[DNS] Time for the rules to changeregardingtransferringdomainname licences

[DNS] Time for the rules to changeregardingtransferringdomainname licences

From: Dassa <dassa§dhs.org>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 20:30:36 +1000
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|> "James Collins" wrote:
|> > Some thoughts that spring to mind include (1) Limiting the 
|> sale price 
|> > for a domain to that of what it cost someone to acquire it.
|> > This could reasonably include additional fees from third 
|> parties such 
|> > as domain host companies.  (2) A ceiling figure for the 
|> transfer costs 
|> > of a domain could be given, preventing speculation viability, but 
|> > permitting legitimate trade.
|> I'm astounded that so many people around here seem to push 
|> an agenda for price regulation.  What country do you people 
|> think you're living in?

Australia, what country do you think you are in that doesn't have price

A lot of people have been pushing to have open markets on a few lists over the
years, I'm sure they would start to change their tune if it really happened
across all markets.  Imagine what you would have to start paying for basic
foodstuffs and some of those facilities people take for granted now.  Hell,
people complain when any sort of user pay system is introduced for things they
were used to getting for free.

Price regulation of one form or another is a fact of life in Australia, it
happens all the time.  People will also call for it with a very loud voice
when enough of them get hit with rising prices, look at the recent fuel price

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch 

PS...I do hope we see more supporters of the opposing views to mine and others
who don't have to resort to inflammatory and abusive language.
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