[DNS] domain name & governance news - 19 June

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 19 June

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 22:47:11 +1000 (EST)
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Rewriting the net address books

eu: Cybersquatters must be punished

cn: Gay websites shut down in 'clean-up'

ca: CIRA's Second Public Letter

uk: Novelist Archer wins cybersquatting case

us: IPv6 Still Gets No Respect in the United States

Governing the Egalitarian Core of the Internet by
Christoph Engel
Abstract: Few would claim that regulators, or
academics working on regulatory policy, have neglected
the Internet. However, most of their work is attracted
by the global character of the Internet. Admittedly,
this is a serious challenge to regulation, but it is
not the only, and probably not even the most
disquieting one. In the regulatory discourse, short
shrift is given to the fact that the Internet
originated in the egalitarian culture of American
university computer labs. Its architecture was shaped
during that period. Up to the present day, many key
functions for Internet management are held by people
coming from that culture. This paper argues that the
egalitarian challenge to Internet governance has been
largely overlooked. The challenge is serious, but not
unmanageable. Nevertheless, regulators must use
appropriate concepts to understand the challenge. A
subfield of sociology, cultural theory, is
particularly instrumental for that purpose. In order
to address the challenge, regulators must use a set of
governance tools that deviates considerably from
standard regulatory responses.

Rewriting the net address books
If you created something that is used billions of
times every day by millions of people, you might
expect it to be around for a long time to come. Yet Dr
Paul Mockapetris, inventor of the net's Domain Name
System (DNS), entertains few illusions about the
longevity of his creation.

eu: Cybersquatters must be punished
Comment The .eu domain name has been hailed a success
because 1.5m variants were snapped-up within a week of
the public launch ? which is rather like saying that
people love cough medicine because it sells well in

nz: Internet NZ to table concerns
Internet New Zealand is to raise concerns about the
failed bid for an internet red light zone with ICANN.

cn: Gay websites shut down in 'clean-up'
A mainland internet domain-name registration company
has purged several influential homosexual websites
under pressure from police in a crackdown on "illegal

ca: CIRA's Second Public Letter
Readers of Michael Geist's blog may recall that the
Canadian Internet Registration Authority wrote a
public letter earlier this year to ICANN that
expressed concern over the current lack of
accountability (note that I am on the CIRA board). 
The letter indicated that CIRA was witholding payment
of any voluntary fees to ICANN until the
accountability concerns were addressed. This week CIRA
followed up with a second public letter to ICANN.

uk: Novelist Archer wins cybersquatting case
BRITISH novelist Jeffrey Archer won a cybersquatting
case, gaining the rights to the contested Internet
domain name www.jeffreyarcher.com.

VeriSign Digital Branding Bulletin - April/May 2006
The April/May edition of the Digital Branding Bulletin
includes: Online Brand Abuse Impacts Customer Purchase
Decisions ? Online and Offline; VeriSign Reports 95
Percent Success Rate for .EU Land Rush Premium Queue
Submissions; .FI ? VeriSign Now Offering IDNs;
VeriSign Expands ccTLD Offerings with Addition of
Kenya, Lebanon, Qatar and Bahrain; More than One
Million .EU Domain Names Registered; EURid to Release
Rejected Sunrise Domain Names on June 7; Study Reveals
Vulnerabilities of Internet Addressing System; and
Study Shows Why Phishing Sites Work

us: IPv6 Still Gets No Respect in the United States
Support for the next-gen Internet protocol is still on
the back burner, according to a poll of IT directors
at the Burton Group's Catalyst confab. But with IPv6
coming in Vista and required by federal contracts, the
clock is ticking.

jp: Translation of "JP Domain Name Registry Report
2005" Posted (news release)
JPRS posted English translation of "JP Domain Name
Registry Report 2005." This is an annual report for
2005, briefing that year's activities performed by
JPRS, in relation to its management and administration
of .JP top-level domain.

