domain name, WSIS & governance news - 8 August

domain name, WSIS & governance news - 8 August

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ca: Government Regulation of the Dot-ca Domain Name
Space by Marc Watkins [University of Ottawa Law and
Technology Journal]
This article tries to help fill the gap by taking a
closer look at the Canadian dot-ca Top-Level
Domain-Name and the Canadian Government’s current and
possibly future regulatory regime. Emphasis is put on
answering four key questions: What can be regulated?
How can it be regulated? What is the current situation
in Canada? And should there be regulation in the first

iq: Internet oversight agency reassigns Iraqi domain
The Internet's key oversight agency has quietly
authorized Iraq's new government to manage its own
domain name, allowing for the restoration of Internet
addresses ending in ".iq."

.IQ Redelegated And No One Knows Why
Bret Fausett on Lextext questions the decision to
redelegate .iq.

IANA Report on Redelegation of the .iq Top-Level

IANA Report on Redelegation of the .kz Top-Level

IANA Report on Establishment of the .travel Top-Level

IANA Report on Redelegation of the .hk Top-Level

US court files reveal Italian link to Indymedia server
Documents relating to the seizure of Indymedia's
servers at Rackspace's Heathrow premises have finally
been unsealed by a Texas district court. Some
information remains under seal, and the documents
released by no means provide the full picture, but it
is now clear that yes, it was the Italians, and no,
there was no obvious legal basis for the seizure of
the servers themselves. And as regards the British
Government's apparent insouciance regarding the
(faulty) operation of US court orders within British
jurisdiction but without any British authorisation,
well, that remains a puzzle.

uk: Legal fight over iTunes UK domain
An internet entrepreneur has suffered a legal setback
in his battle to win back the iTunes domain name in
the UK.

Internet domain system wide open to fraudulent attack
A large number of DNS servers, a critical part of the
internet's infrastructure, are vulnerable to attacks
that could lead to widespread fraud, according to a
security researcher.

Spotlight: The Internet's chief operating officer
It has been nearly 15 years since Paul Twomey first
connected to the Internet from Australia, back when
the Web's tentacles had just tentatively encircled the

au: Telefa (Digicommander) breaches transfers policy
auDA has found that Telefa Pty Ltd (previously known
as Digicommander), a reseller of TPP Internet, has
breached the Transfers (Change of Registrar of Record)
Policy (2003-03).

XXX Domain Sunrise Period Begins announced it has launched its highly
anticipated .xxx pre-registration Web site
specifically catered to ICANN's recently approved .xxx
top-level domain. .xxx is a sponsored TLD specifically
for adult oriented Web sites that consent to industry

eu: Website .eu ADR launched
A temporary website of the The Czech Arbitration
Court, appointed by EURid to provide Alternative
Dispute resolution (ADR) for .eu domain name disputes,
has recently been launched.

Web Server Survey Turns 10, Finds 70 Million Sites
Netcraft's Web Server Survey marks its 10th
anniversary this month with a milestone, as we now
find more than 70 million web sites on the Internet.

Registry Services Changes – Final Report
Procedure for use by ICANN in considering requests for
consent and related contractual amendments to allow
changes in the architecture or operation of a gTLD
registry. This procedure, developed through the GNSO
Policy Development Process, has been unanimously
adopted by the GNSO Council as a Supermajority
Recommendation for consideration and adoption by the
Board as Consensus Policy. The Final Report describing
this procedure has been posted since 10 July on the
GNSO web site. A final public comment period is now
opened in accordance with the ICANN Bylaws, Article 3,
Section 6. Following this period, the Recommendation
will be submitted to the Board for decision. The
deadline for comments is Friday 26 August 2005.
Comment can be made to
registry-services-report&#167; The archive of
comments is available at:

Who's in Charge?
In a move that could head off attempts by other
countries to exert more influence over the Internet's
Domain Name System (DNS), the Bush administration has
announced that the United States will "maintain its
historic role in authorizing changes or modifications
to the authoritative root zone file."

The Realm of Domain Names: An Indian Perspective (reg
In the realm of cyberspace, when you browse a
particular website on the Internet, it is actually the
Internet Protocol address (IP address) that
establishes the link between your computer and the
particular website you are searching for. IP address
is like a name of a person or moreover like a
telephone number. It helps in identifying a particular
computer connected to the Internet where the website
is hosted on the Internet.

The Domain Name Gold Rush (reg req'd)
This article explains how domains come back onto the
market, how prospectors are sifting through them to
find the good ones, and how to find the expiring

us: Fla. college paper wins rights to Internet domain
An independent student newspaper at the University of
Central Florida has rights to two domain names despite
the fact that each incorporates a university
trademark, an arbitration panel ruled on July 13
following a university request that the domains be
transferred to its possession.

.WS Top Level Domain Names Benefit Nation of Samoa
Born in Samoa in 2000 and now reaching out to the
world, Website.WS is the brainchild of Alan Ezeir and
Michael Reed in association with the tiny Island
nation of Samoa. In November 2000, less than nine
months after launching .WS to the global Internet
community, GDI announced it had sold over 100,000 .WS
registrations to customers such as Yahoo!, Intel,
Cisco, Dell Computers, and other companies and
individuals in more than 180 countries.

New Instance of RIPE NCC Operated K-root Server
Deployed in Miami, USA
The RIPE NCC (Réseaux IP Européens Network
Coordination Centre) has deployed a new global node
instance of the K-root Internet root name server at
Terremark's NAP of the Americas in Miami, Florida,

MarkMonitor TLD updates
The latest edition of MarkMonitor's domain name news
includes: TWNIC Domain Committee announced the launch
of 2nd-level ASCII .TW domain names, UAEnic has
announced the launch of a 50 year registration term
for .ua domain names and the second sunrise period for
.ES domain names is scheduled to begin on September 5.
See the link for more information:

Regime change on the internet? Internet governance
after WGIG - Event notes
Robert Guerra has written up his notes from the
Internet Governance event he attended in Washington in
late July and published them on his blog. His notes
include his summaries of presentations by Markus
Kummer, Richard Beaird, Lesley Cowley, Milton Mueller,
Christopher Boam, Willie Currie and the Q&A session.

Initial comments by the European Union and the
acceding countries Romania and Bulgaria, on the report
of the Working Group on Internet Governance
The paper includes the principles on which the new
cooperation model "in order to concretise the
provisions in the WSIS Declaration of Principles
regarding the crucial role of all actors within
Internet Governance, including governments, the
private sector, civil society and international

To ICANN or Not? (Internet Governance)
The Working Group of Internet Governance Report comes
as a reply to the U.S. statement that it has no
intention of surrendering control of root zone file
(i.e. a server internet network could not function
without). The report offers four possible solutions
(what should be done with the Internet Corporation of
Assigned Names and Numbers - ICAAN). First solution is
replacement of the US Government in one of the
executive boards with independent participation of the
private sector and civil society associations. USA
does not support the idea ICANN to be govern by
international bodies and to loose the present

Rwanda Set for WSIS Summit
Rwanda has the ability to exhibit its development in
ICT programs in relation to the World Summit for
Information Society (WSIS) which is due November, 2005
in Tunis. This was revealed by Eng. Alfred Butare, the
State Minister in charge of Energy and Communications,
during the WSIS preparatory workshop held in Kigali

ITU Global Survey of Anti-Spam Laws and Authorities
At the recent ITU WSIS Thematic Meeting on
Cybersecurity, Maria Cristina Bueti, Policy Analyst,
Strategy and Policy Unit, ITU, presented a background
paper entitled ITU Survey of Anti-Spam Laws and
Authorities Worldwide.


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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