[DNS] domain name news - 14 August

[DNS] domain name news - 14 August

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 22:41:48 +1000 (EST)
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eu: Registrar on .eu domain hoarding: Nothing we can

The age-old battle for power and sex.com

Instra Corporation launches Asia registry for Asia
Pacific domain names

au: WIPO decision on yellowbook.com.au &
yellowbook.net.au - Telstra Corporation Limited v.
Mandino Pty Ltd

A Fundamental Look at DNSSEC, Deployment, and DNS
Security Extensions by Geoff Huston

Getting Six Billion People Online

eu: Registrar on .eu domain hoarding: Nothing we can
A reseller of .eu domain names has denied accusations
that his business has operated unfairly by stockpiling
more than 1,000 three-letter domain names and charging
customers more than $1,909 to buy each one.

The age-old battle for power and sex.com
The decade-long tussle over the world's most seductive
internet address is a retelling of the Trojan war
story for the digital age

Instra Corporation launches Asia registry for Asia
Pacific domain names
Instra Corporation, a domain name and telephone number
mapping (ENUM) registrar, has launched the Asia
Registry, a specialised domain name registration
service covering Asia Pacific country code top-level
domains (ccTLD). This coincides with announcements
relating to Asia Pacific's .asia top level domain,
which is expected to be as popular as the recent .eu
for the European Union.

Instra Corporation Launches ASIA Registry for Asia
Pacific Domain Names (news release)

.ng Suffers Another Setback
Nigeria's ccTLD has suffered a set fourteen months
after the Internet community in Nigeria agreed to have
the Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NiRA)
as the manager of the nation's ccTLD.

au: WIPO decision on yellowbook.com.au &
yellowbook.net.au - Telstra Corporation Limited v.
Mandino Pty Ltd
The disputed domain names <yellowbook.com.au> and
<yellowbook.net.au> are registered with Bottle
Domains. Telstra filed a complaint to WIPO, but lost.

A Fundamental Look at DNSSEC, Deployment, and DNS
Security Extensions by Geoff Huston
In looking at the general topic of trust and the
Internet, one of the more critical parts of the
Internet?s infrastructure that appears to be a central
anchor point of trust is that of the Domain Name
Service, or DNS. The mapping of ?named? service points
to the protocol-level address is a function that every
Internet user relies upon, one way or another.

Making DKIM More Useful with Domain Assurance Email by
John Levine
The IETF DKIM working group has been making
considerable progress, and now has a close-to-final
draft. DKIM will let domains sign their mail so if you
get a message from fred&#167;furble.net, the furble.net
mail system can sign it so you can be sure it really
truly is from furble.net. But unless you already
happen to be familiar with furble.net, this doesn?t
give you any help deciding whether you want the
message. This is where the new Domain Assurance
Council (DAC) comes in.

ICANN Nominating Committee Progress
After the revised close of the call for candidates for
the ICANN Board, GNSO council, ccNSO Council and
Interim ALAC, the Nominating Committee has received 89
Statements of Interest from members of the ICANN
community and others interested in the positions.

This year's .cm bust: Mind your typos
According to the claims, administrators have
authorized a DNS wildcard that has the effect of
redirecting all accidental .cm traffic instead of
returning an error. So a user who mistakenly types .cm
instead of .com will get a page full of ads.

in: Traders cautioned on using `Basmati' name
The Agricultural and Processed Foods Export
Development Authority has warned the trade against the
possibility of the geographical indication `Basmati'
becoming a "generic" name usable by any trader as a
result of the failure of traders to adhere to the
labelling guidelines. ... APEDA has also appealed to
traders not to use the word Basmati as part of their
corporate names/trading styles/domain name.

ca: CIRA launches One Web Day Tour to celebrate One
Web Day (news release)
Raises Internet awareness with fact-finding tour and
celebration day.

Internet domain names as marks
Can an Internet domain name function as and be
registered as a trademark? An Internet domain name can
be registered as a trade-mark if it can make
con-sumers identify and distinguish the goods or
services of one manufacturer or provider from those
offered by others. For it to be registered as a
trademark, it should allow the consumers to identify
the source of the goods or services.

