[DNS] domain name news - 20 July

[DNS] domain name news - 20 July

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 22:16:15 +1000 (EST)
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au: auDA looks to expand its turf

new web addresses created by internet chiefs ... so we
won?t run out of space soon, then

us: FTC Calls for Openness, Accessibility in Whois
Database System

Domains: A Swiss solution

au: Calendar girl website survives attack

au: auDA looks to expand its turf
The Australian domain name regulator will seek to
expand its powers beyond basic domain administration
in an extraordinary general meeting to be held in

new web addresses created by internet chiefs ... so we
won?t run out of space soon, then
TO THE lay observer it seems like an infinite network
of computers, servers and cables stretching around the
globe. But the worldwide web is filling up. So
quickly, it turns out, that programmers have had to
devise a new one. Of the internet addresses available,
more than three quarters are already in use, and the
remainder are expected to be assigned by 2009. So,
what will happen as more people in developing
countries come online? The answer is IPv6.

us: FTC Calls for Openness, Accessibility in Whois
Database System
The Federal Trade Commission today told the U.S. House
of Representatives that access to Whois databases ?
the directories that contain information about Web
site operators ? are "critical to the agency?s
consumer protection mission, to other law enforcement
agencies around the world, and to consumers.? In
Commission testimony before the Subcommittee on
Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit of the
House Committee on Financial Services, Eileen
Harrington, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Consumer
Protection, said improvements should be made to the
current Whois database system and the databases should
be ?kept open, transparent, and accessible.?

Domains: A Swiss solution
When companies and people bicker over ownership of Web
site names, where better to settle the dispute than in
a country that hasn't fought a battle since 1602.
Switzerland, that is. Specifically the World
Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva. On
nearly a dozen occasions in the past six years,
Greater Cincinnati companies have gone before to the
organization to resolve domain name wars.

Belgium registers over 1 million .be domain names (sub

Google And 520 Domain Names
The list of domain names owned by the Googleplex
consists of the expected, the unexpected, and the
gmmgjd too. Nope, that's not a typo. On Neil Patel's
of domain names owned by Google, gmmgjd appears five
times in the list. An acronym with a top-secret
meaning? An odd misspelling of Google?

au: Calendar girl website survives attack
A targeted denial-of-service attack from the US failed
in its mission over the weekend to shut down an
Australian website promoting a controversial calendar
showcasing the sexy side of women who work in the IT

Deal for CD.com Closes at More Than $277,000 To Top
This Week's Domain Sales List
CD.com was sold during a live auction conducted by
Moniker.com at the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. West Domain
Conference in Las Vegas in May, but the exchange of
funds for the domain was just completed this week. The
final tab hit $277,750 to rank among the 12 highest
sales reported this year.

Generic domain names new search engine gold mine
Search engines use mathematical algorithms to perfect
the accuracy of their listings. But a much less
high-tech search method is growing in popularity:
typing a query with a ''.com'' in a browser's address
bar, a process known as direct navigation.

uk: easyGroup wins easy.com appeal
The London High Court has upheld a previous ruling
that gave multi-national conglomerate easyGroup
intellectual property rights to the easy.com trade

uk: Wanted: Protector of the (easy) faith
...The other main role of eGIP is to "protect the
'easy' brand by companies who aim to mislead the
public by inferring [sic] that they are members of
easyGroup". This suggests that Stelios's campaign to
wrest domain names with "easy" in them will continue
at full pelt.

GNSO Issues Report Policy Issues Relating to IDN at
the Top-level
As requested by the GNSO Council at its meeting on 2
December 2005 and during subsequent discussions, in
particular during the ICANN meeting in Wellington (25
?V 31 March, 2006), this document sets out policy
issues involved with the potential introduction of
IDNs into the root zone of the DNS, provides relevant
references, and suggests how to proceed. The issue
areas are related to the issues identified in the
ongoing policy development process on introduction of
new gTLDs.
It is recommended that the GNSO launch a focused
policy development process, in close consultation with
the ccNSO and the broader ICANN community including
the Government Advisory Committee (on the public
policy aspects). The proposed terms of reference for
this policy development process are based on
suggestions by the GNSO working group established for
this purpose.

