[DNS] domain name & governance news - 16 March

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 16 March

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 20:53:20 +1100 (EST)
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Diplo Foundation: Call for Applications: Internet
Governance Capacity Building Training and Research
Programme - April - November 2006
DiploFoundation, in cooperation with various partners,
is currently accepting applications for the Internet
Governance Capacity Building Training and Research
Programme. This programme aims at improving Internet
Governance (IG) related knowledge and skills for
participants from developing countries and
facilitating community building among participants
from different national, cultural and professional

Network Solutions Asks ICANN Board to Reconsider
Controversial .com Decision
Network Solutions has joined 18 other leading Internet
companies in asking the Board of ICANN to reconsider a
decision that would deprive the .com domain registry
of future competition, to the harm of all Internet

An Omnibus ICANN and Internet Update
ICANN is under challenge both directly and indirectly.
In a way, ICANN's self-definition is part of the
problem. While true that IANA operated under contract
to the U.S. government, so does ICANN. As we all know,
the U.S. Department of Defense initially created
ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency - Net) in
1969 to connect defense contractors at universities
and in private industry. At its conception, ARPANET
had only two nodes. In the mid-1980s ARPANET became
NSFNet, a wide-area network based on the TCP/IP
protocol. And the Internet began to emerge.


Answers from Vint Cerf: The Road Ahead for Top-Level
Earlier this year we requested your questions on one
of ICANN's most heated discussions -- issues involving
TLDs -- which we passed on to Vint Cerf, Google's VP
and Chief Internet Evangelist and chairman of the
board of ICANN. Despite an understandably heavy
schedule, Vint Cerf has taken the time to personally
respond to more questions than we had originally
anticipated. So with our special thanks, here are his


jp: Better rules needed on domain names
A recent court battle in which a company sued a rival
firm for registering Internet domain names similar to
the company's name highlights the need for clear rules
in the use of domain names.


uk: EasyGroup wins easy.com trade mark
EasyGroup, parent of easyJet, easyMobile, easyCruise
and many other 'easy' brands, has won a trade mark for
easy.com, despite objections that the term was devoid
of any distinctive character and therefore ineligible
for registration.

ICANN: Timetable of Proposed Testing of IDNS in
Top-Level Domains Announced
ICANN released today a statement outlining a proposal
by the President's Committee on IDNs (co-chaired by
Hualin Qian, Mouhamet Diop and Paul Twomey) for a
timetable leading to the technical testing of IDNs at
the TLD level. The timetable contains a series of
consultations and collaborations to ensure that the
testing, when launched, will preserve DNS stability
and security. It does not purport to be a presumption
on any related policy issues which are in the perview
of the ICANN policy bodies. The timetable calls for
the start of testing in July 2006.


ICANN to launch trial testing of IDNs for TLDs in the
third quarter of 2006
English language will lose its monopoly on  Internet
domain names before the end of the year. ICANN will
start the trial testing of IDN in the TLD system, in
the third quarter of 2006, Paul Twomey, President and
CEO of ICANN, told Interfax in an interview Tuesday.
Once IDN domain names are implemented Internet sites
will able to have domain names in foreign languages,
and foreign character sets- such as Chinese.


Pay per click boosts domain name registrations
Pay-per-click advertising has caused Google's ad
revenue to explode, but it's also meant a mad rush for
URLs, Stratton Sclavos, CEO of VeriSign, said at PC
Forum, a conference taking place here.

EU Domain Names Available for just ?12.50
EU Internet has announced a new pricing scheme of
?12.50 for .eu domain names from March 8th 2006.The
measure is designed to encourage more businesses to
take advantage of the opportunity to protect their
european brand.


Domain Company GoDaddy.com Petitions Government In
ICANN Controversy
GoDaddy.com is petitioning the U.S. Department of
Commerce to deny final approval of the controversial
.COM Registry Agreement with VeriSign.



Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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