[DNS] Secondary Market

[DNS] Secondary Market

From: Darryl <dassa§dhs.org>
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 07:27:54 +1000
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|> > Oh, BooHooo want a tissue?
|> The point is, yes you can register a business name and 
|> transfer a domain to it, and then sell the 'business' with 
|> the domain name. If you did all that and AUDA didn't think 
|> the transaction was cool, they could take the name away.
|> The beauty of this is it costs $$$ and you must be a 
|> business. (at least you will be when you buy it) This stops 
|> all the bottom feeders who have a few dollars from 
|> exploiting the domain space.

Yes, there is a secondary market that is fairly strictly controlled.  I see it
as keeping the namespace viable for everyone.  Yes, some of the restrictions
make it a little harder and there are a few more hoops to jump through but for
those that wish to use the system it is available.

|> I would make a lot of money if the secondary market opened 
|> up, but I would lose just as much in time trying to sort 
|> through the millions of 'scams' that would emerge if it 
|> ended up like the .com domain space.

I'm not so sure there would be all that much money, since the dot.com burst
the big money isn't around like it was, where they didn't look too closely at
what was being purchased.  

|> Dassa has made a lot of sense, and I think has the right to 
|> say who he will do business with, that is not a personal 
|> attack. However some of the comments made to him have been 
|> juvenile, and I dont think there is a place for them on this list.

Thank you.  I do believe we should discuss all these issues, we do need to
keep it civil however.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch 
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