[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 30 September

[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 30 September

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005 22:25:39 +1000 (EST)
Check out http://auda.org.au/domain-news/dn-news for
the latest domain news. By close of business 4
October, a more recent edition of the news should be
posted to the auDA web site. The domain name news is
supported by auDA.

Exploring Autonomous System Numbers by Geoff Huston
So what?s an ?Autonomous System Number?, and what role
do these numbers play in the technology of the
internet? The Internet?s routing architecture is
structured as a two-level hierarchy. The environment
is firstly partitioned into ?domains?, with each
domain using an internal routing environment.

.nz registrations hit 200K (news release)
Internet NZ announced today that the number of domain
names listed on the .nz Register had just reached

APTLD Board Members Meeting Convenes in Amman October
Jordan will host the Asia Pacific Top Level Domain
Association (APTLD) Board and members meetings in a
two-day venue at the Amman Marriott Hotel, October
2-3, 2005.


us: Feds Investigating Fraudulent Katrina-Related Web
There are reports of more than 400 purported Hurricane
Katrina Web sites and related domain names established
in the wake of the killer storm. The new names
registered include URLs like katrinaourtsunami.com,
katrinacleanup.com, katrinahelp.com,
katrinadonations.com and katrinarelief.com.

us: Porn/War Site Draws Army's Ire
The Web site address -- with a four-letter-word in the
middle of its domain name -- can't even be printed.


Indian Domain Registration Catching Up
Indian Domain Registration is catching up with more
and more mid size and small firm from US, UK and all
over the world securing their domain name already
possessing a .com or respective country domain name.


es: Deregulation of .ES domain by Spanish registry
.ES is the official domain extension for Spain.
Previously subject to restrictions, the Spanish
registry has decided to de-regulate the domain


ICANN Invites Comments and Suggestions on IDNs
Recognizes the need for overall multilingualism in the
DNS and is committed to bringing this about through a
consultative approach.


ICANN At-Large Newsletter (August 2005)
In this issue: Action: Sex in the Net -- Debate over
.XXX continues as ICANN's Board defers action. What?s
your opinion?; Action: Dot What? How should more top
level domain names be introduced?; Meeting: Join us in
Vancouver! ICANN At-Large invites you to join the
debates about the Internet?s future; Information:
Asia/Pacific user groups are forming a Regional
At-Large Organization


cn: All Google's CN domain names registered by others
"Gmail.cn", the domain name for Gmail in China, has
been registered by a Beijing-based company instead.
Gmail is a key product of Google.


us: Sex.com sues over Web site
Heard the one about the folks from Philadelphia who
say they lost $500,000 on an Internet porn site? It's
no joke. Their company filed suit over the matter in
U.S. District Court in Philadelphia - in a document
that also reveals the purported market value of a Web
site with the domain address www.sex.com. It's worth
$11 million.


DNS for GSM operators
The GSM Association and NeuStar have signed an
agreement to offer Root DNS services to more than 680
global GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications)
mobile operators.


us: Charlie's Angel Wins Domain Name Dispute
The National Arbitration Forum has announced a ruling
in favor of actress Jaclyn Smith, best known as a
member of the original Charlie's Angels television
show, and Jaclyn Smith International, Inc., a designer
of clothing and domestic products, regarding rights to
the Internet domain name jaclynsmithhome.com.


Tunis World Summit ?in great danger?
The first ever World Summit on the Internet is "in
great danger", according to the president of its
preparatory committees, unless governments pull out
all stops in the next two days.


WSIS: Who gets to run the internet?
The question over who will be granted overall control
of the internet from next year is proving the most
controversial part of a worldwide conference being
held in Geneva as we speak.

Our Man in Geneva asks the WSIS questions
This week, world+dog is in Geneva debating the future
of the internet. Kieren McCarthy, our man on the spot,
has recorded his interviews with some of the key
protagonists, broadcast in this radio report. He calls
it a Podcast and so, we guess, must we.


Tunisia's Freedom of Expression Questioned
"Tunisia is not a suitable place to hold a United
Nations World Summit" according to the latest report
of the Tunisia Monitoring Group (TMG) released two
months before WSIS, scheduled to take place in Tunis,
16-18 November 2005.

Podcast on Oversight of ICANN


Podcast for September 27, 2005 by Bret Fausett
When the World Summit on the Information Society talks
about creating a "new forum" what are they talking
about?  What is this new forum?  What will it do?  
What power will it have?


WSIS PrepCom 3 Parallel Events on Internet Governance
Organized by Computer Professional for Social
Responsibility (CPSR), held at the UN in Geneva. The
purpose of these events is to facilitate focused,
open, multistakeholder discussions on two major issues
that were discussed in the report of the UN Working
Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) and are prominent
on the WSIS agenda for PrepCom-3 and beyond: 1) the
possible creation of a new Forum for Internet
governance dialogue, monitoring, and analysis; and 2)
the possible reform of the current arrangements for
Oversight of the Internet?s core resources (e.g. the
root zone file and ICANN?s Government Advisory
Committee). All attendees are very much welcome to
participate in these discussions.


ng: Effect of WSIS On Nigeria
TWO years ago when the first phase of the WSIS-03 came
to a close in Geneva, Switzerland, little did any one
give Africa let alone Nigeria a chance to record much
development in the use of ICT that impacted so much on
the people before the second phase.

U.S. rejects international control of Internet
The United States said at the outset of global talks
on information technology yesterday that it will fight
attempts to put the United Nations or any
international group in charge of the Internet.


World Wide (Web) Takeover
"In my opinion, freedom of speech seems to be a
politically sensitive issue. A lot of policy matters
are behind it." So observed Houlin Zhao, the man who
wants to control the greatest forum for free
expression in history. Zhao, a director of the ITU and
a former senior Chinese-government official, is a
leader in the UN's effort to supplant the United
States government in the supervision of the Internet.
At a series of conferences called WSIS, held under the
aegis of the ITU, and set to culminate in Tunis this
November, the U.N. has floated a series of proposals
for doing exactly that.



WSIS: Who gets to run the internet?
The question over who will be granted overall control
of the internet from next year is proving the most
controversial part of a worldwide conference being
held in Geneva as we speak.

Internet governance remains sticking point
Internet governance was a contentious issue at the
first phase of WSIS in December 2003 and, judging by
the preparatory talks currently under way in Geneva,
the issue will remain red hot at the second phase of
the summit in November.



UN defends Tunisia tech summit
Protesters say the north African nation has been
repeatedly accused of rights abuses that include
blocking Web sites it dislikes


OWSA amplifies grassroots voices at the WSIS
OneWorld South Asia on behalf of the grassroots caucus
organized a side event Missing Grassroots Voices at
PrepCom 3 on September 27th. Grassroots voices have
always been missing from policy making fora. The event
started with a film screening on grassroots people
sharing their development concerns and how ICTs could
offer possible solutions to them. This was followed by
a presentation by Mr Basudev Dhungana who is a
grassroots community worker from Nepal and part of the
OneWorld official delegation to PrepCom 3.


WSIS still to thrash out issues of Internet governance
This is the last preparatory meeting before the final
summit in November in Tunisia, and is expected to
present the final documents that will lay down the
principles of creating an information society based on
equity, freedom and inclusion. The plan of action is
expected to lay down the steps that would be taken to
put these principles into practice. The last two years
have seen a series of meetings with participation from
a variety of stakeholders including governments,
international organisations and civil society



Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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