[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 6 October

[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 6 October

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Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2005 23:04:53 +1000 (EST)
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The sorry state of the domain name game
The Domain Name System has certainly taken its share
of lumps over the years. In January 2001, Microsoft's
Web properties--which included CarPoint, Encarta,
Expedia and MSN--were taken offline by a DNS
configuration error. More recently, security
researcher Dan Kaminsky reported that about 230,000
name servers, or roughly 10 percent of those scanned,
were susceptible to DNS "cache poisoning."


Internet 'more robust' than thought
The Internet can withstand attacks on its
infrastructure better than people think, say
Australian researchers.

jp: Police warn of threat to Web site security
Domain names, a core component of how computer users
interact with the Internet, could be vulnerable to
hijacking, say police and government officials.


ICANN Posts Strategic Planning Issues Paper
In accordance with its plan for consultation and
writing the next version of the ICANN's Strategic
Plan, ICANN posts the Strategic Planning Issues Paper
resulting from the sessions held at ICANN's meeting in
Luxembourg. The paper will be reviewed and commented
upon by the chairs of ICANN's Supporting Organisations
and Advisory Committees. ICANN will synthesize input
from the chairs and those resulting from the public
comment forum established by this posting to create
the resulting Key Priorities document that will form
the foundation of the Strategic Plan. (Postings in
French and Spanish to follow.) Comment can be made to
stratplan-issues-paper&#167;icann.org. The archive of
comments is available at


BBC blew $375k on bbc.com
The BBC has defended its decision to blow $375,000
(?212,000) of public money on the bbc.com domain.

Travel Industry Gets New Online Domain
So far, many of the travel sectors eligible for the
".travel" domain suffix are in transportation,
including airlines, bus operators, cruise lines and
passenger rail lines, a group that covers suburban
commuter lines but not city subway systems. Also
eligible are hotels, casinos, camp facilities, travel
agents and providers of travel technologies.













GSMA signs domain name agreement with NeuStar
The GSM Association and NeuStar have signed an
agreement to offer root domain name system services to
more than 680 global GSM operators.


Neustar and .GPRS By James Seng
Ever since Neustar announced they signed a deal with
GSMA to oversea global database for the mobile
operators last week (see also Washington Post), there
are many debates about the deal online.

in: US Co Asks Indian Ngos to Acquire Org Domain Name
Eyeing India's vast market potential for ORG domains,
US-based firm Public Interest Registry (PIR) on Monday
asked local non-commercial organisations including
NGOs to acquire .ORG domain names for international
exposure and receive funds.

in: Sales of .org domains in India up 31% in Q1-Q3
The number of .org domain users in India increased 31%
in Q1-Q3 2005 compared to Q1-Q3 2004, compared with 9%
in China and 5% inSouth Korea. 




us: Web site gets son of mayor in trouble
Mayor Joseph C. Scarpelli's son, Kyle Scarpelli, who
also works for the township, listed his work telephone
number on domain names he registered on behalf of the
local Democratic Party, according to a review of
information found on www.whois.com, a Web site used to
identify who has registered specific domain names.


ie: BT calls for closure of BTIrelandsucks.com
Lawyers representing BT Ireland have called on the
owner of BTIrelandsucks.com to pull the plug on the
site claiming it has been registered in "bad faith".

us: National Arbitration Forum Issues Two Decisions on
Amazon Web Addresses
National Arbitration Forum arbitration panels rule in
favor of Amazon.com, regarding several Internet domain
names that were confusingly similar to the AMAZON.COM


Domain names in demand
Domain names have become sought after and expensive
with the advent of online marketing. There are domain
names that have sold for thousands and in the USA the
known record for the sale of a domain name was $7.5
million, paid for the business.com name.

Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) Cyber Security
You may have been exposed to internationalized domain
names (IDNs) without realizing it. While they
typically do not affect your browsing activity, IDNs
may give attackers an opportunity to redirect you to a
malicious web page.


U.S. Rules Out Shared Control Of Web Domain-Name
Smaller countries say they hesitate to rely on a
U.S.-controlled network as a vital economic and
government asset.


Europe lobbies to wrest Internet control from U.S
The EU is moving towards a showdown with the U.S.
after insisting that control of the Internet be passed
from the U.S. to the United Nations, according to
reports. The U.S. has maintaind that the Internet is
of strategic interest to it and would therefore remain
under its control and reiterated that position last
week, the reports said.




Wild West Domains, reaches Top 10
ICANN accredited registrar and domain name reseller,
Wild West Domains has announced that it is now one of
the top-10 domain name registrars worldwide, according
to statistics reported by domain industry analyst Name


Power grab could split the Net
For the first time in its history, the Internet is
running a real risk of fracturing into multiple and
perhaps even incompatible networks.

If It's About to Break, Fix It! By Ian Peter
The UN's WSIS Prepcomm in Geneva has ended on a
divided note. The US Government's Ambassador Gross
pre-announced war-cry "The United Nations will not be
in charge of the Internet. Period." had been met by a
nearly unanimous global response from nations for some
sort of government control of the Internet on a
multilateral basis. A raft of proposals to alter the
current situation are on the table -- most of them
fairly benign, but none supportive of the indefinite
continuance of unilateral US control of the root zone

European Union, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Cuba...
The preparatory meeting in Geneva last week for the
upcoming World Summit on Information Society turned
into a rather embarrasing affair. Potentially, there
is a political storm gathering.


Tunisian online protest blocked
As Tunisia prepares to host the controversial World
Summit on the Information Society in November, tunisia
freespeechTunisian opposition activist Neila Charchour
Hachicha informs Global Voices that the online freedom
of speech protest site launched by Tunisians on
Monday, www.yezzi.org has already been blocked by the
Tunisian authorities.


WSIS: Road to Tunis paved with questions
With just six weeks to go before the second phase of
WSIS in Tunis, a number of key issues remain
unresolved, including the highly debated questions of
Internet governance and civil society participation.



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