domain name, WSIS & governance news - 18 July

domain name, WSIS & governance news - 18 July

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 22:45:10 +1000 (EST)
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Non-English Domain Names Likely Delayed
Concerns about "phishing" e-mail scams will likely
delay the expansion of domain names beyond non-English
characters, the chairman of the Internet's key
oversight agency said Friday.,1377,68231,00.html

ICANN Board Meeting, Luxembourg - Approved Resolutions

ICANN plans long term budget
ICANN has approved an annual budget that includes
provision for a strategic plan covering the years from
2006 to 2009.,2172,108531,00.html

ICANN needs more input from Africa
Africans are missing an important opportunity to
participate in the policy making process of ICANN,
says Glen van Oudenhove de Saint Géry.,2172,108420,00.html

Making It Easier to Own African Domain Names
It could soon be much easier to register your web site
address in multiple African markets. If you would like
a web site for Company X to have a local address in
many countries it will soon be possible to do this
through a single portal site.,2172,108431,00.html

Put African Languages On the Internet, Adviser Says
Africans who wish to see their own languages on the
internet have to make a concerted effort to develop
the necessary applications. They should not wait for
donor support to finance the use of local languages
through the use of Internationalised Domain Names

ICANN, VeriSign Will Consider Changes on .net
ICANN and VeriSign will consider changes to the new
.net registry agreement in response to a mass protest
by major domain name registrars, who said the deal
represented a "breach of trust" between ICANN and the
registrar community. In response to a joint protest by
more than 30 registrars at a Luxembourg meeting, ICANN
chairman Vint Cerf announced today that VeriSign and
ICANN will re-examine a provision in the agreement
that lifts restrictions on the price VeriSign can
charge registrars for each .net domain they sell.

ICANN prepares to disengage from US government
ICANN has sent a message of reassurance to its
partners that the current Memorandum of Understanding
(MoU) with the US government will continue to be
respected until its expiry date in 2006.,2172,108429,00.html

ICANN recommends "Emergency Action Channels" to battle
domain hijacking
A tool used to influence the social status of people,
personal deception, is the most effective tool used to
hijack the rights to others' domain names, says a
report released Tuesday by ICANN, the organization
that maintains the Internet's IP addresses.,1895,1836820,00.asp

ICANN SSAC Releases Domain Name Hijacking Report
The Domain Name Hijacking Report was commissioned in
response to both highly publicized hijacking events
and a number of lesser publicized events. The SSAC
found that domain name hijacking incidents are
commonly the result of flaws in registration and
related processes, failure to comply with the transfer
policy and poor administration of domain names. The
report recommends ten key actions including
implementation of improved auditing and compliance
measures, and additional measures to protect
registration information from misuse by would-be
hijackers, as well as implementation of emergency
procedures to assist in the urgent restoration of a
domain name.

The high-stakes battle to control the Net by Michael
ICANN meets this week in Luxembourg. As usual, only a
relatively small group of government officials and
people connected to domain name businesses will pay
close attention to what transpires.

Working Group on Internet Governance Releases Report
by Michael Geist
As I wrote this week in my Law Bytes column, the
report comes on the heels of the U.S. statement that
it has no intention of surrendering control of root
zone file. The WGIG report developed a working
definition of Internet governance that states:
"Internet governance is the development and
application by Governments, the private sector and
civil society, in their respective roles, of shared
principles, norms, rules, decision-making procedures,
and programmes that shape the evolution and use of the

Registrars, resellers helping domain hijackers
Domain registrars and resellers have encouraged domain
hijacking and theft by failing to stick to transfer
policy, domain name arbiter ICANN says.

ICANN Meetings in Luxembourg By Jothan Frakes
The ICANN Meetings are in full flow here in sunny
Luxembourg. The venue is immense and located a cab,
bus, or shuttle ride from the various hotels.

Lextext at ICANN Board Meeting in Luxembourg
For Lextext's blog on the meeting, see:

Domain Hijacking Takes ICANN Spotlight
Web sites both big and small face the risk of having
their Web addresses stolen because of flaws in the way
domain names are registered, transferred and tracked,
a report released this week found.,1697,1837047,00.asp

US govt interference is a big deal, says Europe
European internet registries are preparing a
fight-back against the US government following the
latter's surprise decision to keep overall control of
the "root zone file" that defines the internet's basic

Eurid presentation at ICANN
Eurid's presentation at ICANN in Luxembourg is
available now at:

VeriSign, ICANN Reconsider Ceiling Lift
In response to strenuous protests by more than 30
major domain name registrars at the ICANN meetings
taking place in Luxembourg, ICANN and VeriSign have
agreed to reconsider a provision in the new .net
registry agreement that would reduce the cap on .net
listing fees and ultimately eliminate them in 2007,
according to research firm Netcraft.

ICANN Blog: Food fights and lawyers [at the ICANN
meeting in Luxembourg, but it does ramble a bit - DG]
The interview with Chancellor Schroeder, ICANN's
behind-the-scenes powerhouse, has been postponed until
after the meeting, if at all. A loss as it would be
interesting to see what the CFO has to say about the
$23-odd million pumped into this organisation. Not
only does Ms. Schroeder likely know where the
skeletons are, she probably dug the graves.

