[DNS] domain name & governance news - 28 February

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 28 February

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 21:41:20 +1100 (EST)
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Sponsored TLD Unnecessary? Ron Andruff Responds to
Forrester Research


ICANN to Decide on VeriSign DNS Registry Settlement

ICANN, At the Crossroads by Bret Fausett


US government dangles internet control contract


nz: I think ICANN, says InternetNZ


Is The UK Ready For .eu Domains?


uk: Nominet readies itself for next decade


OECD ICCP Workshop: ?The Future of the Internet?,
Paris, 8 March 2006
The OECD ICCP workshop ?The Future of the Internet?
will bring together policy-makers, leading academics,
private sector organisations, and civil society
organisations to discuss the trends shaping the future
of the Internet, explore the various approaches
?technical, regulatory, and economic? that are being
taken or can be taken to create new functionality for
and increased trust in the Internet,  to promote its
sustained growth and adoption, and to identify
opportunities for increased international cooperation
on pressing issues.


WSIS Action Line Facilitation: Building Confidence and
Security in the use of ICTs
In line with paragraph 108 and the Annex of the Tunis
Agenda for the Information Society, a consultation is
being held on 15-16 May 2006, at ITU Headquarters in
Geneva, on WSIS Action Line C5: Building Confidence
and Security in the use of ICTs. The purpose of the
meeting is to discuss the WSIS multi-stakeholder
implementation process for Action Line C5.


Sponsored TLD Unnecessary? Ron Andruff Responds to
Forrester Research
A recent report released by Forrester Research last
week has put the .travel sponsored top-level domain
under the microscope -- calling the sTLD "Nice, But
Not Necessary". Although this 4-page report (sold for
US$49.00) has singled out the .travel domain, its
critical arguments might very well apply to the nature
of most sponsored top-level domains currently in
existence -- or under review: '.mobi', '.jobs',
'.museum', '.coop', '.xxx' and others. CircleID has
invited Ron Andruff, President and CEO of Tralliance,
the registry for .travel, to respond to arguments made
in this report.


ICANN to Decide on VeriSign DNS Registry Settlement
A key decision determining who will run the Internet's
domain name registry in the future could be made as
early as Feb. 28, when the ICANN board convenes its
next meeting.

Revised ICANN, VeriSign Deal Still Uncertain
The future of the Internet quite literally hangs in
the air. ICANN board members met this week about the
revised deal with VeriSign for control of the .com

US government dangles internet control contract
In a "Sources Sought Notice" put out by the Department
of Commerce (DoC) late on Tuesday and only just
noticed by the internet community, it is asking for
"potential respondents" for the contract to run IANA.


IANA Up For Grabs?
The US government wants to hear from organizations
interested in running some of the internet?s key
resources, including the master lists of IP address
space and domain names.


nz: I think ICANN, says InternetNZ
InternetNZ executive director Keith Davidson sounded
pressured last week when asked about progress with
arrangements for the ICANN conference next month.
?It?s very taxing,? he admits. ?A lot to do and not
enough time to do it in?.


UK companies told to embrace .eu domains
Relations between the EU and the UK have at times been
strained but that should be no reason for UK companies
to ignore the potential of registering a dot-eu domain


Is The UK Ready For .eu Domains?
The time is counting down for the general release of
the dot-eu domains. April 7th is less than two months
away and pre-registrations are already moving along.
Some sources are reporting expectations hitting as
much as 1.5 million.


uk: Nominet readies itself for next decade
Two leading figures in the UK's internet registry make
their cases for Nominet's change and growth to Kieren


uk: Nominet responds to rule-change concerns
Nominet's chairman and chief executive have hit back
at claims that changes to the company's Memorandum and
Articles of Association will over-commercialise the
not-for-profit company.

uk: Let government run internet.co.uk
British business needs the .uk internet address
registry to run smoothly. Here, Hazel Pegg, an elected
member of the registry's advisory board, explains why


ch: Switzerland seeks UN help to win domain names
The Swiss government has filed a complaint with WIPO,
in an attempt to win the rights to Switzerland's in
cyberspace, an AFP report said.



.FI domains for private persons on March 1
.FI ccTLD registry, Finnish Communications Regulatory
Authority (FICORA), will start delegating .FI domain
names to private persons on 1 March at 8.00 a.m.
Domains will be delegated in the order FICORA receives
the applications.



Fi-domain names to be granted to private persons as of
1 March (news release)
The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority
(FICORA) will begin granting fi-domain names to
private persons on 1 March at 8.00 a.m. Fi-domain
names will be granted in the order FICORA receives the


ICANN, At the Crossroads by Bret Fausett
Several things are coming together in the next few
months that place ICANN squarely at a crossroads. Will
ICANN approve the proposed Verisign agreement? What
will the courts say about ICANN's authority over those
with which it has contracts? Will ICANN approve a new
.XXX top-level domain? What changes will ICANN make in
the role of the Government Advisory Committee to
appease governments? Will the IGF look to have a role
in ICANN oversight? What will happen when ICANN's
current Memorandum of Understanding with the United
States expires in September, 2006? The questions all
revolve around a single axis: is ICANN the right
organization for the coordination and regulatory task
it has been assigned?


Increasing Web attacks disrupt commerce
website attacks are increasing in frequency and
ferocity, hammering DVD sales and disrupting online
payment services.


Behind the Smoke Screen of Internet and International
In my recent write-up I start by discussing some
recent threats network operators should be aware of,
such as recursive DNS attacks. Then, a bit on the
state of the Internet, cooperation across different
fields and how these latest threats with DDoS also
relate to worms and bots, as well as spam, phishing
and the immense ROI organized crime sees. I try and
bring some suggestions on what can be done better, and
where we as a community, as well as specifically where
us, the "secret hand-shake clubs" of Internet security
fail and succeed. Over-secrecy, lack of cooperation,
lack of public information, and not being secret
enough about what really matters.


RIPE 52 Home
The RIPE 52 Meeting will take place from 24 - 28 April
2006 at the Ceylan Intercontinental Hotel in Istanbul,

Afilias Transfers .aero Registry
Domain name registrar Afilias announced that it has
completed the transition of registry services for the
.aero top-level domain associated with the aviation


Domain names as mobile phone numbers
Learn how you can take the Domain Name System (DNS),
which is used primarily on the Internet, and implement
it in mobile phones. Find out what DNS is all about,
how mobile phones actually work behind the scenes, and
how a domain name can simplify how you contact a
mobile user.


China alters definition of 'Cybersquatting'    
China today said it has redefined the meaning of
"Cybersquatters" to promote a more orderly growth of
internet domain names and avoid legal battles.



Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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