[DNS] Fwd: Southbank.net.au - Re: Geographic .COM.AU names

[DNS] Fwd: Southbank.net.au - Re: Geographic .COM.AU names

From: Dave <frm125§gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 18:53:35 +1000
> Another list I'm on which is populated by IT people in local government 
> has
> been expressing concerns regarding how many of the names they put in for 
> went
> outside the regions and how many ended up with the same people as 
> mentioned on
> this list already.
> I've advised the other list to send their complaints to AUDA and to even 
> join
> so they could participate.

Thanks for the update Darryl. Is there an archive for the mailing list you 

Not only has the entire process been farcical but auDA *still* haven't 
addressed any of the concerns raised.

Has anybody heard *anything* back from auDA or are they still too busy 
counting the cash?
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