[DNS] Time for the rules tochangeregardingtransferringdomainname licences

[DNS] Time for the rules tochangeregardingtransferringdomainname licences

From: Bruce Tonkin <Bruce.Tonkin§melbourneit.com.au>
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 14:03:42 +1000
> How will changing the rules regarding transferring of domain 
> name licenses benefit the users of .au?

This is an appropriate question to answer for the proposed policy

In terms of users, I will first talk about registrants.

Some benefits for small business registrants are:

(1) A registrant can sell a domain name licence that they no longer wish
to use.  The funds can then be allocated to other areas of that
registrant's business.   Every business should be continually
challenging whether they are getting the best use of the resources they
have available.  Any resources that are under-utilised would be better
off sold, and the funds used to invest in resources where they are
better able to take advantage.   At the very least if you pay $1000 for
a domain name, you should be aiming to get a return of at least the bank
interest on $1000 (e.g getting at least $60 return a year).   If after 2
months of having the domain name you are not using it, you should be
able to sell it to someone who will be able to use it.

(2) A registrant can buy an already registered domain name for their
Many registrants may feel that they could make use of a registered
domain name licence better than the current registrant.  This would
allow the registrant to make an offer for the domain name licence.  

(3) When a registrant chooses not to renew a domain name licence, the
registrant would have the option to determine if there are any buyers of
the licence.  This ensures that the previous registrant can share in the
some of the value of the domain name licence  (and potentially recover
at least their initial registration price).  I am amazed every day by
what domain names registrants choose not to renew.

There are many registered .com.au names that are currently not being
used.  This is an inefficient use of the namespace.   These are often
renewed each year as the registrant feels that they may use it in
future.   A open secondary market would allow the registrant to put the
name on the market and determine its market value.  They are then in a
better position to decide whether to hold, renew, or sell the licence.

The benefits for Internet users that are not registrants are harder to
define.   Here are some possible benefits:

(1) An Internet user typing a particular domain name is more likely to
reach a useful website, rather than simply getting an error as the
website is not operational.   Thus this will reduce the number of error
pages received by end users.  

(2) Domain names with high market value (e.g based on common generic
words etc) are likely to have useful content.    Thus an Internet user
"may" have a better experience of using .com.au as they will be more
likely to get interesting content associated with common words.

Now I am interested to hear any arguments against allowing people to
trade licences.

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