[DNS] domain name news - 17 July

[DNS] domain name news - 17 July

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 23:00:30 +1000 (EST)
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US government told to take its hands off internet

uk: Clarifying legal status of domain names in the UK

Goldman seeks ban on web domain name after fears of
sex tourism link

Aussie steps into ICANN hot seat

ICANN to Establish President?s Strategy Committee

US government told to take its hands off internet
The United States government has been told to end its
oversight role of the internet during its own
consultation exercise over the future of net
governance. In a stark result, over 87 percent of
those that commented on the US's continued control of
the internet's hierachy said that it was time for it
to transition toward a new, more international model.

For submissions see:

For a submission from auDA, see:

NRO Comments to NTIA on ICANN
The NRO has submitted comments to the U.S. Department
of Commerce's National Telecommunications and
Information Administration (NTIA), which sought input
on the transition of the technical coordination and
management of the Internet DNS to the private sector.

CDT: New Milestones May be Necessary for ICANN
The US Government may need to develop new milestones
and benchmarks to determine when it would be
appropriate to relinquish its special role in
overseeing the Internet's global addressing system,
CDT said in comments to the National
Telecommunications and Information Administration
(NTIA). The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names
and Numbers (ICANN) manages the Domain Name System
(DNS) under a contract with NTIA that is set to expire
in September. NTIA requested comments from the public
on a range of issues, including whether ICANN has made
enough progress to operate free of direct governmental
involvement. CDT suggested that NTIA may need to study
what safeguards would be needed to ensure that ICANN
would be able to remain independent in the current
global environment. For CDT's comments to NTIA,

uk: Clarifying legal status of domain names in the UK
The legal status of internet domain names in the UK is
set for much-needed clarification ahead of a
potentially far-reaching Court of Appeal ruling. On 22
December, 2005, Recorder Claire Miskin delivered her
judgment in the Southampton County Court in the case
of The Honourable Nicholas Augustine Plant v Service
Direct (UK). One issue in the case was whether an
internet domain name is an item of property and, in
particular, whether interference with a domain name
can give rise to a cause of action under the Torts
(Interference with Goods) Act 1977. To appreciate the
scale of the issue, at present there are around 86
million domain names registered globally and hence
potentially capable of being interfered with.

Goldman seeks ban on web domain name after fears of
sex tourism link
GOLDMAN SACHS, the US investment bank known for its
fierce work ethic, is up in arms at suggestions that
it has diversified into sex tourism. The bank is
trying to remove or change the name of a site called
goldmansex.com, which provides business travellers
with links to strip clubs and escort agencies around
the world.

Aussie steps into ICANN hot seat
Australian corporate affairs specialist, Paul Levins
has been appointed as the first VP of corporate
affairs for ICANN.

ICANN to Establish President?s Strategy Committee
ICANN announced in a Wednesday press release that the
ICANN Board passed a resolution for the President to
appoint a President's Strategy Committee. In light of
this, this Committee plays an important role in
providing observations and recommendations concerning
strategic issues facing ICANN and contributing to
ICANN's strategic planning process, which occurs in
consultation with the community.

Transcripts of Many ICANN Marrakech Meetings Available
The transcripts of key workshops and meetings are now
available online.

NomCom Extends Deadline to Aug 1
The ICANN Nomcom has extended its deadline to receive
statements of interest. The new deadline is August 1.
Two ALAC seats (EU and NA)  are available as well as
several other posts, including Board seats.

ICANN: Proposed Global Policy for Allocation of IPv6
Address Space - Final Call for Comments and Background
Report (announcement)
On 13 July 2006, the Secretary of the Address
Supporting Organization Address Council forwarded to
ICANN a proposed global policy for allocation of IPv6
address space. This proposed global policy had been
submitted to the ASO AC by the Executive Council of
the Number Resource Organization on 6 June 2006, and
adopted by the ASO AC on 12 July 2006.

China Betting on IPv6 and First Mover Advantage
The United States? reluctance to invest in IPv6 makes
it more likely that China will be in a position to
gain the first-mover advantage it seeks.

Opinion: The domain registry system is stacked against
victims of domain theft and in favor of the thieves.
An opportunity to fix it may be coming up.

us: Sandown should reclaim domain
It's time for Sandown selectmen to buy back the town's
good name. The town's primary Internet address for
years - www.sandown.us - is still being held hostage
to the bitter catfight between one of the selectmen
and the local marketing company that created and still
operates the Web site.

