[DNS] domain name & governance news - 2 March

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 2 March

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2006 22:04:27 +1100 (EST)
Check out http://auda.org.au/domain-news/dn-news for
the latest domain news. By close of business Melbourne
time on 6 March, a more recent edition of the news
should be posted to the auDA web site.

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Internet Governance: Asia-Pacific Perspectives

China adds top-level domain names


VeriSign/ICANN Deal Worth Over $3 Billion?

2006 Domain Name Survey

Internet Governance: Asia-Pacific Perspectives
This publication, with a foreword by Nitin Desai,
provides an overview of the key debates on Internet
governance. It presents the work of the Open Regional
Dialogue on Internet Governance, an APDIP initiative
that has collected perspectives from regional experts
and end users.

China adds top-level domain names
China's Ministry of Information Industry (MII) has
made adjustment to China's Internet domain name system
in accordance with Article 6 of China Internet Domain
Names Regulations. After the adjustment, ".MIL" will
be added under the top-level domain (TLD) name of





China's New Domain Names: Lost in Translation
This morning Rebecca MacKinnon got a bunch of alarmist
messages from friends asking about this
English-language People?s Daily article titled: China
adds top-level domain names.


.cn domain name change threatens trade mark owners
(reg req'd)
China has issued a new domain name dispute resolution
policy for .cn domains that it says will better
balance the interests of trade mark owners and domain
name registrants




The Credible Threat by Michael Geist
Michael Geist writes "If you have been following the
debate over Internet governance over the past few
years, you know that while ICANN supporters (U.S.,
Canadian, Australian governments; business lobby) and
critics (developing world and occasionally Europe)
argue over the optimal approach, particularly with
respect to government involvement in the domain name
system, the reality has been that possession is all.
The U.S. government retains ultimate control over the
system and thus the debate is somewhat academic. In
assessing the outcome at WSIS last fall, I argued
that: "the U.S. simply had a very strong hand and
played it well.  Changes to the governance structure
ultimately requires U.S. agreement since possession is
even more than the proverbial 9/10th of the law.  The
U.S. had loudly indicated that it was not prepared to
make concessions.  During the negotiations at the
PrepCom it adopted a very hard line - even raising the
prospect of pulling back on ccTLD sovereignty or
turning over the Internet Governance Forum to a
private sector group like ISOC. Without a credible
threat (the threat being the creation of alternate
root), the U.S. was able to maintain its position and
ultimately force everyone else to deal.""


China's Ministry of Information Industry revamps
Internet domain names system (news release)
China's Ministry of Information Industry (MII)
announced Monday it will reform the country's Internet
domain name system, which will be enforced from March
1, 2006. The revamp was launched in accordance with
China's administrative measures on Internet domain
name system.


VeriSign/ICANN Deal Worth Over $3 Billion?
Opponents of the proposed revised deal between ICANN
and VeriSign for control of the dot com domain space
have now put a price tag on the deal. And it isn't

ICANN Board Approves VeriSign Settlement Agreements
ICANN is pleased to announce the appointment the
London School of Economics Public Policy Group as the
independent evaluator to conduct the GNSO Review. The
LSE's worldwide reputation, strong research team and
detailed knowledge of public policy and international
governance will ensure that the GNSO Review is
conducted comprehensively and efficiently. More
information about the evaluator's work program
including an online survey, face to face meetings and
attendance at the upcoming Wellington meeting will be
released shortly.


IDN Guidelines Update and Posting of Version 2.1
The ICANN Board resolution of 8 November 2005
endorsing the v.2.0 Guidelines "tasks the IDN working
group to continue its important work and return to the
board with specific IDN improvement recommendations
before the ICANN Meeting in Morocco, currently
scheduled for June 2006." Click here for an update on
this work as well as for information about the version
2.1 of the IDN Guidelines.


A Day Which Will Live in Infamy: ICANN Board Approves
VeriSign Settlement
ICANN's Board voted to accept the latest settlement
proposal by a vote of 9 to 5: "Today, ICANN's Board of
Directors approved, by a majority vote, a set of
agreements settling a long time dispute between ICANN
and VeriSign, the registry operator for the .COM
registry. These settlement documents include a new
registry agreement relating to the operation of the
.COM registry.


Chinese Alternate Root as a New Beginning and Real
Internet Governance
I suppose not many have been listening to Paul Vixie
or surfing from China, I have done both. The Chinese
"alternate root" has been going on for a while. China
is creating an alternate root, which it can control
while using the Chinese language. I doubt I need to
tell any of you about ICANN, VeriSign, Internet
Governance, alternate roots or the history of these
issues. Everyone else will. Unlike most of my
colleagues, I hold a different opinion on the subject
and have for some time. China launches an alternate
root? It's about time they do, too!


Halfway Between Marina del Rey and Brussels by Bret
The Names Council of ICANN's Generic Names Supporting
Organization gathered over the weekend, halfway
between ICANN's offices in Marina del Rey and
Brussels, for a rare face-to-face meeting in
Washington, D.C. The subject was new gTLDs. Should we
have any new gTLDs? Everyone says yes. Should ICANN
continue to introduce new gTLDs as part of its regular
operations? Everyone says yes.


Domain Name Industry Outlook is Positive; Survey
DomainNameWire.com has released results from its 2006
Domain Name Wire survey. The survey covers a number of
topics important to the domain name industry and
includes responses from 582 people in over 80

2006 Domain Name Survey
If you are involved in the domain name industry as a
domain owner or service provider, you will be
interested in the results from our 2006 Domain Survey.
The survey received 582 responses from domain name
owners, investors, and service providers.

us: ?Drop catchers? snatching up expired Web names
Last month, Chicago real-estate agent Judy Orr
discovered that a Web site she used to showcase area
homes had gone offline. It turned out she had failed
to pay the $ 9 annual renewal fee for her Web address,
oak-lawnreal-estate. com. But getting her site back
online wasn?t as easy as she had hoped: Another
company had snapped up the domain name and wanted
nearly $ 2, 500 to return it to her.

What are these new domain names?
Q. I've been seeing Web addresses ending in ".aero,"
".museum" and other unfamiliar monikers. What are they
all about and how do I get such a name?



Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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