[DNS] domain name news - 22 June

[DNS] domain name news - 22 June

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 23:11:32 +1000 (EST)
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us: Domain registrars in court

ICANN Formalizes Relationship with Three More ccTLD
Managers (ICANN news release)

Perspective: ICANN needs to clamp down on domain name

uk: A new weapon against cybersquatters

us: Domain registrars in court
Domain name registrar Web.com filed a patent
infringement lawsuit on Monday against rival
GoDaddy.com. The lawsuit alleges that GoDaddy's Deluxe
Hosting Plan infringes on Web.com's patent called
"Synchronized Server Parameter Database," which allows
customers to have remote access to a control panel
that is part of the Web hosting service.

ICANN Formalizes Relationship with Three More ccTLD
Managers (ICANN news release)
ICANN has today announced that it has signed an
exchange letters with the county code top level domain
(ccTLD) manager for .lt - Lativa, the Institute of
Mathematics and Computor Science, University of
Latvia. It has also formalized its relationship with
the ccTLD managers for .cx - Christmas Island, the
Christmas Island Internet Administration Ltd and .nf -
Norfolk Island, the Norfolk Island Data Service by way
of accountability framework documents.

Perspective: ICANN needs to clamp down on domain name
While Congress continues to consider the merits of
so-called Net neutrality, an even more soporific but
vital Internet legal issue looms, with ramifications
for every business online and every user of the World
Wide Web: What is the purpose of the database that
contains information on every domain name registrant?

ICANN Marrakech Meeting Announcement Update
The Marrakech meeting announcement has been updated in
two important ways. First, additional meeting times
have been added so that now the agenda is essentially
complete. Note that the Strategic Planning workshops,
to be held in four languages, will be scheduled
shortly. Second, content guides have been added to
many of the important meetings. The guides for each of
these meetings describe: "What It Is", "Why It Is
Important", and "Who Should Attend". The guides are
intended to aid participants in creating individual
agendas most in line with their interests.

uk: A new weapon against cybersquatters
Brand owners have a new way to find information on
domain name piracy in the UK using Nominet's Public
Register Search Service.

us: Suit claims labor's lost to Yahoo
A Colorado company that owns dating website
lovecity.com has sued Yahoo, claiming the Internet
giant improperly used a trademark domain name to
direct consumers looking for lovecity on Google to
Yahoo's dating site.

Internet Oversight: A Crucial Test
When WSIS in Tunis concluded last November, the U.S.
departed with a diplomatic coup. The U.S. government
convinced Internet policymakers from a range of
skepticaland in some cases, hostilenations that the
arm's-length policy of U.S. oversight in a key area of
Internet governance is working and is independent of
other U.S. policy

Interview: Why DNS defences need bolstering
Nominum?s Albert Gouyet describes how enterprises can
protect their DNS servers and the security threats in
this field? Albert Gouyet: Network naming and
addressing is now being used as the vector in new
types of attacks. Because it?s not given [a high]
level of attention, [roughly] every quarter we find
that people are discovering new vulnerabilities that
are exploited. This has the potential to reduce
people?s trust in the internet and domain names.

ie: Allegations of .ie cybersquatting
Big brand names such as Nike, Adidas, Bebo and iPod
have been reserved by cyber-squatters, internet
industry professionals have claimed. The chief
executive of Ireland?s domain registry (IEDR) David
Curtin confirmed that there was a small number of
instances where high-profile names have been

vn: Opportunities for high-class domain name ?.vn?
For many people, domain names with ?.vn? like
google.com.vn and yahoo.com.vn are now familiar, but
don?t know that these are national code domain names
on the global Internet system.

us: 2008 domain names going, going, gone
?Dear Russy-kins ? I?m in love with you. ... I?ll
support you for whatever office you choose to run for.
Especially president. In 2008. Love, Brian,? says one
fan on russ08.com, a site that endorses Sen. Russ
Feingold (D-Wis.) with a pink background and a
heart-shaped picture of the Wisconsin Democrat.

uk: Hard cheese for Stelios in EasyPizza case
Self-proclaimed man of the people Stelios Haji-Ioannou
has been branded a "rich bully" by a London
businessman who has obtained a court order against the
EasyJet founder to prevent him from interfering any
further with his pizza business.

.mobi off to good start
The new top-level domain created specifically for
access by mobile users, Dotmobi, is said to be off to
a good start.

Web?s red light zone is doomed
THE proposal to have a separate red light zone in the
Internet has been shrouded in deep controversy. For
more than six years, there was a move to have a
separate domain name ending with .xxx for all
pornographic material.

