[DNS] aucd

[DNS] aucd

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Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 07:27:37 +1000
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>> I do how ever stand ready to eat my words should the fee charged by auda
> actually be $550

well the pricing is based on the fact they will only ever register a handful 
of domains a year.

auda is giving this mob over a million bucks. seems anything with the word 
community in it these days is ripe for funding, irrespective of wether it 
makes sense or not. someone has to find a way of keepin our communist friends 
happy or at least employed.

what I find perticularly funny is
6. Establishing a Not-for-Profit Legal Entity
and then
8. Developing a Business Sustainability Plan

er which is it? are these sites businesses or not?

auda needs to establish some criteria where the milion plus dollars funding 
needs to be justified in terms of end results such if these are not achieved 
then this "space" should be rolled back to the normal registrar land at 
sensible pricing without the absurd and onerous conditions imposed on 

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