Hong Kong Internet Expert Pindar Wong Joins Public
Interest Registry Board
Public Interest Registry (PIR) announced today that
the Internet Society has appointed Internet pioneer
Pindar Wong to the PIR board.

ae: UAEnic announces domain name registration for 50
UAEnic (United Arab Emirates Network Information
Centre ) recently announced the launch of a very long
term registration of 50 years for Domain name under
.ae. The launch of the 50 year domain name
registration is the latest in a series of initiative
taken by UAEnic to encourage companies and individuals
in the UAE to register their domain names.

Sedo Sees Market Heating Up for .US Domains By Kathryn
Donahue, Key Account Manager, Sedo.com 
A recent increase in high value .US sales is creating
a buzz among the domain community. Nobody expected the
TLD to take off, certainly not to the degree of its
predecessor, the .com which currently has over 40
million domains registered. The .US TLD has faced some
skepticism from its start. However speculation on the
value of the .US TLD is starting to climb as more and
more domainers are purchasing the TLD. Further, the
number of purchases of .US domains on the secondary
market is increasing rapidly as well.

Restrictions Eased on .FR: What It Means for the 
French Domain Market By Meredith H. Croyle, Senior
Domain Broker, Sedo.com and Fran?ois Josse, Manager
Sedo France 	
.fr recently begun a deregulation process. The
formerly tightly-restricted TLD belongs to a country
of 11 million Internet users and represents one of the
world's largest economies. The first stage of
deregulation extended registration rights to any
French-registered organization (previously one needed
to demonstrate Trademark rights before being able to
register a domain); the second will open registration
to anyone with a French address (like Germany's .de,
foreigners will likely be able to register .fr domains
through a proxy program).

(news release)
Nominet and ICANN announced two major steps towards
closer co-operation.

Domain Name Registration in New .Mobi Top Level Domain

On May 22, 2006, dotMobi announced the launch of the
.mobi domain registry for web sites formatted for
optimum use by mobile devices. Beginning June 12,
2006, trademark owners may register .mobi domain names
that correspond to their registered trademarks.
Trademark owners are strongly encouraged to register
.mobi domain names during the early "Sunrise
Registration" period. Following is a brief overview of
the procedures for Sunrise Registration and for
challenging the abusive or speculative registration of
.mobi domain names during the Sunrise Registration

Dot TK Registry Launches Auction Domain
Dot TK, the registry for .TK Internet Domain Names,
announced today the launch of Dot TK Auction Domain ?
a new tool for Internet users to promote their online
auction or product on the Internet.

Cost of International Internet Connectivity (IIC) Too
The high cost for developing countries in accessing
the Internet backbone was a hot-topic at a recent,
Geneva held meeting of ITU-T?s Study Group 3 focusing
on tariff and accounting principles including related
telecommunication economic and policy issues.

us: Dance to senator saying Net is 'series of tubes'
Commentary and parodies are spreading across the Web
after U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens described the Internet as
a "series of tubes" during a debate on net neutrality
June 28. Stevens, the chairman of the Senate Commerce,
Science and Transportation Committee, was speaking
perhaps metaphorically during a rambling argument
against a net neutrality amendment to a broadband
bill. Stevens' apparent point: The Internet could be
easily clogged with junk, and broadband providers
should be able to separate their own content from
streaming video and huge personal e-mail files. In
part, Stevens, an Alaska Republican, said, "The
Internet is not something that you just dump something
on. It's not a big truck. It's a series of tubes."
Stevens continued: "And if you don't understand that
those tubes can be filled, and if they're filled when
you put your message in it, it gets in line, it's
gonna be delayed by anyone who puts into that tube
enormous amounts of material." Stevens went on to say
that his staff sent him an "Internet" that was
apparently delayed by Net congestion.

Firefox bites into browser market
Microsoft's Internet Explorer continues to dominate
but saw its share of the market fall

Broadcasting revolution or TV hell? Google launches
its small screen vision of the future
Google has launched its small screen vision of the
future but critics fear a torrent of porn and violence
- To some it is the future of media. To others, a
vision of television hell comprising endless You've
Been Framed reruns, David Hasselhoff music videos and
bad karaoke. Welcome to Google Video, which was
yesterday launched in the UK and seven other countries
by the search giant.

