[DNS] Rulemaking and Registrars

[DNS] Rulemaking and Registrars

From: Vic Cinc <vicc§cia.com.au>
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 16:05:10 +1000
a boring unsigned post. I think you havnt been listening. the rules
disenfranchise a vast portion of the australian population, your
comments are entirely counterproductive and rather regressive.

I would also challenge that the community input has been shall we say
rather biased by the usual set of wannabe  public heros.

anon comments like yours do not advance the debate at all.


info&#167;caslon.com.au [info§caslon.com.au] wrote:
> As an auDA member (and someone who's familiar with both the domain 
> registrar industry and regulation of other ccTLDs) I'm happy with 
> Chris' comments today.
> I suspect he's  got strong support from many people who read this 
> List but don't post and from people who avoid the List after 
> experiencing some of its sillyness over recent years.
> Registrars are important but they are just one part of the equation. 
> The Australian ccTLD is administered by auDA on behalf of  *all* 
> Australians, not just those seeking to make a buck flogging domain 
> names or seeking commercial advantage by weakening/strengthening 
> particular rules.
> The rules have been the subject of community input, on several 
> occasions (and in a rigorous, transparent way). Some of the claims 
> made in this list over the past month simply don't stand up and 
> shouldn't be accepted merely on the basis that they are shouted or 
> recurrently offered as a truth.
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