[DNS] domain name & governance news - 11 April

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 11 April

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 22:35:21 +1000 (EST)
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eu: Fast start for European net names

More than 1,295,000 .eu domain names active after the

Thousands lose out to touts in sale of .eu web

European net domain opens to all

Microsoft to Hunt Down Typo-Squatters Using URL Tracer

Cybersquatters Try New Tactics

Internet Identifier Consumption (IIC) - a CAIDA study
focusing on the rate of consumption of Internet
The Internet is running out of unique identifiers.
Consumption of these identifiers continues at a rate
that requires near-term attention to issues in not
only the technical but also economic and
socio-political domains. We wish to support informed
public policy through our objective analysis of
questions concerning address space exhaustion,
concentration of address ownership, and IPv6 adoption.

NeTS-NR Toward Mathematically Rigorous Next-Generation
Routing Protocols for Realistic Network Topologies
We propose to open a new area of research focused on
applying key theoretical routing results in
distributed computation to extremely practical
purposes, i.e. fixing the Internet. Our agenda is
ambitious, but firmly justified by a set of several
previous results, all spectacularly unexpected, which
have revealed a huge gap in our fundamental
understanding of data networks. Our agenda has three
related and clearly defined tasks: 1) execute the next
step on the path toward construction of practically
acceptable next-generation routing protocols based on
mathematically rigorous routing algorithms; 2)
validate the applicability of the above algorithms
against several sources of real Internet topology
data; 3) build and evaluate a model for Internet
topology evolution, which reflects fundamental laws of
evolution of large-scale networks.

Reinventing the internet (sub req'd)
New initiatives aim to overhaul the internet. But how
can a ?clean slate? redesign ever be implemented?

eu: Fast start for European net names
More than 1.3 million .eu domains have been registered
according to Eurid, the non-profit agency that
oversees the new net name.

More than 1,295,000 .eu domain names active after the
More than 1000 registrars were busy on friday trying
to acquire the .eu domain names their customers had
ordered. According to Eurid, the first applications
received were for the following domain names:
dekoration.eu, buchung.eu, tankstellen.eu,
exhibitionist.eu, eurorechner.eu. And the applications
were received at an average speed of 76 per second.
The top-3 countries of registrants for the first 4
hours was as follows: Great Britain (176 668 domain
names), Germany (138 085 domain names), The
Netherlands (100 445 domain names). The first position
of the Great Britain is quite a surprise because
British companies didn?t show a strong interest for
.eu domain names during the sunrises. However, it
shows that Great Britain had the top technology to
secure the domain names ordered by their customers.

Thousands lose out to touts in sale of .eu web
Internet touts have used a legal loophole to buy
thousands of Europe's new internet addresses,
thwarting attempts to crack down on cybersquatters and
unscrupulous traders.

European net domain opens to all
Citizens of the European Union can now buy an internet
domain bearing the .eu suffix.

Rush to grab European net names
Hundreds of thousands of people have signed up for new
.eu domain name since it became available to the
public on Friday.

UK businesses miss .eu deadline and fall prey to
THE bulk of British business has lost out on bidding
for the new .eu domain name internet addresses, whose
main deadline for applications expired yesterday.

UK politicians shun EU net names
The .eu net domain has been almost ignored by
Britain's three main political parties.

Register now for domain names
Many businesses will face battle with cybersquatters
over new .eu or .mobi domain names if they fail to
submit applications within specified time windows

702,684 new .eu Internet domain names in first four
hours after .eu opened to the public
Since 11:00 on 7 April, anyone within the European
Union has been able to register an available .eu
domain name on a first come first served basis.

390,000 applications for .eu names in first 100
The registry for the .eu top level domain (TLD)
received 390,000 applications in the first 100 minutes
after registration was opened to all residents of the
European Union.

