[DNS] Josh - more material for the wank bank!!

[DNS] Josh - more material for the wank bank!!

From: Michael Purse <pursey§gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 08:06:47 +1000
> As of 14/10/05 I am bankrupt - so crack the Dom
> Perignon and drink away - of course I won't be able to
> join you unless you're buying!

Congratulations! We're all very happy for you.

Hopefully your creditors can score some of that speed off you to pay
back the money you owe.

Personally I don't like Dom Perignon, but I may have a Coca Cola or something.

> I look forward to seeing you guys back on the scene in
> October 2008.

Not retiring permanently then?

> Love

I don't swing that way.

> Ches
> PS If anyone has need for a sales/marketing manager in
> between - just drop me a line.

I hear One.Tel may be looking for someone.

> PPS Joshie boy you chubby fat gay tosser (this is not
> aimed at gay people - I have gay friends - but none
> would do you) - what are you going to write about now
> - if you want me to send you a signed naked picture so
> you can jerk off with your homosexual fantasies just
> tell me (PS Sue me if you don't like that comment!)

I'd suggest a site such as Gaydar if you really wanted to post such
images. Otherwise, sending naked pictures might constitute spam and
land you in more trouble.

No love lost here,

Michael Purse
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