[DNS] domain name & governance news - 10 March

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 10 March

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 01:09:03 +1100 (EST)
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Annan to establish international forum on internet


Registrar Firms Oppose ICANN-VeriSign Agreement


Chinese walls: China threatens to fracture the


ICANN disputes China domain report


ICANN board approves settlement, price hikes

A Day Which Will Live in Infamy: ICANN Board Approves
VeriSign Settlement By George Kirikos


eu: More than 3,000 .eu domain names already in use


Annan to establish international forum on internet
Following up on an agreement reached on the
contentious topic of internet governance at the
November WSIS in Tunis, United Nations
Secretary-General Kofi Annan has decided to start
creating a forum for a more inclusive dialogue on
internet policy.


The "Golden Book": commitments made during the Tunis
Phase of WSIS
The Golden Book ? a record of work undertaken to
implement the goals of the World Summit on the
Information Society and build the future Information
Society ? was launched on 24 February 2006 during the
Consultation Meeting of WSIS Action Lines
Facilitators/Moderators, convened by ITU, UNESCO and
UNDP in Geneva.


Registrar Firms Oppose ICANN-VeriSign Agreement
Domain registrars are seeking to derail the new
agreement between VeriSign and ICANN before the U.S.
Department of Commerce approves the deal. Opposition
is already mounting in Congress.




What Could You Do With Your Own Root Server? -
CaveBear Blog by Karl Auerbach
And I mean by this, suppose you had one of the
[A-M].root-servers.org addresses? What could you do? -
Probably a lot more than you think. You could make a
lot of people angry; you could make a smaller number
people very angry; and you could really hose a number
of selected targets. Please read this note with a bit
of humor - it is not intended to be a deep study,
perfect in all details. Rather, it is merely the
result of a bit of conjecture about what might be

Chinese walls: China threatens to fracture the
THE internet is supposed to be strong enough to
survive a nuclear war, but nothing can protect it from
politics. Since its inception, its technical
underpinning?the handling of addresses such as .com or
.org?has been based on an informal consensus among
(mainly American) engineers. Yet as governments have
come to appreciate the importance of the internet,
those delicate agreements are starting to unravel.


ICANN disputes China domain report
A report on an official Chinese news site that China's
government has established its own Internet top-level
domain names is not true, says ICANN.





China denies creating its own TLDs
China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) as
the registry of .CN ccTLD has issued a statement on
recent report that China had created its own Top Level
Domains, and might be planning to break away from
ICANN and the DNS.



Chinese control of domain names
It is rumored that China has recently created its own
top-level domain root servers for .cn, .com and .net
extensions, ostensibly in order to avoid having to
"surf the Web via the servers under the management of
ICANN of the U.S."  I somehow doubt that is the real
reason. China is not known for its respect for a free
press, and it occurs to me that "American control" is
a useful fig leaf to hide an attempt to grab even more
control over where a link takes you.

New .cn Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy Makes
Recovery More Difficult (reg req'd)
On 14 February 2006, China Internet Network
Information Centre ("CNNIC") published a new dispute
resolution policy ("2006 Policy") for .cn domain
names, which will come into force on 17 March 2006.
The purpose of the amendments to the current .cn
dispute resolution policy is to balance the benefits
of trade mark owners with those of domain name


Board Statements Regarding VeriSign Settlement


ICANN board approves settlement, price hikes
In a rare show of internal discord, the group that
sets domain name regulation has approved a
controversial proposal extending VeriSign's lucrative
.com monopoly and allowing for price increases for
those domains.




A Day Which Will Live in Infamy: ICANN Board Approves
VeriSign Settlement By George Kirikos
ICANN's Board voted to accept the latest settlement
proposal by a vote of 9 to 5: "Today, ICANN's Board of
Directors approved, by a majority vote, a set of
agreements settling a long time dispute between ICANN
and VeriSign, the registry operator for the .COM
registry. These settlement documents include a new
registry agreement relating to the operation of the
.COM registry.


ICANN, At the Crossroads, Gets Run Over by Verisign -
a podcast by Bret Fausett 
Did you see that the ICANN Board approved the proposed
Verisign settlement and .COM renewal? Of course, you
did. Did you know that this means billions of dollars
of revenue for Verisign? Of course, you did. Did you
know I would spend 13 minutes and 20 seconds talking
about it all today? Yup, you probably knew that too.
On today's show, ICANN, at the Crossroads, gets run
over by Verisign.


VeriSign Statement on ICANN Board Approval of
Settlement (news release)
VeriSign announced it is pleased at the ICANN Board?s
approval and looks forward to working with the
Department of Commerce towards final approval of the
new .com registry agreement.


RIPE NCC to Review Secondary DNS Service to TLDs
Since its inception in 1992 the RIPE NCC has provided
free of charge secondary DNS name service to any TLD
that requests it. The membership of the RIPE NCC
provides funding for this service because the
stability of the DNS is important for everyone using
the Internet.

CNNIC: China's IPv6 Application Still Lags Behind Of
Developed Countries
The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC)
has disclosed that China has had only 27 registered
IPv6 addresses, which is far less than those of
developed countries like Germany, Japan and South


eu: More than 3 000 .eu domain names already in use
More that 3 000 .eu domain names have already passed
the validation procedure and been activated, many of
them are already used for web sites and email.


eu: EURid receives 300,000 applications for unique
domain names (sub req'd)


fi: Private persons apply for 2,000 fi-domain names
(sub req'd)


us: Local flower shop files suit over domain name
A Sudbury-based marketing and flowers sales business
filed a complaint and federal court lawsuit last week
against a Michigan flower grower and distributor it
claims infringes on its name, marketing and sales of
flowers nationally.


Big push for Chinese net domains
China is ramping up creation of a parallel system of
net domains to tempt more Chinese people to go online.


China sets up system for Internet domains
The Internet authorities in China have set up a new
family of Chinese-language alternatives to .com and
other popular Internet address domains. It is a move
that bypasses the U.S.-sponsored organization that
controls address information for the global Internet,
and some analysts fear that it could enhance China's
ability to censor its citizens' access to the


Wine Domain Name Sales Are Hot Again
With state wine shipping laws relaxing, wine retailers
are excitedly returning to the internet in steadily
increasing numbers, looking forward to unobstructed
access to wine consumers nationwide. Along with this
new found excitement is the unintended effect of wine
related domain names being purchased at an accelerated
pace and at ever increasing prices.


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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