[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 14 November

[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 14 November

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 23:37:00 +1100 (EST)
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Webmasters defy litigious Smurfs
Webmasters are standing defiant against an attack of
litigious little blue cartoon characters, taking the
fight deep into enemy territory. Which we believe is


au: Small businesses plagued by unsolicited offers -
Internet Domain Names (news release)
Small business operators are being warned not to fall
victim to scammers trying to charge for registering
unwanted website addresses.


Korean ordered to hand over Internet domain to HP
A local court has instructed a South Korean man to
transfer property rights of the Internet domain name
of "hpweb.com" to Hewlett Packard (HP).



us: News Website Can Keep Domain Name After Trademark
A medical news website, with the assistance of the
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), has settled a
dispute with a French pharmaceutical giant over using
the name of a trademarked medication, Acomplia.

Dot-eu registrations to begin in December
The new EU TLD, dot-eu, has been officially launched,
signalling the start of the rush to grab preferred
domain names.

PETA launches anti-meat effort
Want to find out the latest about the poultry or beef
industry? An animal-rights group hopes that curious
consumers happen onto its new Web site with the
deceptive sounding domain name, view the video from
slaughterhouses and drop all plans for a big juicy
streak or fried chicken. ... American Meat Institute
spokeswoman Janet Riley expressed frustration with
what she called "the battle of the domain names."



uk: SMS.co.uk sale fails to attract winning bid
The sale of the domain sms.co.uk has suffered a hiccup
after bidders failed to match the reserve price.

US to open internet root to bids?
The US government is said to be planning to open the
contract to manage the internet's addressing systems,
currently held by ICANN, for competitive bidding. But
an official yesterday denied a report that such a move
has been discussed publicly.


Combined WHOIS Task Force of the GNSO Council
Final task force report on a policy recommendation and
advice on a procedure for handling conflicts between a
registrar/registry's legal obligations under privacy
laws and their contractual obligations to ICANN

GNSO Council Teleconference Agenda - 16 November 2005

Letter from ICANN Chairman Vint Cerf to GAC Chairman
Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi
ICANN Chairman Vint Cerf has written to the Chairman
of the ICANN's Government Advisory Committee (GAC),
Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi, proposing a special meeting of
the GAC and the ICANN Board during the Board's
upcoming meeting in Vancouver to discuss what measures
can be taken to make our cooperation more effective,
including ensuring the participation of developing


Development Matters More than Domains By Bill Thompson
The advance teams are already gathered in Tunisia
ahead of next week's second phase of the World Summit
on the Information Society, and those of us on the
press list are being deluged with announcements,
releases, notices and invitations to meetings. The
meeting, which runs from 15-18 November, is an
opportunity to look at the progress that has been made
since December 2003, when representatives and heads of
state gathered in Geneva. ???


Vint Cerf Speaking Out on Internet Neutrality
In a U.S. congress hearing held yesterday November
9th, significant focus was projected on "network
neutrality" and a new telecommunications bill
affecting the Internet. "This bill could fundamentally
alter the fabulously successful end-to-end Internet,"
says Alan Davidson in the post on Google blog. Vint
Cerf was not able to testify because of the
Presidential Medal of Freedom award ceremony at the
White House, but submitted the following letter to the
hearing... ???


White House Honors Internet Pioneers
Internet pioneers Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn are among
the latest Presidential Medal of Freedom winners.
President Bush presented the medals, the nation's
highest civilian honors, Wednesday afternoon at a
White House ceremony.

Netcraft November 2005 Web Server Survey
In the November 2005 survey we received responses from
74,572,794 sites, an increase of 181K hostnames from
the October survey. This was the smallest increase in
sites since January 2004 and was attributable to a
decrease of 810K hostnames at the domain registrar
enom, nearly all of which were parked .info domains
that expired without being renewed.


Spanish '.es' Domains Take-Off
Spanish '.es' Domains Become Unrestricted This Week


Internet Governance: The US position is politically
untenable globally by Ang Peng Hwa [Dean of School of
Communication and Information and Director of the
Singapore Internet Research Centre, Nanyang
Technological University, Singapore and appointed by
Kofi Annan as a member of the Working Group on
Internet Governance]
So, Larry Lessig, law professor at Stanford, in his
interview in Foreign Policy thinks the EU distrusts
the US and that is why the EU is recommending an
independent body to oversee the root functions of the
internet. Well, with the greatest respect for Prof.
Lessig, and there is indeed much to respect him for,
he is wrong on this one. The reason the EU, and the
rest of the world for that matter, wants control of
the root to be taken out of US hands and into that of
a third international body is simple: the US position,
that control of the root server system should remain
in the hands of ICANN, is simply politically not
defensible. Here's why. ... In my book, Ordering
Chaos: Regulating the Internet , I've predicted that
in general, the EU is the place to look to for
guidance on internet law and policy. They are smart,
they try to maintain a sense of balance of competing
interests (as in here too) and they reconcile various
cultural differences. I never expected the EU to come
up with a position like they have. Given the
compromise it offers, it looks like it could be a
winning formula in Tunis.


eu: Internet Governance
The EU and the US are at odds on the control of the
servers at the heart of the internet. The issue has
been declared one of two main thematic focal points of
the WSIS.