ICANN Needs a Good Root By Ian Peter
It's not been the best of years for ICANN. Leaving
aside for a few seconds the controversy about xxx, and
the allegations of improper behavior about the .Net
assignment, ICANN has had a lot to deal with.

DNSSEC Deployment at the RIPE NCC
Deployment of Domain Name System Security Extensions
(DNSSEC) is the second (and last) phase of the Reverse
DNS restructuring project.

nz: ENUM: Consultation Report on an ENUM Trial
InternetNZ has released a consultation report on
aspects of holding an ENUM Trial in New Zealand.
Submissions are due by 19 August 2005, subject to
extension. Copies of the report are available for
download, or in paper copy from the Secretariat.

Iraq close to joining world wide web with .iq tag
IRAQ is seeking to boost its sovereignty and business
credentials by setting up its own internet domain

ca: Public Consultation on Corporate Governance
CIRA is seeking Member and public input on proposed
revisions to its corporate governance framework.

cn: Top ten most valuable CN domain names, CNNIC
According to the data provided by CNNIC,
recommendation by appraisal committee as well as
ballots from netizens have selected ten CN domain

uk: easyMobile wins 'bad faith' domain case against
The Carphone Warehouse (CPW) has been accused of
setting up a web site in "bad faith" against rival
no-frills cellco,39024665,39150371,00.htm

Flaws in BT chat sites expose users
A third party website allowing unrestricted access to
Oceanfree and IOL chat sites could enable visitors to
view the IP address and domain names of the sites'
'chatters.' Changes Hands in One of the Biggest Sales
Reported This Year
When Chris Chena acquired for $150,000
three weeks ago, more than one major player mentioned
to me privately that they wished they could have
gotten the domain for that price.

us: 'U' cries foul after URL buy-up
Several universities are protesting the purchase by a
local company of Web addresses that include the names
of the schools and their mascots.

Keep info safe to deter hijack of domain name
Question: How do I avoid the hassle of domain

Guide helps firms avoid domain name problems
Internet domain name management body Icann has issued
advice to help firms avoid problems caused by lost or
maliciously registered domain names.

us: Woman's Web site hijacked
Domain name hijacking is alive and happening in
Greeley. Colette Pitcher, owner of Art Department at
Showcase, 1335 8th Ave., Greeley, recently learned
that her Web site's domain name was taken over when
her Web host failed to pay her name registration fees.

New Working Group on Internet Governance report
The report provides proposals to improve current
Internet governance arrangements and sets priorities
for future action. It proposes a further
internationalization of Internet governance
arrangements, based on the WSIS Declaration of
Principles (adopted in 2003) which advocates
multilateralism and the involvement of all
stakeholders and international organizations. The
Report identifies a wide range of governance functions
but excludes government involvement in day-to-day
operational management of the Internet. The Report has
been translated in all UN languages: Arabic, Chinese,
French, Russian, and Spanish. (news

UN Panel: No Single Nation Should Control Internet
In a report released Thursday, the U.N. panel outlined
four possible options for the future of Internet
governance for world leaders to consider at a November
"Information Society" summit. (Russian)

UN panel fails to agree on how to govern Internet
A group set up by the United Nations to come up with a
global plan for managing the Internet said on Thursday
that it has been unable to agree on who should do the
job or how it should be done.,7204,15936661%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html,1759,1837598,00.asp

UN report calls for changes to US internet role
A United Nations working group on internet governance
has called for an end to the dominant role played by
the US government in overseeing the development and
management of critical internet infrastructure and

U.N. 'Net Plan Could Stall ICANN's
Executives at the ICANN Friday are pleased with a
United Nations report outlining four possible futures
for Internet governance.

The Internet Governance Project's response is
available at:

Presentation of the report of The Working Group on
Internet Governance
At Monday's (July 18) official presentation of the
report in Geneva, John Mathiason will read a statement
outlining the basic elements of the IGP response.

Who owns the Internet?
The US claims it has every right to control Internet
traffic, decide who gets which domain name, and
allocate domain names to Regional Internet Registrars

International Free Speech Groups Urge Tunisia to End
Internet Censorship
International free expression groups today launched a
new website detailing the state of free expression in
Tunisia and challenged the government to end Internet
blocking in the lead-up to the November 2005 World
Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).

European NGOs send open letters to EU
The European WSIS Civil Society Caucus has sent an
open letter to the EU commissioner for the information
society, Viviane Reding, last Friday. In the letter,
the European NGOs ask for further support for civil
society involvement in the WSIS process, especially in
building a “strong and much needed regional network
for the WSIS implementation and monitoring process”.
The European Caucus also asks for a “constant and
constructive dialogue with the EU” about the next
summit host country Tunisia. The big picture might
have changed, though, due to the London bombings.
European Digital Rights and Privacy International have
therefore written another open letter yesterday,
urging the EU to stop plans for mandatory
telecommunications surveillance.

WIPO: Development Agenda --  IP Justice
WIPO will hold the third of three sets of
Inter-sessional Intergovernmental Meetings on a
Development Agenda for WIPO in Geneva, from 20-22 July
2005 (WIPO IIM/3 page). IP Justice will be present.
Following is a list of documents and other information
regarding these meetings.


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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