[DNS] domain name news - 10 August

[DNS] domain name news - 10 August

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2006 20:16:15 +1000 (EST)
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uk: Nominet takes domain tasting off the menu

nz: Commission warns firms about domain name scam

au: Small is big as the web goes local

EU Domain Dream in Disarray

Cameroon registry typo-squats .com

uk: Nominet takes domain tasting off the menu
Nominet is taking action against domain-name
registrars who opportunistically register domain names
to assess how much money can be made from them, then
delete them if they generate insufficient returns.

nz: Commission warns firms about domain name scam
An Australian-based company has been trying to dupe
New Zealand businesses into paying for domain names
they don't need, warned the Commerce Commission today.

nz: Commission warns public about domain registration
invoices (news release)
The Commission is warning New Zealand businesses about
a mass mail-out by an Australian-based business
trading as NZ Domain Registration Ltd.

au: Small is big as the web goes local
FROM Bathurst to Beecroft and Broome, community groups
will for the first time be able to set up geographic
website names to help their areas. Last year
Australians bought thousands of commercial geographic
internet domain names, and now 22,000 community
versions - www.bathurst.nsw.au, for example - are
available for non-profit groups.

EU Domain Dream in Disarray
Europe must reboot its fledgling domain name to avoid
a system crash, critics say, after alleged missteps
allowed cybersquatters to stockpile trademarks for

Cameroon registry typo-squats .com
The .cm registry in Cameroon appears to be redirecting
misspelt .com addresses to an ad-based search page

The Changing Domain Name Landscape - Part 2
Low prices and high service levels have given The Go
Daddy Group high growth rates and have helped position
it for an IPO. How can eNom compete? By sharing ad
revenues with domain owners, by being more transparent
and equitable than Sedo, and by simultaneously
globalizing and professionalizing its development and
support operations. Last but not least, by
rediscovering its customers.

uk: Hirst in legal battle against 'spoof' site that
uses his name
In the modern art world, it will be billed as a rerun
of David and Goliath. Damien Hirst has launched a
legal battle to stop a struggling young British artist
using his name on a "spoof" website. The
multimillionaire Hirst has employed the City law firm
Manches LLP to act against Simon Phillips, a
self-styled "internet artist" who owns the domain name

us: AOL gives out free .com domains to anyone who asks
AOL has just announced that it will give a free domain
name to anyone who asks for one. There's a catch. You
don't own the domain name; AOL does.

Internet REIT Reports More than $11.5 Million in
Domain Name Acquisitions
Internet REIT (iREIT), a leading supplier of
high-value Internet traffic to advertisers, today
announced that it has completed 34 portfolio
acquisitions, accounting for more than $11.5 million
in new domain acquisitions, including such premium
domains as CreditReports.com, FarmLoans.com, EBuy.com,
Tablets.com and CreditTips.com.

Scrooge is Cheap? Bah, Humbug! Scrooge.com Sells For
More Than  $75,000 at SnapNames
Scrooge McDuck was known for pinching his pennies, but
the new owner of Scrooge.com broke open the piggy bank
to buy the domain for $75,200 this week at SnapNames.
That sale tops our latest weekly Top 20 chart, more
than doubling the $35,000 brought in by #2

Microsoft To Support Chinese Domain Names
Microsoft says the Internet Explorer 7 browser will
fully support Chinese domain names and the company has
announced that it will further make its Windows
platform fully support .cn domains.

Developers Fret Over Domain Name Drought
"The growth rate of people registering dot-coms has
just skyrocketed," Dotster Vice President for
Marketing George DeCarlo said. "There's definitely a
shortage of usable domain names in dot-com," added
Antony Van Couvering, a principal in Names&#167;Work, an
Internet consulting firm in New York City.

Vote for your most influential IT organisation
What has been the most influential organisation over
the past 40 years of IT? IBM? Microsoft? Cisco?
Hewlett-Packard? Or perhaps you consider Icann, the
body that manages internet domain names, to be more

Domain Names for Tax Foreclosures, Offered for Sale
Baltimore, Maryland-based holding company for domain
names related to the tax lien and tax foreclosure
markets, TaxForeclosure(s).com, LLC, is selling a
package of domain names.

