[DNS] domain name & governance news - 27 July

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 27 July

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 22:29:11 +1000 (EST)
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Want to show the world what you're doing with the net?
IGF workshops provide your chance

UN agencies to coordinate implementation plan for
global Information Society

eu: Registrars accused of stockpiling 74,000 .eu

us: Hearing planned on domain names

Icann turns sights on Africa

CAC to propose .eu ADR rule shake up

China climbs cybersquatting rankings

Cruise handed domain name victory

VeriSign Director Charged with Securities Fraud

Want to show the world what you're doing with the net?
IGF workshops provide your chance
If you are using the internet to change the world and
you want the world to know it, today's your lucky day.
The inaugural meeting of the IGF will be held at the
end of October this year and the organisers are
looking for people to run a series of workshops to
show the world what the internet is capable of.

UN agencies to coordinate implementation plan for
global Information Society
Implementation of the outcomes of the recently
concluded WSIS gathered momentum with the launch of
the United Nations Group on the Information Society
(UNGIS). High level representatives of twenty-two UN
agencies met on Friday, 14 July 2006 at International
Telecommunication Union Headquarters in Geneva under
the chairmanship of ITU Secretary-General Yoshio
Utsumi to facilitate the process.

eu: Registrars accused of stockpiling 74,000 .eu
The organisation responsible for administering the .eu
domain extension is suing 400 US-based registrars,
accusing them of stockpiling 74,000 domain names
through three UK-registered 'front' companies

EURid suspends 74,000 .eu domain names due to breach
of contract (news release)
EURid, the non profit organisation operating the
Internet top level domain .eu, has suspended 74 000
.eu domain names and has sued 400 registrars for
breach of contract. This move was prompted by abusive
behavior from a syndicate of registrars who have
systematically acquired domain names with the obvious
intent of selling them.

Hearing planned on domain names
A public hearing on the future control of internet
domain names is being held by the US Commerce

nz: Net story on way
The non-profit society that runs the country's
internet is going back to its roots, commissioning a
history of the net in New Zealand. Project
administrator Susi Fookes says InternetNZ is open to
many approaches, from authoritative professional
histories to a wiki where the public contributes the
content. The wiki approach would cost about $6000, she

Icann turns sights on Africa
Officials at Icann acknowledge that they have failed
to help Africa develop its ICT infrastructure, and are
looking to set up outreach efforts on the continent.

CAC to propose .eu ADR rule shake up
The Czech Arbitration Court, the exclusive arbitration
forum for disputes over .eu domain name applications,
is to publish draft amendments to the ADR Supplemental
Rules for public consultation at the end of July

China climbs cybersquatting rankings
China now has the fourth highest number of alleged
cybersquatters in domain name dispute resolution
procedures, according to WIPO statistics

Is .mobi only half a whale?
Call me Ishmael. Go ahead, I dare you. Call me
Ishmael, because frankly I'm at sea when it comes to
understanding what the sponsors of the dot-mobi domain
space were thinking. The mere dot-com, dot-net, and
dot-org suffixes were not enough for them. They needed
something that sounded epic, a whale of a good idea,
and so they came up with their own top-level domain:
.mobi. But beneath the surface lurks, well, not very
much, really.

ICANN Announces Implementation of the Process for
Review of New gTLD Registry Services
ICANN announces the implementation of the consensus
policy for review of new gTLD Registry Services and
adoption of the Registry Services Evaluation Process.
The effective date of the Policy is 15 August 2006.
The implementation of this process includes an online
tool (available for registry testing by 15 August) to
facilitate submission of requests for new registry
services to ICANN.

President's Strategy Committee Update - Output of
In follow-up to the President's Strategy Committee
consultations, please find the preliminary un-proofed
version of the transcripts. A proofed version will be
provided by the end of this week. The audio portion of
the teleconference is also available.

Cruise handed domain name victory
Arbitrators have ruled that a "cyber squatter" misused
a web address containing Tom Cruise's name which must
be returned to the actor.

VeriSign Director Charged with Securities Fraud
Bloomberg is reporting that Gregory Reyes is facing
criminal and civil charges in relation to securities
fraud. Reuters and the Mercury News also have

us: VeriSign shares drop for third day
Shares of VeriSign Inc. sank for the third day in a
row Tuesday as investors grappled with the company's
disappointing outlook for the third quarter, as well
as its future in the Internet-names business.

Domain-Based Phishing Attacks on the Rise
Domain-based phishing scams are on the rise and
consumers are easily fooled by fraudulent Web sites
with recognizable domain names, according to findings
from MarkMonitor's (San Francisco) AntiFraud
Operations Center (AFOC).

WiFi.com and PrimeRate.com Each Crack the Six-Figure
Mark as the Domain Market's Strong Summer Continues
The summer doldrums are still away on vacation. The
domain market turned in another solid performance this
week with a pair of six-figure sales and 15 reported
transactions that hit at least five figures. As
always, there were others in that lofty range that
were not reported due to non-disclosure agreements.

Study Highlights Essential Role of ENUM for Next
Generation Networks (news release)
Nominum, the leading provider of network naming and
addressing solutions, today outlined results from a
Commissioned Study conducted by Forrester Consulting
on behalf of Nominum, citing leading telecom
executives' views of ENUM and their respective plans
for the build out of IP networks.

