[DNS] pseudocracy gone mad aucd

[DNS] pseudocracy gone mad aucd

From: Vic Cinc <vicc§cia.com.au>
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 19:31:03 +1000
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>> Not all...no. Those that bother to inform themselves of the history, 
>> process and aims before launching into 'comment' for example.
>> They're not....
> Regardless of the history, process, and aims, it's still a monumental
> waste of money. I would have preferred you taken $200,000 from the
> auDA account and bought yourself a yacht.

I have seen numerous of these community web sites come and go. in fact I was 
going to post a url to one of my favourites, digital newtown, but the domain 
has expired.

what invariably happens with these web sites, is that once the initial 
enthusiam wears off and the tedium of keeping these sites up to date starts 
to set in, they become stale and historical repositories for out of date 
information, which in turns rapidly decreases traffic to the site and a slow 
and steady death takes place.

the problem here is that nobody really consulted people in the industry that 
know about these things, rather they launch into a multi million dollar bit 
of idealism that is being declared a success after a land rush that requires 
an electron microscope to observe.

this is generally what happens when you dont apply commercial sensibility to 
project. the pricing mechanism ensures that there is a clear answer to the 
question of "is it worth doing?"

what bothers me is that the only criteria for success is that aucd doesnt go 
broke once the auda tsunami of cash runs dry.

shrug. at least it creates jobs for more pseudocrats.

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