[DNS] serious flaws in auda board structure

[DNS] serious flaws in auda board structure

From: Michael Purse <pursey§gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2005 12:13:01 +1000
> the structure of the board is fundamentally flawed and needs urgent repair.

I cannot see such an issue.

> auda is funded by com.au, without com.au there would no
> registry, registrars, resellers or viable domain name space.

And without the Demand side of things, there would be no .com.au.

> .com.au is a commercial name space which represents the absolute
> majority of names in the space. yet the "demand" position on the board
> in no way reflect the real buyers in the name space.

The Demand directors adequately represent the Demand side of the
equation. Further to that, if people want a Real Buyer as a Director,
they can become members of auDA and vote for their Director of choice.

> everytime an issue comes up, the "demand" people bring up the evil
> of registrar making money and the "feel good" astethic arguments despite the fact
> that the public in fact only buy around 100 domains a month out of something well over
> 10,000 .com.au names.

I am a Demand person. I don't bring up such arguments. I'm well aware
Registrars need to make money, having previously worked for a
Registrar, and by using common sense.

The public only buy 1% of domains? I'd like to see where the others
are going. So, what, the Government buys the other 99%? Are you saying
a business isn't the public?

> "public feel good" arguments are utterly irrelavent to a commercial name
> space, and should only be applied to .id.au.

Obviously they aren't, if people feel that way.

> I call on AUDA to reflect the reality of the name space in .au on the
> board, the demand places should be reserved for entities representing
> commercial bodies ie chambers of commerce etc, and not people representing
> an insignificant minority of name buyers infliciting blatent
> anti-commercial bias against the commercial name space.

I strongly disagree, and believe the current structure is working well.
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