[DNS] DC Marketing SMS Scamming & Spamming

[DNS] DC Marketing SMS Scamming & Spamming

From: Stephen Edgar <stephen§netweb.com.au>
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2006 21:55:19 +1000
I would like to bring this to the attention of the [DNS] DotAU Mailing
list - I have also sent a copy to Josh Rowe and David Goldstein hoping
we can all publish as much information as possible to rid us of this
scam and spam.


A company by the name of DC Marketing has been operating various Mobile
Phone Scams to Mobile Phone users here in Australia.


They have 3 scams.


1.       The first was sending un-solicited Premium SMS Messages to
mobile customers charging them $4 a shot.


2.       The second is a ring once and hang up hoping that the user
calls back the number which they are then asked to call a premium 1902
number to claim the lucky prize they have won at a charge of $15 for $40
worth of content. (This has been checked by TISSC and although deceptive
it was found to offer what is said)


3.       The third and most recent is sending MMS messages over GPRS to
mobile users offering content downloads from an internet site hosted in



There will be a great deal of new information posted at
http://www.4wisemonkeys.com that state what the 3 scams are in detail.




The site will also be showing the 'domain names' and 'hosting providers'
used by this company for their un-solicited spam and scam techniques.


I fully realise that this list is for internet related issues and this
is mainly on mobile services, though the content and links that are
being used in these scams are coming from data hosted and served on
Australian Hosting Services and as the telephony companies have chosen
to ignore this company for many various reasons I think that we can do
something in regard to the internet sites that this is being used and
routed through. 


I would ask that the valuable internet community here in the DNS list
and various Apnic Mailing lists we can draw upon the resources and
contacts that many of us have available to us and do whatever we can to
rid the country of DC Marketing and their spamming and scamming tactics.


Anyone who has been affected by this scam is actively being asked to
submit a complaint to the Australian Media and Communications Authority

Australian Communications and Media Authority

Reporting, complaints and enquiries



Australian Communications and Media Authority

Online reporting form


If you have had any Mobile Spam Messages or 'Ring Once' pranks to your
Mobile phone (And any other spam) I strongly urge you to fill out this
form so we can help gather as much information as possible on scams of
this nature and rid the country of them.





Stephen Edgar

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