Internet advertising
Thanks to the power of the internet, advertising is
becoming less wasteful and its value more measurable

au: Why we have a failure to connect
Enforced competition has stifled Telstra's ability to
invest in technology, writes Kenneth Davidson. WITH
the price of oil heading into the stratosphere, global
warming making outdoor activity increasingly
unpleasant, and state governments preferring to invest
in roads rather than public transport, it is
imperative that Australians have the option of
replacing physical travel with a high-speed broadband
telecommunications network.

au: Telstra myths exposed
OPINION: Analyst Derek Francis* tackles the 'Top 7
Myths of the Telco World', warning that if Telstra
can't invest in a new broadband network, there won't
be one. Telstra bashing is always popular, but behind
the media headlines, very little serious scrutiny is
applied to the underlying problem facing the industry
- that is, a lack of investment and low returns.
Here's my take on a few other recent myths accepted by
some in the media and his supposed solutions:

au: News to campaign on media reforms
AUSTRALIA'S biggest media company will mount a
political campaign to overturn key elements of the
Coonan media reform package, accusing the Government
of unfairly protecting the free-to-air television

au: News chief slams media laws plan
PLANNED new media laws overprotected free-to-air
networks while pay television was under attack, News
Limited chief executive John Hartigan said today.

au: Coonan gives box seat to networks
HELEN COONAN'S long-awaited media "reform" package
fails any rational test of what constitutes good
public policy. It promises less diversity of
traditional media ownership without the compensation
of a liberalised new media environment, writes Stephen

nz: Commissioner to miss unbundling challenges
Departing telecommunications commissioner Douglas
Webb, sidelined by the government's Telecom regulation
bombshell, admits to one regret. When Telecom's local
loop is finally unbundled there will be a big scrap
over the prices it can charge for access.

CONFERENCE: VoIP World Australia 2006
Description: There has been a lot of hype around the
possibilities offered by IP telephony. For telcos VoIP
can be seen as a threat or an opportunity. If embraced
as an opportunity VoIP can drive the creation of
innovative new services that promise new revenue
opportunities and better performing networks.

uk: Which? report says VoIP is the future
The surging uptake of VoIP technology may mean the end
of traditional landline and mobile services, according
to consumer body Which?.  "Pricey landline and mobile
bills could be in danger of becoming extinct," said
Computing Which? editor Jessica Ross. "With mobile
phone services entering the broadband market, VoIP
looks set to be the choice of the future."

au: Online and on alert
Social networking websites tailored for young users
can be pedophile magnets, but what is the real risk to
our children? NETWORKING websites that have attracted
millions of young users are to come under scrutiny
from anti-pedophile investigators amid growing
concerns that children are unwittingly providing
material for potential abusers.

eu: Microsoft hit with 280m euro fine
Microsoft is fined 280m euros by the European
Commission for failing to comply with an
anti-competition ruling.

au: Optus porn payout slashed
OPTUS has had a damages payout reduced on appeal in a
case which exposed its role as a key player in the
global internet pornography trade.

us: FBI plans new Net-tapping push
The FBI has drafted sweeping legislation that would
require Internet service providers to create
wiretapping hubs for police surveillance and force
makers of networking gear to build in backdoors for

eu: Attack on move to regulate podcasts
LORD CURRIE, the chairman of Ofcom, hit out yesterday
at European Commission proposals that could lead to
regulation of podcasting, saying that the market was
too diverse for tighter controls.

us: Measure to Curb Web Gambling Approved
House passes bill to restrict online poker, sports
betting and other Internet-based wagering that gained
infamy as focus of lobbying scandal.

us: Who will pay for the Internet superhighway?
In the media and the halls of Congress, the Internet,
phone and cable TV industries are raising a ruckus
over "net neutrality." What's the squabble about?
Here's a look at both sides.

Aussie antispam law working, says govt agency; NZ law
to follow suit, Cunliffe says
Spam volumes in Australia continue to be high, but the
proportion of worldwide spam coming from Australia has
dropped since the passing of the Spam Act in 2003,
says the Australian Federal government?s Department of
Communications, Information Technology and the Arts

au: Rival telcos to go it alone
A local telecom consortium announces plans to go ahead
with a high-speed broadband network with or without


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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