FW: [DNS] Re: Whois & Spam

FW: [DNS] Re: Whois & Spam

From: Marty Drill - Domain Candy <marty§domaincandy.com.au>
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 10:33:36 +1000
One more from Adrian. 

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From: Adrian Kinderis [mailto:adrian&#167;ausregistry.com.au] 
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One last time... thanks.


Just a couple of things...
1. AusRegistry is not aware of any evidence that whois is being used for
"harvesting" and as far as we are aware neither is auDA (we would know about
it if they had any issues believe me).
2. Having said that we are not complacent not are we apathetic. We are
constantly working on ways to improve the security of the whois and maintain
the integrity of the .au database. For example, based on Bill's email
yesterday we have been able to perform changes that rectify this loophole in
the current system. It certainly makes it easier for us to solve these
problems when we get help from the public in the appropriate manner - I
encourage everyone to do the same.
3. We acknowledge that the whois is not perfect and impenetrable. We are
currently working on a number of innovations which we hope will improve the
situation and continue to minimise the ability for it to be misused.
These need to be presented to auDA for consideration prior to publication.
As I stated above please let us know if any other ways of abusing the
system. It can only help.

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From: Michael Purse [mailto:pursey&#167;gmail.com]
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> Simply saying that it's auDA policy and therefore auDA's issue is a 
> dereliction of duty of care of .AU DNS integrity and  a cop out.
> accepting there is an issue and working collaboratively - at the
> regulatory and technical solution levels - is the way to address this.

Which is why I was concerned about the response from Adrian at AusRegistry.
It seems to show a hint of apathy.

Plus my opinion of AusRegistry is basically that they are inflexible and
operate with a closed mind. At least, that's my opinion based on the
comments about "no evidence" of WHOIS being used for harvesting.
If you truly think that WHOIS isn't being used for harvesting, you'd be
pretty naive.

I really, really, hope that auDA calls for submissions for the WHOIS policy
*real soon*. It's 12 months overdue for a review, and I feel it needs change
(and will enter a submission when they are called for).


Michael Purse
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