World Wide Web Seems to Be Running Out of Addresses
Just as there are a finite number of telephone numbers
for an exchange, there are a finite number of Web
addresses on the Internet. Or at least there are a
finite number of one-word domain names that make

nz: 2006 NetSafe Symposium - CyberSafety & Security
The 2006 NetSafe Symposium - Cybersafety & Security
Online was held on the 6th and 7th July 2006 in
Wellington. The Symposium had a cross-sector focus on
the issues of cybersafety and security online. The two
day invitation-only event brought together leaders
from a range of different sectors from New Zealand and
the world, to look at child safety, network security
(businesses, schools and community agencies), online
confidence (secure transactions), and the e-crime
challenges for law enforcement and the New Zealand
legal system.

nz: Netsafe?s Butterfield first female InternetNZ
Liz Butterfield, founder of the Internet Safety Group
(Netsafe) has been appointed a Fellow of InternetNZ,
the first woman to be given the honour.

Teen chatrooms get a virtual bouncer
Australian teens can now apply for an ID card to prove
how "young" they are under a new scheme to prevent
online predators from masquerading as youths in

uk: Childcare expert threatens to have website shut
Gina Ford, the childcare expert whose advocacy of
strict rearing techniques attracts critics and
devotees in equal measure, has threatened to have a
website used by 250,000 mothers shut down, claiming it
has published allegedly defamatory remarks about her.
Lawyers acting for the author and former maternity
nurse have moved to "disable" www.Mumsnet.com - a site
run part-time by seven mothers - because she says
numerous "highly defamatory" postings have been
carried in its chatrooms.

au: Internet frauds still raking in billions
Nigerian scams have been around so long that it is
hard to believe that anyone still gets taken in. You
know how it goes: you get an email with the promise of
a big sum of money coming your way; you?ve won a
lottery, received an unexpected inheritance, or
perhaps a wealthy foreigner wants to transfer his
millions overseas and will pay you handsomely to help

nz: NZ climbs to eighth in internet rankings
More than two-thirds of New Zealanders now have
internet access at home, placing this country eighth
out of 30 developed countries. The Ministry of Social
Development's latest Social Report shows that the
percentage of adults aged 18 and over with internet
access jumped from 36.5 per cent in 2000 to 65.1 per
cent in 2004.

uk: Britons online '50 days a year'
Britain's 10 million broadband users spend an average
of 23.5 hours online each week, equivalent to 50 days
of the year, a survey suggests.

Fifteen years of the web
Internet timeline: BBC's interactive highlights from
the last 15 years of the web

Murdoch on the money - MySpace and Google
It's a marriage made in cyber heaven: the web's
favourite search engine and its most popular social
networking site.

The Trillion Dollar Challenge Principles for
Profitable Convergence
Digital convergence was buried in the rubble of the
dot-com crash, or so a lot of people thought. But what
really disappeared was convergence of the technology,
media and telecommunications (TMT) sectors for its own
sake and an obsession with the spectacular things
technology might deliver tomorrow, at the expense of
understanding or delivering what customers actually
want today. A generally more considered,
customer-driven and profitable approach to TMT
convergence is taking its place.

au: Telstra fibre move disappoints Coonan
Telstra's decision not to proceed with its plans to
build a new fibre broadband network was disappointing,
Communications Minister Helen Coonan said today.

au: ACCC bewildered by Telstra's fibre move
Australia's competition watchdog says it is bewildered
and disappointed by Telstra's decision to abandon
negotiations over its planned AU$4 billion fibre to
the node high-speed broadband network.

au: Telstra fibre talks break down
Talks between Telstra and the competition regulator
over the terms under which the telco would build a new
national fibre broadband network have been

au: FTTN scrapping 'a stunt'
TELECOMMUNICATIONS experts have accused Telstra of
pulling a political stunt with its announcement that
it would scrap its planned $4 billion home broadband
upgrade after a regulatory fight with the ACCC.


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