
DomainsBot website. Using a combination of
syntactical, statistical, and human feedback
mechanisms, DomainsBot suggests alternative domain
names when a customer’s first choice is already

au: Australia backs Internet status quo
Despite concerns from some quarters, the Australian
government has backed the current system of Internet

Ben Ali urges massive African presence at WSIS
Tunisian President hopes African leaders will send
impressive delegations to WSIS hosted by his country.

AU urges Africans to attend information summit
The African Union summit that closed Tuesday in the
central Libyan town of Sirte has urged Africans to
fully support and participate in the WSIS set for
16-18 November in Tunisia.

Signposts in Cyberspace: An NRC Report on the DNS and
Internet Navigation
In light of the recent decision by the United States
government to "maintain its historic role in
authorizing changes or modifications to the
authoritative root zone file" and ICANN's recent
decisions to add more gTLDs (including .xxx), and to
renew VeriSign as the .net registry, readers may be
interested in the just-published report of the
National Research Council's Computer Science and
Telecommunications Board, Signposts in Cyberspace: The
Domain Name System and Internet Navigation. "Signposts
in Cyberspace" is a comprehensive policy-oriented
examination of the Domain Name System in the broader
context of Internet navigation. It is addressed to
policy communities in the United States, other
nations, and international agencies, whose decisions
will affect the DNS' future. The report contains a
careful description of the development, current state,
and future prospects of the technical system of the
DNS and a complementary description of the
development, current state, and policy issues of the
framework of autonomous institutions that operate,
administer, and set policy for it.

US Government wants to keep Internet control
The US government has kicked off another round of
heated discussions about Internet governance.
Assistant Secretary of Commerce Michael Gallagher on
30 June announced that his government clearly intends
to keep the final control over the root zone file that
lists all top-level domain entries. This move came a
bit unexpected, and the experts are now discussing
what the implications will be for the upcoming ICANN
meeting and the release of the report of the WSIS
Working Group on Internet Governance.

Andrew Kantor: CyberSpeak - U.S. decision to control
Internet is no big deal
Last week the Bush Administration announced that it
was backing out of a pledge it had made, saying the
U.S. government would retain control over the

Third Annual Report on the UN ICT Task Force
In its third year, the Information and Communication
Technologies Task Force, through its core activities,
working groups and regional nodes, has successfully
contributed to advancing the multi-stakeholder
discussion on Internet governance, enabling
environment and other high-profile policy issues;
added to progress in measuring, monitoring and
analysing the impact of ICT on the achievement of the
internationally agreed development goals; further
supported and promoted collaborative initiatives at
the regional, subregional and national levels and
provided significant input to the formulation of a
comprehensive United Nations information and
communications technologies strategy. The Task Force
continues to pursue the mainstreaming of ICT into
development as a powerful tool that can enable the
attainment of the internationally agreed development
goals. It is also contributing towards making the
Tunis phase of WSIS a success. The ongoing programme
of reform and renewal of the UN is affording an
opportunity for the Task Force to perform its mandate
of providing advice to the Secretary-General on ICT.

"You have no rights here, but welcome to Tunisia !"
A few months from now, the second phase of the World
Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) will be held
in Tunis, when global attention will focus on Tunisia.
External communications are therefore an absolute
priority, and any means of luring and manipulating the
international press will be deemed justified. Foreign
journalists are welcome as long as they are
accommodating and cooperative-and not too inquisitive.
The surveillance also extends to anyone who may be
tempted to provide them with information (dissidents,
human rights activists, trade union leaders,
independent journalists, etc.). In a report made
public today, Reporters Without Borders, whose
representatives visited Tunisia from June 2 to 6,
condemn the government's formidable propaganda


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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