[DNS] Time forthe rulestochangeregardingtransferringdomainnamelicences

[DNS] Time forthe rulestochangeregardingtransferringdomainnamelicences

From: Bennett Oprysa <bennett§enetica.com.au>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 18:17:24 +1000
K Heitman & Co wrote:

> So there are two kinds of licences - non-transferable, or
> transferable under conditions. If you can find an example of a
> licence which is transferable without reference to the issuing
> authority, that would be a third type. 

who says it has to be without reference? All we are asking for is for 
the removal of the paperwork, there will still be an 
eligibility/approval process, and a warrant from the new registrant as 
to various auDA requirements.

> assertion. The onus is on those wishing to legalise cybersquatting to

Your continued implication that what we are discussing is legalising 
'cybersquatting' means you either have no idea what this discussion 
about or are being purposely obtuse. Making transfers easier does not 
equate to legalising whatever you think cybersquatting is. Talking about 
  being obsessed....

> Pardon me, I assumed if you knew you would have told your partner Vic

Another arrogant assumption that Vic and I cannot somehow do things 
independantly. You people really seem to have major problems grasping 
the concept of living in a free country.

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