Tucows Pessimistic About New TLDs? by Bret Fausett
Tucows' acquisition of Mailbank is interesting on
several levels. First, and as a matter of disclosure,
I'm a shareholder, so I probably follow the company
closer than I follow other players in the industry.
Second, I completely understand the value that common
surnames and hobbies as domain names have in the
Tucows' business plan and the value that those names
will have to Tucows' customers.

Tucows to buy NetIdentity
World well known domain wholesaler Tucows announced on
Friday it has entered into an agreement to acquire
Mailbank, aka NetIdentity - a privately held company
that operates a large porfolio of domain names.

Net Regret (full story subscription only)
A number of dotcom millionaires have had a mea culpa.
They made millions, then, in good faith, poured those
millions into spreading the Internet to developing
countries, particularly in Africa. Their hope was that
technology would empower the poor. Now, many
dotcommers admit?some publicly, others privately?that
those efforts were misdirected.

Blackjack.de Rakes in $300,000 Pot in Week's Biggest
Domain Sale 
Blackjack.de sold for a whopping $300,000 this week at
NameDrive.com (the biggest sale to date in that
company's Park & Sell program) to easily top our new
Top 20 chart. That was one of three impressive .de
sales that hit the top half of the Big Board with all
three featuring strong gambling keywords.

eu: The Buzz About European Domain Names
So what relevance does this have? If you have a
valuable company name, brand, or trademark in Europe
that you want to protect, visit the EURid WHOIS
database. You may find out that your site name has
been taken by a competitor or a cybersquatter, who
will be calling you shortly to sell you the same
address at some phenomenal price.

Oversee.net Acquires Domain Portfolio of 35,000 Names
Oversee.net, a technology-driven media company, today
announced its acquisition of a privately-held domain
name portfolio of 35,000 Internet domain names.
Oversee.net monetizes more than one million domain
names and has more than 100 million unique visitors
per month.

DomainMart Estimates Domain Name Price Appreciation at
94% (news release)
DomainMart released today a study that estimates the
annual domain name price appreciation to be 94

au: Aussie taxpayers to fund porn filtering
The federal government will spend AU$116.6 million in
taxpayer money to provide all Australian families with
free Internet pornography blocking software.

au: Govt frustrated in attempts to block internet
pornography (ABC Radio audio and transcript)
ELEANOR HALL: Nearly seven years after the Federal
Government promised to block internet pornography, it
appears to have finally conceded it can't deliver that
result, and will instead leave the job to computer

au: Free Internet filter 'half-baked solution'
The Federal Opposition says the Government's move to
hand out free Internet filters is a half-baked
solution to a serious problem.

au: NetAlert board reappointed
NetAlert, the government-owned Internet safety
company, has had its chair and board reappointed for
the next financial year.

au: Parents hail anti-porn bid
PARENTS, computer experts and educators have welcomed
a decision by the federal government to subsidise
internet filters to stop children accessing porn.

MySpace to Add Restrictions to Protect Younger
Next week, MySpace, the popular online hangout, will
make it harder for strangers to send messages to
younger teenagers.

us: MySpace sued for $30m after assault on 14-year-old
A Texas woman has filed a $30m lawsuit against
MySpace.com after her 14-year-old daughter was
sexually assaulted by someone she met through the

nz: Work emails being watched
The next time you click "forward" on that hilarious
email about your boss, be aware that Big Brother is
watching, and he is not amused.

au: 1,000 Aussies caught in NAB phishing attack
A phishing email claiming that The National Australia
Bank (NAB) is bankrupt has caught more than 1,000 of
the bank's customers in its net.

au: Missed call scam hits mobiles
A NEW mobile phone scam is sending missed call
messages to unsuspecting users, urging them to dial
premium rate phone lines, an industry watchdog has

us: Online threats outpacing law crackdowns
Authorities are cracking down on phishing and botnets,
but the threats are advancing instead of diminishing,
two law enforcement officials said.

us: Groups push alternate 'Net neutrality proposals
To advance the 'Net neutrality debate in the U.S.
Congress, two groups have offered separate proposals
to prohibit broadband providers from discriminating
against competing Internet content, while letting
providers separate part of their networks for
specialized products.

au: Usage skyrockets
RECORD numbers of people are downloading pornography
from the internet, a survey has revealed. And
campaigners fear that as computer porn becomes more
widespread it will give more men unrealistic
expectations of their love lives and threaten couples'

au: Telecommunications industry more competitive: ACCC
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
(ACCC) has found the telecommunications industry is
progressively becoming more competitive.

au: ACCC issues annual assessment of
telecommunications competition (news release)
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
issued its annual reports on Telecommunications
Competitive Safeguards and the Changes in Prices Paid
for Telecommunications Services in Australia 2004-05.


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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