ICANN Community Appoints President's Strategy
At its December 2005 meeting, the ICANN Board noted
that the ICANN community could also 'benefit from the
advice of a group responsible for making observations
and recommendations concerning strategic issues facing

us: Internet pioneers debate net neutrality
A net neutrality law isn't needed because the U.S.
already has antitrust laws that would keep broadband
carriers from acting in an uncompetitive manner,
Internet pioneer David Farber said Monday in a debate
against TCP/IP co-creator Vinton Cerf.

jp: Master of your cyber domain
If you run your own small business, or even a larger
sized one, protecting your brand in cyberspace is not
getting easier. All the good dot-com domain names are
taken, and these days you need to do so much more to
promote yourself and make sure that you have all your
bases covered. So let's outline what is involved, and
hopefully you will get a few practical ideas here.

us: 14 human rights organisations express support for
a US draft law on free expression online (GOFA)
Fourteen human rights organisations, including
Reporters Without Borders, signed a statement on 18
July in support of the Global Online Freedom Act
(GOFA) which is currently under debate in the US House
of Representatives. The signatories said the law would
prevent Internet sector companies helping governments
of authoritarian countries, particularly the Chinese,
from cracking down on freedom of expression.

in: Bloggers' fury as India blocks sites
Indian censors have blocked access to a number of
popular blogging sites on grounds of national
security, causing outrage to thousands of bloggers.

uk: Paedophiles face cancelled cards
Credit and debit card firms will find it easier to
cancel the cards of online paedophiles under a planned
new law.

nz: Police to patrol internet
Police are planning to patrol internet sites to target
organised crime, violence and sexual crimes. The move
is part of a new police strategy that pressure groups
say is long overdue.

au: CSIRO loses a round in WiFi case
THE CSIRO has suffered a setback in its battle against
Intel, Microsoft and other hi-tech heavyweights over a
wireless local area network patent, with a US court
ruling against it in an early skirmish.

VPN service provides secure, anonymous web surfing
Internet users at home and on the go can surf and
exchange data securely and anonymously using a VPN
(virtual private network) service by Germany-based
security software developer Steganos called Internet
Anonym VPN.

nl: Dutch court lets paedophile party contest
country's general election
The Netherlands cemented its reputation as Europe's
most socially liberal country today when a new
political party formed by paedophiles was told it
could contest this year's general election with
policies include legalising sex at 12 and child porn.

uk: Parents ignorant of children's net use
Parents need to brush up on their technology knowledge
if they are to keep their IT-savvy children safe,
according to a new report.

Active Home Web Use by Country, June 2006
After growth in May, the number of active home
Internet users fell a quarter of a percent in a
combined 10 countries.

China Says Number of Web Users Hits 123M
China's population of Internet users, already the
world's second-biggest after the U.S., has jumped by
nearly 20 percent over the past year to 123 million,
with broadband access soaring, the government said.

us: Google's U.S. search market share still climbing,
study says
Google Inc. gained in search market share in June for
the 11th consecutive month and maintained its status
as market leader, according to a study by comScore
Networks Inc. Google's sites were used for 44.7% of
all online searches in the U.S. Yahoo Inc. remained in
second place with a market share of 28.5%, and
Microsoft Corp.'s MSN Search ranked third, with a
12.8% share, according to comScore.

4.2bln page views reported on FIFAworldcup.com
FIFAworldcup.com, the official web site of the 2006
World Cup football event in Germany, received 4.2bln
page views, reported Yahoo, an online service provider
and the host of the FIFA website.

BSkyB joins 'free' broadband race
BSkyB commits ?400m to signing up 3 million broadband
subscribers by 2010.

BSkyB stock falls after Internet bet
British Sky Broadcasting is placing a big bet on
high-speed Internet access, announcing plans to invest
?400 million in a plan to include broadband with its
satellite television offering.

nz: Commissioner to miss unbundling challenges
Departing telecommunications commissioner Douglas
Webb, sidelined by the government's Telecom regulation
bombshell, admits to one regret. When Telecom's local
loop is finally unbundled there will be a big scrap
over the prices it can charge for access.

au: Broadband: the next generation
With Australia's broadband future hanging in the
balance, an industry gathering seeks some solid


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BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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