[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 12 September

[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 12 September

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 21:49:30 +1000 (EST)
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EU backs plans for .kid TLD
The European Parliament is backing proposals to
introduce a new .kid TLD just for children to "protect
them from inappropriate content on the internet".






European businesses abuzz over '.eu' Internet domain
With the launch of ".eu" Internet domain names just
weeks away, European companies are in a rush to
register their names and ensure that prestigious
brands can figure on their Web address.


il/eu: European domain names offered to Israeli
Domain The Net, the Israeli provider of domain name
registration services, will for the first time offer
Israeli companies the possibility of registering for
European domain names.


us: After the Storm, the Swindlers (reg req'd; free
for short period)
Even as millions of Americans rally to make donations
to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, the Internet is
brimming with swindles, come-ons and opportunistic
pandering related to the relief effort in Louisiana,
Mississippi and Alabama. And the frauds are more
varied and more numerous than in past disasters,
according to law enforcement officials and online
watchdog groups.


FBI: Hurricane relief Internet scams proliferate
Internet sites purporting to be charities related to
Hurricane Katrina have been popping up faster than the
FBI can look at them, and many appear to be
fraudulent, the head of the FBI's cyber division said


Netcraft September 2005 Web Server Survey
Netcraft's September 2005 survey received responses
from 71,723,098 sites. This an increase of 1.33
million sites from August.


Das Web boomt: 70 Millionen Websites

Statistiques mondiales des noms de domaine (Septembre

ICANN ccPDP Comment Period 2 Extended
The ccNSO Council initiated a country code Policy
Development Process to consider recommending to the
Board of ICANN changes to Article IX of the ICANN By
Laws; the ccNSO Policy Development Process; and the
Scope of the ccNSO to encourage ccTLD managers to join
the ccNSO. The Initial Report was published on 16
August 2005, and comments are sought from the
community. The Issue Manager has extended the second
comment period by one week to GMT 12:00 Wednesday 14
September 2005.


ICANN: Global Policy for IPv6 - Background Report for
Early Awareness of a Policy Proposal
The development of Global Internet Number Resource
Policies is the subject of an MoU between ASO/NRO and
ICANN. There are also specific ICANN Board Procedures,
adopted by the Board on 15 July 2005, for handling
global policy proposals in this context. These
procedures contain a provision for tracking
developments in order to ensure early awareness of
such proposals.


RIPE NCC Member Update Issue 8 Published


WIPO Arbitration Workshop October 18-19, 2005
The purpose of this Workshop is to provide intensive
basic training of a practical nature for party
representatives in arbitration and for arbitrators.


WIPO Advanced Workshop on Domain Name Dispute
Resolution: Update on Practices and Precedents -
October 20-21, 2005
This Advanced Workshop will focus on the trends of
WIPO Panel decisions on the most important substantive
and procedural issues under the UDRP. Thus, in
addition to those wishing to gain insight into the
UDRP mechanism, this Advanced Workshop is of
particular interest to those who have been or who may
become involved in UDRP proceedings and to past
Workshop participants. The Advanced Workshop also
represents an opportunity for registrars and ccTLD
administrators to increase their knowledge of UDRP


Google snaps up internet pioneer
Google has hired one of the founding fathers of the
net as its "chief internet evangelist".








Why Google hired Vint Cerf
Whether he meant to or not, Cerf hinted at one area he
was interested in six weeks before he joined the
search giant, and it deals with a wireless device near


Vint Cerf replies: 'I've been busy, you know'
Google's newest star hire takes exception to The
Register's assertion that he's been in meetings for
much of the time since inventing TCP/IP.


BBC World and WSIS: Can ICTs help lift people out of
With support from SDC, GKP, and UNDP-APDIP, dev.tv
intends to take advantage of this gathering to stage a
one-hour televised debate on whether ICTs can
effectively help lift people out of poverty. The
debate will be broadcast on BBC World to 275 million
homes worldwide, and will also be streamed over the
internet during the week of the WSIS.


CENTR Comments on WGIG Final Report
Of the issues covered, Centr states "It is clear that
only a small minority of issues require global
coordination." Then "CENTR recommends that the
definition of Internet governance given within the
Report should make it clearer that the governments,
the private sector and the civil society participate
on an equal footing ?to shape the evolution and the
use of the Internet?." There are a number of issues
addressed in their statement.


ph: Forum finalizes RP stand on ?Net governance
The Philippine Summit on the Information Society
(PSIS) will finalize its position on the issue of
Internet governance, in a meeting of information and
communications technology (ICT) experts from the
government, the private sector, from civil society and
the academe today at the Manila Hotel Grand Ballroom.



Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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