[DNS] Domain dispute heats up

[DNS] Domain dispute heats up

From: Vic Cinc <vicc§cia.com.au>
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 13:01:01 +1000
Lea de Groot [dotau.org&#167;elysiansystems.com] wrote:
> Vic Cinc wrote:
> > kre and others had a real
> > xenophobia about the name space been invaded by foreingers its time we
> > grew up and moved along with the times.
> I see no point in having a .au domain if it doesn't say anything about 
> the entity holding it, and if we break down the requirements for .com.au 
> then we may as well abandon the 2ld system entirely and just sell .au 
> domain names.

good point, thats exactly what we should do. crooks just borrow real
peoples abn's and get real .com.au domains. the rules do nothing to prevent
this. but the rules create a false sense of security which to my mind is
very dangerous.

at the recent auda conference, registrars overwhelmingly voted for
opening the up top level .au space for registration. again I think
many cctlds have done this and the sky hasnt fallen in.

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