[DNS] pseudocracy gone mad aucd

[DNS] pseudocracy gone mad aucd

From: Kirk Fletcher <kirk§enetica.com.au>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 17:17:04 +1000
Jim Preston wrote:
> We are missing the true point on the Auda Foundation. Whether
> it's a great success or a dismal failure - it's a great feather in the
> cap of those who initiated this generous charitable cause.

We're not talking about the foundation, we're talking about auCD.

But since you bought the topic up: the road to hell is paved with
good intentions.  I've no doubt that there were good intentions
behind auCD, just as there are/were good intentions with the
auDA foundation.  You just can't stop the inevitable inefficiencies
from creeping in.

The auCD is particularly amusing, because after $1.5mill, they
consider 13 applications in the first week a success (wow - what
a landrush!).  Furthermore, the domains are considerably more
expensive than what the evil profit-motivated companies provide.

On top of all that... it seems that those buying them are doing so
with council money.  Yep - the rate-payers foot the final bill.
You couldn't have scripted a funnier comedy of inefficiencies -
all in the name of "helping the community."

But hey - that's all OK... "helping the community" is such a noble
cause, we should be grateful.

> They are the great charitable citizens.
> Who really cares if it's unlikely to work, it presents those behind
> it as having their heart in the right place.

That is quite possibly the most stupid claim anyone has ever
made on this list (and believe me, there's some competition!) 

Let's squander millions of (other people's) dollars... it will make
us feel really good! 

Kirk Fletcher
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