[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 17 October

[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 17 October

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au: Telcos ignore ENUM trials
Australia's heavyweight telecommunications companies
are largely ignoring a technology that maps telephone
numbers to Internet services, with only relative
minnows in the Internet arena demonstrating any


uk: London 2012 gets tough on domain names
A businessman who registered five website names with
the intention of cashing in on London's Olympic
victory has been ordered to hand them over


uk: Spammer's net name scam revealed
An internet spammer is in court following scams which
allegedly netted him ?1.5m over a number of years. ...
The court was told how he ran a bogus registration
service for net addresses.



ICANN GNSO Council Teleconference Agenda 


eu: E-NEWS (Status Report)
2 months before the .eu launch,  on 7 October 2005,
475 companies and organisations in 40 countries have
completed the procedure and are now recognised as .eu
domain names registrars. 178 more have applied and are
in the process of becoming a registrar. To read Status
report, see


DomainMart Launches .eu Investment Fund
The Fund is designed to provide investors an
opportunity to participate in the ownership of .eu
domain names through participating in


xxx: Adult content - New domain beneficial
A potential new solution to ending accidental Internet
pornography encounters and protecting children from
adult content is starting to show promise with the
possible implementation of the new domain.


Keep the Internet free By Carl Bildt 
...It would be profoundly dangerous to now set up an
international mechanism, controlled by governments, to
take over the running of the Internet. Not only would
this play into the hands of regimes bent on limiting
the freedom that the Internet can bring, it also risks
stifling innovation and ultimately endangering the
security of the system. ... It's time for Blair and
Barroso to take charge. Otherwise they might endanger
one of the most powerful instruments of freedom and
prosperity in our time.


A Public Briefing on ICANN, Internet Governance and
The Collaboration for International ICT Policy for
East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) recently published
"ICANN, Internet governance and Africa", a public
briefing on the current status and key points of the
debate that provides essential background for the
second phase of WSIS.

Who Really Runs the Internet?
Paul Mockapetris, who invented the internet?s domain
name system, was asked a few years ago what else he
wished he could have invented. He answered: ?A
directory system for the internet that wouldn't be
controlled by the politicians, lawyers and


U.S. May Face World at Internet Governance Summit
Next month, world diplomats will travel to Tunisia to
tackle a topic so dense that it normally clears a room
in seconds: how the Internet is governed. But the
United Nations-sponsored World Summit on the
Information Society could be the scene of an
international brawl, with some claiming that the core
freedoms and integrity of the global network are at



ICANN on center stage
ICANN and the U.S. government reach center stage next
month in Tunisia, as the future of IP address
assignments and U.S. control of the root DNS turns
into a hotbed of debate.

The long and winding road towards Tunis
The third meeting of the Preparatory Committee
(PrepCom-3) of the second phase of the WSIS took place
between September 19-30 in Geneva, Switzerland. This
was the last meeting scheduled prior to the second
phase of the Summit to be held in Tunis from November
16 to 28, 2005. The discussion on possible
modifications to the current model of "Internet
governance" was placed among the core issues to be
analysed on the agenda, together with the decisions on
specific mechanisms aimed at ensuring the
implementation and follow-up to agreements reached in
the two phases of the WSIS. [ En espa?ol ]

Details on final negotiations before the Summit
The WSIS intergovernmental bureau has decided about
the details of the final stage of negotiations. These
are needed after PrepCom3 less than two weeks ago
failed to reach an agreement on Internet Governance
and the follow-up structure for the summit


The struggle for real control over the virtual world
The first phase of the World Summit on the Information
Society (WSIS) concluded that Internet governance must
be "multilateral, transparent and democratic," and
based on "the full involvement of governments, the
private sector, civil society and international
organisations." However, there is little prospect of
the WSIS reaching agreement on these issue, as 10
proposals for restructuring the system are still under
debate after the last preparatory conference.

Open source agreed in UN Information Society Summit
Encouragement for the use of free and open source
software has worked its way into the draft texts being
prepared for the November second phase of the WSIS.
During the Third Preparatory Committee meeting
(PrepComm-3), developing countries threatened to
disagree if they perceived the modifications to throw
the balance of the provision too far in the direction
of proprietary models. But agreement appears to have
been reached with only one notable modification: the
addition of the phrase, ?in ways that reflect the
possibilities of different software models? after the
reference to free and open source software.


WIPO creates 'Provisional Committee' for Development
Agreement was reached on two issues that have
preoccupied and divided the WIPO (World Intellectual
Property Organization)General Assembly (Geneve, 26
September to 5 October): how to take the Development
Agenda Initiative forward and the future work plan on
the Draft Substantive Patent Law Treaty (SPLT). On the
Development Agenda, members agreed to establish a
"provisional committee" to take forward the process of
the Intergovernmental Inter-sessional Meetings (IIM)
and report back to the 2006 General Assembly.

Digital Scheherazade
The key problem giving anxiety fits to elites and
masses, to heads of states and street-vendors, in the
Arab world today is the digital chaos induced by
Information Technologies (IT), such as the Internet
and the satellite. These new technologies have
destroyed the "hudud", the space frontier which
divided the universe into a sheltered private arena
where women and children were supposed to be
protected, and a public one where adult males
exercised their authority.


PrepComm-3 closes in disarray
The last preparatory conference, less than 60 days
before the Tunis phase of the World Summit on the
Information Society, ended without an agreement. The
open questions will have to be dealt with in the time
before Tunis and basically without civil society

Road to Tunis Paved With Questions
With just six weeks to go before the second phase of
the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in
Tunis, a number of key issues remain unresolved,
including the highly debated questions of Internet
governance and civil society participation. 

Tunisian online protest blocked
As Tunisia prepares to host the controversial World
Summit on the Information Society in November, tunisia
freespeechTunisian opposition activist Neila Charchour
Hachicha informs Global Voices that the online freedom
of speech protest site launched by Tunisians on
Monday, www.yezzi.org has already been blocked by the
Tunisian authorities.


EC: internet will be split apart
There is a heated battle being fought about who will
govern the internet. The US is demanding to maintain a
key role but other countries are demanding more
control, writes The Guardian.



Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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