Last thing free society needs is a web of control
Surrendering the internet to UN regulation would
change it all - for the worse, writes Alan Anderson.


Expectations beyond Tunis by Yoshio Utsumi, ITU
We started on the long journey to Tunis in 1998, when
the government of Tunisia proposed to the ITU?s
Plenipotentiary Conference in Minneapolis to hold a
WSIS. We have accomplished much during this journey.
At the first phase of WSIS in Geneva in December 2003,
we developed a common vision of the information
society. In particular, we declared our common desire
and commitment to build a people-centred, inclusive
and development-oriented society where the potential
of information and communication technologies (ICT) is
used to promote sustainable development and improve
the quality of life. It is a society where everyone,
anywhere should have an opportunity to participate and
no one should be excluded from the benefits the
information society offers.


ICANN at the World Summit on Information Society
Stakeholders from many of ICANN's bottom-up
partnership structures have participated in the WSIS
process. Key representatives from these groups have
organized a WSIS Working Group, through which several
sessions on WSIS have been held at ICANN meetings.
ICANN will participate in the second Phase of the
WSIS, and attend the Tunis summit.

Keep the Internet Free
Delegates from around the world will gather next week
in Tunisia for what is known as the World Summit on
the Information Society (WSIS). Few people are aware
of WSIS's existence, its mission or the purpose of
this conference. That is unfortunate, since the
principal agenda item calls for a wholesale change in
governance of the Internet that could lead to a
significant setback for global freedom of information.


Questioning the Illusion of Internet Governance By
Jonathan Zittrain
I confess, I don't get it. Much has been written about
the apparent desire by the United Nations, spurred by
China, Cuba, and other informationally repressive
regimes, to "take control of the Internet." Oddly, the
concrete focus of this battle -- now the topic of a
Senate resolution! -- is a comparatively trivial if
basic part of Net architecture: the domain name
system. The spotlight on domain name management is
largely a combination of historical accident and the
unfortunate assignment of country code domains like
.uk and .eu, geographically-grounded codes that give
the illusion of government outposts and control in


US stands firm over Internet control
Q&A: US ambassador David Gross talks about the US
Internet governance sentiment approaching next week's
UN Summit


UN fights US over internet's future
They are five letters you have probably never heard
of: ICANN. But that obscurity is about to end. Since
1998 ICANN has been the nearest thing to a governing
body for the internet, regulating domains and protocol
numbers, and allocating addresses. The debate over its
future now pits the US against most of the rest of the
world, and the increasingly bitter argument is set to
come to a head at a United Nations conference in Tunis
next week.


Showdown looms over Internet control
The United States is headed for a showdown with much
of the rest of the world over control of the Internet.




Internet showdown in Tunis
The UN's WSIS began with a high-minded purpose: to
bridge the technological gap between richer and poorer
nations. But now the WSIS event, which begins Nov. 16
in Tunisia, has transformed into a week-long debate
about who should control key portions of the Internet.


Pacific Islands Regional Advisor banned from major
World IT Meeting
At a preliminary meeting in Geneva preparing for the
WSIS meeting, the Pacific Islands Regional Advisor on
this major global initiative was last week excluded
from observing proceedings.

ICANN Working to Resolve U.N. Issue
The board of directors at ICANN wants to hold a
special meeting with their governmental members to
discuss ways to head off the threat of U.N.

Showdown over control of Net expected at U.N. summit
On the global Internet these days, the United States
is less trusted and more alone. The worldwide network
was born on U.S. shores, but that matters little to
the growing number of nations now demanding shared





Tunisian Authorities block our Side-Event
The Heinrich B?ll Foundation had planned a meeting for
our partners in Tunis on 14 November 2005. This
by-invitation-only event was supposed to take place at
the cultural centre ?El Teatro?, which had been booked
for this purpose month ago. News has just reached us
that the management of El Teatro was instructed by the
authorities not to host the meeting due to "security

WSIS Set to Begin in Tunis As SADC Lobbies Countries
To Diffuse The Dakar Paper
WITH the WSIS set to begin in Tunis, Tunisia, in just
a few days, the Southern African Development Community
(SADC) is now lobbying other countries to diffuse the
Dakar paper as it was not representative of the
African position.

Before the Summit of Solutions
Efforts at making the second phase of the WSIS-05,
also otherwise tagged the 'summit of solutions' may
have proved successful, reports REMMY NWEKE from

Debate over internet governence hots up
The European Commission hopes a meeting next week will
come up with an agreement to allow governments more
direct influence over the domain name system that
guides traffic around the Internet. A UN report has
put forward a more multi-national approach to running
the Internet, which serves a billion users worldwide.
The organisation says this would be more democratic
and transparent.



Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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