Another Meeting, Another Bylaw Violation by Bret
For at least the last year, the ICANN community has
complained loudly and frequently about the lack of
transparency from the Board. Even the Board has
complained about the inability of staff to report on
the Board meetings in a timely fashion. ICANN's Chair
has publicly promised to be better about reporting
ICANN's decisions. ICANN's CEO has publicly promised
to be better about reporting ICANN's decisions.
Declining to open all of their meetings to the public,
they instead adopted a new procedure designed to
ensure that timely reports were made to the public. So
after all of this, you'd think that ICANN would make
it a priority to publish its minutes and preliminary
reports in a timely fashion, as it had promised.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Domain Name?s for Sale
Creates Huge Moral Controversy
Lovethename.com launches ?Fame Capitalization? section
of site. Since Domain names such as ?Brangelina? or
ChildrenofJolie-Pitt? are hot commodities in the Top
Level Domain (TLD) name game, investors are keeping a
sharp eye put for celebrity domain names. Whether it
is Brad Pitt, Katie Holmes - Tom Cruise, cyberspace
gives a whole knew meaning to ?LoveTheName.com?

600 Blog Portal Domain Names on Sale on eBay
The world's largest and most comprehensive blog portal
domain name portfolio is being offered on more than
350 auctions currently underway on eBay.

Big brands jump on the .mobi bandwagon
Big brands such as Virgin, Target, eBay and Ferrari
were the first in line when registrations started for
the new .mobi top-level domain. Within two hours, a
large number of prominent brands had secured their
.mobi domain names.

Mobile Web Trade Mark Registration Begins (reg req'd)
ICANN has approved .mobi domain names, which mTLD
launched, to make the experience of accessing the
internet over mobile devices faster and more
consistent. This will be done by ensuring that .mobi
names are only used for sites providing services on
the mobile web, that no .mobi sites include frames,
and that all users end up at an XHTML-MP page if they
type in a URL that ends in .mobi.

Maximum 'SEO Safe' Number of Sub Domains
There is a nice thread over at Search Engine Watch
Forums named Subdomain Limit Per Domain. The thread
innocently asks, what is the a safe number of sub
domains to put on a single domain name? As many of you
know, sub domains from old domains are thriving these
days. So, even more reason to ask the question, is 20
sub domains on a domain too much? Does it make the
domain too suspicious? Does it raise a red flag?

au: Online stranger danger campaign
A national media campaign warning Australian parents
about the hidden dangers of internet chat rooms is
about to kick off. The community service announcement
will run across television, radio and print from
Monday to highlight the potential dangers posed by
sexual predators on internet chat rooms and social
networking sites such as MySpace.

au: South Australian schools to play Cybersmart
Detectives (news release)
Over two hundred South Australian school children will
tomorrow participate in the Australian Communications
and Media Authority?s online safety activity
Cybersmart Detectives.

au: NetAlert National Libraries Project
NetAlert continues with the National Libraries Project
sponsoring Library and Information Week 2006 in

au: Govt security 'insufficient'
COMPUTER systems controlling Australia's imports and
exports, nuclear safety and the federal police are to
internet attacks, a damning Auditor-General's report
has found.

Active Home Web Use by Country, May 2006
After a dip in the number of active home Internet
users in April, the Internet population rebounded in
the 10 countries tracked by Nielsen//NetRatings.

au: Web before print for Guardian
SEVERAL Australian newspapers are gearing up to follow
the lead of British counterparts in putting exclusive
breaking news online before it appears in print and
devoting more newsroom resources to the internet.

Internet search engines
Google dominates the lucrative market for web-search,
but its rivals are setting out to change that

Cerf: Wire Tapping VoIP Will Kill Innovation
Building standardized wiretap backdoors into Internet
telephone systems is a bad idea that will lead to
increased cyber security concerns. At least that's the
opinion of the Information Technology Association of
America (ITAA).


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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