Mass panic' as .eu domain deadline falls
Today?s deadline for companies to register .eu
internet addresses has sparked an "international mass
panic", domain registries have claimed, amid fears
that British companies have set themselves at a
disadvantage by failing to apply for the new virtual

Thanks to Web Ads, Some Find New Money in Domain Names
(from November 2005)
Internet domain names are a hot commodity again. But
unlike the 1990s, when speculators bought up Web
addresses in hopes of reselling them later for a big
payday, many of today's purchases are aimed at cashing
in on the boom in online advertising.

Microsoft to Hunt Down Typo-Squatters Using URL Tracer
Microsoft Research has released a new tool to help
pinpoint large-scale typo-squatters that are known to
be gaming pay-per-click domain parking services.

.at-domains at the top: 500,000 registered domains
(news release)
The .at-zone has reached the half-million mark ?
domain no. 500,000 has been registered recently!

cn: 14 Chinese Websites Advocate Civilized Online
Fourteen websites in China have together put forward
proposals regarding the healthy management of their
online domains.

Cybersquatters Try New Tactics
Cybersquatting the domain name of a celebrity and
selling it for a king's ransom was one of the great
get-rich-quick schemes of the early internet. But
since courts now tend to favor the star over the
squatter, a new kinder, gentler cybersquatting tactic
has emerged.

EURid comments on the issue of generic domain names
EURid has been approached by a number of people
objecting to the granting of domain names for generic
names, which have been applied for (and accepted)
during Sunrise.

ICANN Posts Proposed Registry Ageement with Telnic
(the .TEL Registry) (news release)
ICANN posted today the proposed registry agreement
between Telnic and ICANN.

es: Out of Court Settlement Procedure Introduced for
".es" Domain Name Conflicts (reg req'd)
The out-of-court conflict settlement procedure for
domain names bearing the country code for Spain ".es",
for which a regulation was approved on 8 November 2005
by the Director General of the public business entity
"Red.es", has recently come into operation.

uk: Woman takes on supermarket over Internet domain
A London businesswoman yesterday told of her battle
for survival after high street giant Sainsbury?s
adopted the same name as her mail order firm.

Netcraft April 2006 Web Server Survey
There are now more than 80 million web sites on the
Internet, as the April 2006 survey received responses
from 80,655,992 sites, an increase of 3.1 million
hostnames from March 2006. The web has doubled in size
in the past three years, as the survey hit the 40
million mark in April 2003.

TLD, anyone?
Now that the .cat has opened, other regions want their
own 3-letters TLD: Britanny wants its .bzh (she the
proposal by a member of the French Parliament), and
Galicia wants it .gal.

Spain: Cancellation of 181 names by the registry
The French registry discovered hundreds of
registrations coming from a company that did not
comply with its registration rules... The same story
seems to take place in Spain: The Spanish Nic, Red.es,
ordered the cancellation (procedimineto de
cancelaci?n) of 181 .es names registered through
Hostalia Internet, S.L., by the representative of this

Delays hit XXX porn domain
A plan to brand pornographic websites ?.xxx? has
suffered a setback due to unresolved ?public policy

Interesting Facts About Domain Names
You've thought up a brilliant idea for a new Web 2.0,
AJAX-enabled web app, or you're about to release a
thus-far-unnamed killer software app. Now you just
need to find the perfect domain name for it to live at
(and, in true new-economy fashion, you'll base your
corporate name upon whatever available domain name you

ASO Candidates for ICANN Board Announced: Open Call
for Statements of Supportt
Following a public nomination period, the ASO Address
Council (ASO AC) selected the final set of candidates
to fill the ASO seat on the ICANN Board currently held
by Mouhamet Diop, whose term expires in June 2006.

Domain Registrar Joker Hit by DDoS
Domain registrar Joker.com says its nameservers have
come under attack, causing outages for customers.

Wireless-Phone Domain Name '.Mobi'
The first Internet address exclusively for cell
phones, .mobi, was unveiled Thursday by Mobile Top
Level Domain.


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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