Hearing Looks at ICANN Privatization Plan
The U. S. Department of Commerce?s National
Telecommunications and Information Administration
seeks comment on the continuation of the transition of
the technical coordination and management of the
Internet domain name and addressing system (Internet
DNS) to the private sector.

Does Your Domain Name Pass The "Billboard Test"?
Billboards exclusively promoting websites? Does you
domain enable others to remember it if it were on a

Easy net video stirs up storm
PORNOGRAPHY, extreme violence, Osama bin Laden and
allegations of copyright violation: it hasn't been a
good month for video-sharing giant YouTube. As
politicians began hammering it and similar
user-generated content services because of supposedly
offensive content, YouTube has come under legal
assault in the US over allegations it hosted pirated

us: Congress spanks naughty sex sites
The U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday approved
a bill that would make it a federal felony for
Webmasters to use innocent words like "Barbie" or
"Furby" but actually feature sexual content on their

eu: Commission seeks public opinion on protection of
mobile minors
The European Commission is consulting the public on
the potential risks faced by children using mobile
phones. The Commission hopes the debate will encourage
self-regulation among Member States.

Teach kids about the more subtle dangers of
cyberspace, advises US expert
Online safety for children and young people requires
an integrated approach when it comes to the teaching
curriculum, says Michael Berson of the University of
South Florida.

European Parliament calls for censorship code of
The European Parliament has called on the European
Commission to establish a code of conduct governing
the online censorship of dissidents. It wants
companies such as Google and Telecom Italia to pledge
not to help governments censor their citizens.

U.S. Struggles to Fight Online Child Porn
The fight against child pornography is an ongoing
challenge. "The child porn industry, unfortunately, is
something we'll never be able to declare complete
victory against. This is the first generation with
webcams and the Net, so parents, and companies, have
to learn how to deal with this."

Google to offer advertisers click fraud stats
Responding to concerns about click fraud in the
online-ad industry, Google will be revealing to
advertisers the number of invalid clicks on their ads
with changes it's set to make to its AdWords system
late Tuesday.

au: Revealed: internet frauds lure victims with fake
Internet frauds are using fake job ads to trick
unsuspecting applicants into revealing personal
details. Police said earlier this month that the ads,
on legitimate job seeker websites, were part of a
sophisticated network of computer scams that often
resulted in people's identity and bank account details
being stolen.

uk: Internet fraud slips through police fingers, says
Attorney General
Internet fraud accounts for eight per cent of all
fraud in the UK, according to the Attorney General's
office, which says that fraud costs the UK billions of
pounds every year.

us: Appeal against ISP snooping goes to Washington
A group of technology companies and civil liberties
groups will continue to challenge a law requiring ISPs
to allow eavesdropping of customers by security

us: Net neutrality or Net censorship?
Dick Armey's recent column on CNET News.com is long on
criticism of the Christian Coalition but woefully
short of facts about the Net neutrality debate. In
"Net ignorance of the Christian Coalition," Armey
conveniently fails to mention that Net neutrality was
the law on the Internet until 2005. The dramatic
expansion and innovation that he lauds existed and was
made possible because the law prior to 2005 prohibited
Internet service providers and other providers from
erecting toll booths on the information superhighway.

Rewriting the Web for The Small Screen
Google and Yahoo are introducing programs specifically
tailored for the mobile phone.

nz: Marketers drool over MySpace generation
Teenagers' love of social networking websites,
blogging and use of media channels is growing, but so
is their false sense of control over the technology.
Marketers are feverish with excitement over defining
the new generation of post-modern youth - what they
like to call Generation C - who are driving change in
the marketing industry through their use of

Rupert Murdoch surprised by MySpace growth
Twenty years after Rupert Murdoch upended the status
quo in television with the launch of Fox Broadcasting
Co., News Corp. is in the vanguard of another media
revolution with its recently acquired Internet assets
including MySpace.com.

Teen networks in battle for the bands
Bebo will allow bands to upload as much of their music
as they want in an effort to wrest British teenagers
away from MySpace.

uk: Convergence requires the complete vision
When British Sky Broadcasting, the satellite
pay-television group, bought Easynet, the broadband
provider in October last year, Nick Bertolotti, media
analyst at Credit Suisse, went straight to his
colleague David George, the telecommunications

uk: ntl:Telewest planning four-in-one package
The newly merged company plans to deliver its riposte
to recent 'triple-play' offers by bundling TV,
broadband, fixed-line and mobile services ? but will
anyone understand a deal that spans three different

uk: Is free broadband a good deal?
The spirit of 1969 might seem like ancient history,
but this summer a new kind of free love is sweeping
Britain. Thousands of people are ready to canoodle
with new internet providers after a glut of "free
broadband" offers. Punters are now being wooed with
no-cost broadband from TalkTalk, Orange and Sky. But
are "free" deals good enough to tempt non-believers on
to the web? Should those who already have a service
provider dump them for a new one?

Study: Net telephony quality worsening
While it's no secret that Net phone services don't
offer the same call quality as traditional phones, a
new study suggests that the quality of voice over
Internet Protocol is actually getting worse.

au: Hutch prepares for VoIP
MOBILE operator Hutchison is taking early steps to
prepare its 3 mobile service for a shift to IP phone


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