[DNS] domain name & governance news - 3 August

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 3 August

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Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2006 21:49:43 +1000 (EST)
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NTIA hearing hints little change in DoC position

eu: Suspension of .eu domains draws support

Accused 'cybersquatter' predicts domain drought

NTIA hearing hints little change in DoC position
Over 100 people attended yesterday's public hearing as
part of the ongoing NTIA notice of inquiry on the
continued privatization of the DNS. Commerce Dept.
official John Kneuer, the acting Assistant Secretary
of Commerce for Communication and Information, said
the NOI had generated nearly 700 public comments, but
did not mention that the vast majority of them were
critical of the unilateral oversight exercised by the
USG and ICANN's continued problems with lack of
transparency, accountability and representation.
Contrary to certain inaccurate reports, no major
changes or revelations occurred at this meeting; the
Commerce Department attempted to solicit the views of
certain stakeholders and revealed little about its own
views. How NTIA will use the comments remains to be
seen, but one experienced former government official
said that "NTIA how has all the excuses it needs to
change essentially nothing."

Government Hearing Reinforces Push For U.S. Control Of
At a U.S. Department of Commerce (DoC) hearing on
Wednesday to assess whether the Internet's Domain Name
System (DNS) should be handed over to the private
sector, most panelists indicated a preference for
continued U.S. government involvement in the
management of the Net.

U.S. Control Of Internet Expected To Continue
Don't expect the U.S. government to give up control of
the Internet anytime soon. At a Commerce Department
hearing last week, a panel of Internet community
representatives indicated that the Internet's Domain
Name System isn't yet ready for privatization.

Should ICANN Open up?
This week, The Register ran a story on how the US
supposedly had given up its 'control' over ICANN.
ICANN, the body which assigns IP addresses and domain
names worldwide, currently falls under the US Commerce
Department via a contractual agreement; this means the
US government can control ICANN. El Reg claimed the US
had given up this control; Ars was quick to respond,
stating that "the existing arrangement was likely to
continue, at least for another year." Since the US had
stated that it wanted to fully privatise ICANN by
2000, we'll have to wait and see what ICANN looks like
in a year. In the meantime, do we really want the US
to open up ICANN?

United States cedes control of the internet - but what
Comentario de Seiiti Arata sobre una noticia enviada
por Omar Kaminski en torno a la posicion de la NTIA
sobre la "continuaci?n de la transici?n de la
coordinaci?n t?cnica y gerenciamiento del sistema de
nomrbes de dominio y direcciones de Internet".

Contr?le de l'Internet: les Etats-Unis pr?ts ? l?cher
du lest ?
L'Icann, l'Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and
Numbers, est depuis de nombreux mois sur la sellette.
Cet organisme international cr?? en 1998, par le
vice-pr?sident am?ricain Al Gore est charg? de
l'attribution de 259 noms de domaine et des adresses
IP. En clair, c'est cet organisme, am?ricain, qui g?re
et contr?le Internet. Officiellement ind?pendant, il
entretien des liens tr?s ?troits avec le D?partement
du Commerce des USA.

eu: Suspension of .eu domains draws support
The recent decision by .eu domain name operator Eurid
to suspend 74,000 .eu addresses, after claiming they
had been registered unfairly, has won support from

American firms ?buying up? European cyberspace
The launch of Europe?s own Internet domain name has
sparked a transatlantic legal battle with US firms
accused of moving in secretly to make an illegal

Accused 'cybersquatter' predicts domain drought
A company accused of both cybersquatting and hoarding
domain names without paying for them has predicted
that "domain names may soon run out completely."

ie: City of Cork loses battle for Cork.eu
The city of Cork will have to take a Dutch company to
arbitration if it wants to continue to fight for the
cork.eu domain name. The City Council of Ireland's
second largest city lost its arbitration case against
.eu domain registry EURid.

uk/eu: MEP seeks answers over EU domain name ?fraud?
British Liberal MEP Diane Wallis is calling for a full
investigation into the scale of a possible ?fraud?
involving the new .eu domain name.

us: Pssst! Want to buy Colorado domain name? (sub
req'd for full story)
An Internet auction site is selling Colorado for a
mere $1 million.

Stupidity reigns, except in sunny Islington (letter to
The Register)
...Still, we can't bring ourselves to start the
letters round-up off on such a lowbrow note, so we'll
begin with the meeting, last week, of ICANN and the
National Telecommunications and Information
Administration to decide the future of the internet.

eNom's Acquisition of BulkRegister Changes Domain Name
BulkRegister, the original low-price commodifier of
the domain name industry, announced that its business
and assets are being acquired by eNom of Bellevue,
Wash. In an e-mail sent to customers on July 26,
BulkRegister said that its user interface would be
integrated into eNom's main platform and that eNom
would be doubling its office space in Bellevue to
accommodate increases in development and customer
support operations.

Pair of $200,000 Domains Lead the Charge in Another
Strong Sales Week
SatellitePhone.com sold for $201,600 at Afternic.com
this week and Nasty.com commanded $200,000 at Sedo.com
to land another solid 1-2 punch for the bull market in
domains. With those two sales, 20 deals of at least
200K have now been reported in 2006 (with some others
at that level off the radar due to non disclosure

uk: Teenager faces action over listings website
She started it as a hobby - a listings website that
was inspired by Wikipedia and Craigslist. But
15-year-old Rosa Blaus' initiative appeared to have
backfired yesterday when she learned her website had
infuriated the company behind Yellow Pages.

New ICANN agreements published
ICANN, the body that regulates the internet domain
name system, has posted new registry agreements for
the .biz, .info and .org registries.

EURid goes after domain name 'warehousing'
The European Internet domain name authority has
suspended 74,000 .eu domain names and sued 400
registrars for abusing the service.

ca: CIRA prepares to adopt new privacy policy
The Canadian Internet Registration Authority has begun
the final phase of consultations on a new policy aimed
at protecting the identities of people using the
dot-ca domain name.


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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