[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 7 November

[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 7 November

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Check out http://auda.org.au/domain-news/dn-news for
the latest domain news. By close of business Melbourne
time on 10 November, a more recent edition of the news
should be posted to the auDA web site. The domain name
news is supported by auDA.

Nearly 5,000 Vietnamese domain names registered
VietNamNet ? The Vietnam Network Information Centre
(VNNIC) has licenced nearly 5,000 domain names in
Vietnamese language.

FIFA scores landmark victory in trademark dispute
(news release)
The European Trademark Office, OHIM (Office for
Harmonization in the Internal Market), has confirmed
FIFA's rights in its 2006 FIFA World Cup? trademarks.
Only FIFA's commercial partners may use FIFA's event
marks including "WM 2006", "World Cup 2006", "World
Cup Germany", "Germany 2006" and "World Cup 2006
Germany" for any commercial purposes in Europe,
including host country Germany. ... The second
decision, issued by the Hamburg Court on 3 November
2005, prohibited the commercial use of the internet
domain name www.wm2006.com by a sports betting


ICANN-VeriSign: Lawsuit Settled, Problems Remain
ICANN has finally settled with VeriSign over new
services that would help enterprises claim expired
domain names, but the services still are not available
and some of the capabilities are limited only to IE


uk: Denial of Service prosecution fails
A London court cleared a British teenager of charges
under the Computer Misuse Act yesterday, reasoning
that the law could not apply to an alleged denial of
service attack in which five million emails were sent
to a former employer.


Internet fathers get presidential medal
Robert Kahn and Vint Cerf, who developed the TCP/IP
protocols used to transmit traffic across the
Internet, next week will receive the Presidential
Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civil award. 



GNSO Review Terms of Reference: Background Documents
This document collects in one place all the necessary
documents for considering the Terms of Reference for
the GSNO Review. It should be read in conjunction with
the more detailed Terms of Reference document.


Nominating Committee Announces Final Selections for
Key Leadership Positions within ICANN
After a thorough period of outreach, consultation,
recruitment, and evaluation, the Nominating Committee
(NomCom) of the Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced today its final
selection of four 'slates' of Nominees for four of
ICANN's leadership bodies: the Board of Directors, the
Council of the Country Code Names Supporting
Organization (ccNSO), the Council of the Generic Names
Supporting Organization (GNSO) and the Interim At
Large Advisory Committee (ALAC).


ca: Does anyone really control the Internet? (news
The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is
looking for organizations to appoint Directors to its
Board for 2006-2007. The dot-ca Internet domain is a
valuable and growing resource built for and operated
by Canadians.

Mining .com for fun and profit
Under a recently announced proposed agreement with the
ICANN, VeriSign would get the right to commercially
mine domain name traffic data. This would represent a
potentially highly lucrative business, assuming that
the growing opposition to the proposal can be
successfully overcome.


Malware now doing the DNS switcheroo
A simple phishing attack could redirect victims to
fraudulent sites nearly undetectably, according to a
recent analysis.

What's in a (domain) name?
As the internet has grown, so has the competition for
desirable domain names


What's a name worth? Not much if business plan is weak
In the height of the dotcom era, I made a bad business
decision. Another company owned a domain name ? a
website name ? I thought I just had to have, so I
offered the owner $25,000 to buy the name. Thank
goodness, she turned me down.


The ?republicofmacedonia.com? domain name owned by a
British company
Since 1999 British company ?Web site Brokers Ltd.?
owns ?republicofmacedonia.com? domain name and it is
ready to rent or sell the domain with our
constitutional name. Vreme tried to find out the price
but the company did not answer. At the official web
site of the company that that deals with web design
and domain registration is stated that the internet
domains the company owns are not for sale. However, on
www.websitebrokers.co.uk owners said that they are
ready to sell or rent the domain if it refers to
generic or geographic name of a country.


Battle for the web (free till ~12 November)
Who do you think is in charge of the internet?
America, of course. But now the UN wants to muscle in.
A very bad idea, says Rupert Cornwell


The U.N. Isn't a Threat to the Net By Kofi A. Annan
The main objective of the World Summit on the
Information Society to be held this month in Tunisia
is to ensure that poor countries get the full benefits
that new information and communication technologies --
including the Internet -- can bring to economic and
social development. But as the meeting draws nearer,
there is a growing chorus of misinformation about it.


ICANN Reform: Establishing the Rule of Law by Hans
Debates over Internet governance can be clarified by
the recognition that ICANN is a regulatory agency. Its
responsibilities for setting base prices, protecting
trademarks, and controlling market entry are typical
of a regulatory agency. Principles for good governance
of regulatory agencies exist and should be applied to
ICANN. These emphasize the rule of law, i.e. reliance
on rules to limit power politics. ICANN?s history
shows how private governance can be captured by
powerful players. At WSIS governments need to create
and enforce a legally-defined framework that limits
the power of all stakeholders -- including governments
themselves. By establishing the rule of law, the
politicized processes of ICANN can be replaced by
predictable, fair, and efficient decision-making.


Tech firms back Bush Net effort
Less than two weeks before a United Nations summit on
the Internet begins, technology firms including
Google, IBM and Microsoft are supporting the Bush
administration's efforts to maintain the United
States' unique influence over domain names.



Academics Take Sides in ICANN Tug of War
News Analysis: Experts debate whether the United
States should share stewardship of the Internet.

Group suggests a 'denationalization' of ICANN
Several academics are suggesting a "denationalization"
of the ICANN as a way to end an escalating scrap in
government circles over U.S. control of the Internet.


Failed UK Case Highlights International Cyberlaw
At the WSIS to be held in Tunis, thousands of experts
and dozens of heads of state will be on hand to
discuss Internet issues such as growth and security,
including harmonizing security-related laws.


Citizen's summit challenges UN summit in Tunisia
A Citizens' Summit on the Information Society (CSIS)
will be held in Tunis, from 16 to 18 November 2005.
The event coincides with the WSIS.


'Digital Divide' must be narrowed through education,
knowledge-sharing - UNESCO
With 90% of all Internet users living in developed
countries, governments must narrow the gap between
North and South by expanding quality education for
all, increasing community access to information and
communication technology, and sharing scientific
knowledge across borders, a UNESCO report released


Debate Over Internet Governance Starts At The Root
With the approach of the WSIS in Tunis, the U.S.
government finds itself under pressure from foreign
countries seeking change in the way Internet names and
addresses are administered.


Internet Community Organisations at WSIS Outline Key
Factors That Will Ensure the Internet's Continuing
Growth (news release)
Internet Community Organisations at World Summit
Outline Key Factors That Will Ensure the Internet's
Continuing Growth Geneva, Switzerland - 4th November
2005 - Many of the Internet community organisations
that enable the processes for the development and
administration of the Internet will host the ?Internet
Pavilion? (stand 1323) at the ?ICT 4 all? exhibition
at the WSIS in Tunis.


The Number Resource Organization taking part in the
World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)
During WSIS Phase 2, to be held in Tunis from 16-18
November 2005, the Number Resource Organization (NRO)
is joining the ?Internet Pavilion? at the ICT4all

US bids to hold on to net
Less than two weeks before a United Nations summit on
the internet begins, technology firms including
Google, IBM and Microsoft are supporting the Bush
administration's efforts to maintain the United
States' influence over domain names.


U.S. Cites Importance of Free Flow of Information on
Internet: Ambassador participates in webchat prior to
World summit on Information Society
The free flow of information is ?critically important?
to nations and individuals, and the United States
remains strongly committed to keeping the Internet
open to everyone without censorship, says the State
Department?s David Gross, the chief U.S. negotiator at
the upcoming world summit on information and the


The US factor in the WSIS needs highlighting as much
as the Tunisian factor By Parminder Jeet Singh
Parminder Jeet Singh from the Indian NGO ?IT for
Change? is taking a look at the big picture two weeks
before the summit. He is linking the debates around
Internet Governance, WSIS follow-up, developmental
aspects and Tunisia with the focus of civil society
groups active in the summit process. His conclusion:
The United States need at least as much criticism as
the Tunisian authorities. The article is based on a
mail sent to the WSIS civil society plenary mailing
list two days ago.

Freedom of expression ignored at WSIS
A United Nations human rights expert has expressed
resentment that the declaration of principles and
action plan adopted at the info summit at Geneva
mostly ignored issues of freedom of opinion and


Internet and Governance -- Looking Over the Week
Yesterday, the House Judiciary subcommittee held a
hearing on "Content Protection in the Digital Age: The
Broadcast Flag, High-Definition Radio, and the Analog
Hole. " Wendy Seltzer, Berkman fellow and
ChillingEffects founder, listened to the hearing and
relayed to us what's going on.  See below.  Also, Sam
Hiser blogged highlights of last week's Berkman-hosted
roundtable discussion on the recent decision by the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts to procure technologies
that are compatible with the Open Document Format.

IFEX-TMG Calls On Tunisian Government to Stop
Crackdown On Rights Defenders And Journalists Prior to
On 7 November, members of the International Freedom of
Expression Exchange (IFEX) Tunisia Monitoring Group
(TMG) will call on Tunisian President Zine El Abidine
Ben Ali to intervene to end the persecution of
journalists and Internet users in advance of the WSIS.


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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