Getting Six Billion People Online
In the first part of this two-part interview, Vint
Cerf discusses the invention and future of the
Internet as well as the social aspect of what he
created.In this, second part, Dr Cerf reveals his
thoughts on Google's next moves, Wall Street's math
error, what he sees as the real threats to the
Internet, and what's really going on with Google

uk: Nominet fights 'domain tasting'
UK domain registry Nominet is putting a limit on the
number of registrations that can be deleted by
registrars as a way of reducing 'domain tasting,' when
a website owner registers a domain name and deletes it
before the registry requests payment, reports

eu: 74,000 ?.eu? names frozen in squatting
About 74,000 ?.eu? domain names have been frozen under
suspicion that a syndicate had illegally stockpiled
them to sell at a profit.

Artist Damien Hirst miffed over 'cybersquatter'
Controversial British artist Damien Hirst has filed a
complaint with the U.K.'s internet arbitration service
to remove another artist who set up a website in
Hirst's name.

A new national survey of online youth shows increases
in exposure to sexual material and harassment but less
sexual solicitation. However, aggressive
solicitations, those in which solicitors made or
attempted to make offline contact, did not decrease.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
commends the U.S. Senate for ratifying the Council of
Europe?s Convention on Cybercrime.

us: Children less likely to encounter online predators
Despite the rise of social networking sites such as
MySpace, a smaller percentage of young people are
being sexually solicited online than five years ago.

au: Bullies go online
EDUCATION experts have warned that local schools need
to crack-down on bullies using cyberspace to harass
and humiliate. They say vicious emails, SMS threats
and hate-sites have replaced school yard taunts in a
new form of abuse called cyber-bullying. Deakin
University Eduction Psychologist Helen McGrath cited
examples of tech-savvy kids superimposing the faces of
classmates onto pornographic images and posting them
on the internet or emailing them around the school.

Search Engines Censured for Censorship
Activists want Yahoo!, Google, and Microsoft to do
more to disclose to Chinese users how and why their
searches are being censored

vn: Filtering in Vietnam emphasizes politics
Looking at internet filtering practices in Vietnam,
one could conclude that the government was more
worried about politics than porn. University
researchers said in a report on Wednesday that the
practices ran counter to the government's own

Malaysian leaders carry quarrel into cyberspace
Cyberspace, one of the last true havens of free speech
in Malaysia, may soon fall victim to a squabble
between the country's two most powerful politicians,
with the government vowing to punish defamatory
remarks on Web sites.

uk: Why internet crime has grown more lucrative than
the drug trade
Revelations of a flaw in HSBC's personal online
banking system has brought about the nightmare
scenario for any financial institution - potential
security failure. Fifteen years after the birth of the
world wide web, people are putting increasing amounts
of trust into the medium, and banks have thrown
corresponding levels of effort, expertise and cash
into their online security. Experts predict that by
the end of the decade the banking industry worldwide
will have spent ?70bn on technology to support their
online services and other new methods.

uk: Brits play it safe online
When it comes to using the internet, the British
attitude is largely 'safety first'. According to a
recent survey by the British Computer Society (BCS),
British consumers take computer security seriously and
this is leading to a healthy growth in online shopping
and internet banking.

us: Govt. Joins Net Treaty That May Limit Rights in
U.S., Overseas
The US Senate last week ratified a treaty requiring
participating countries to share citizens? personal
digital data and aid each others? criminal
investigations, an arrangement privacy advocates say
will amount to increasing surveillance of Internet
users and the enforcement of foreign laws in the
United States.

us: CDT: "MySpace Bill" Would Block Valuable Internet
Content - Analysis
A bill that would force schools and libraries to block
access to online chat and social networking tools
would violate the constitution and prevent many
lower-income people from using valuable Internet
tools, according to a new CDT analysis released today.
The Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA) -- often
called the "MySpace Bill" -- would require schools and
libraries to filter access to chat and social
networking tools or lose their federal e-rate funding.
Because chat and social networking are so deeply
ingrained in Internet communications, and are a part
of a great diversity of web sites, the legislation
could force librarians to cordon off vast amounts of
valuable Internet content. The bill would place the
Federal Communications Commission in the untenable
position of either ordering the blocking of all sites
with chat capability, or engaging in a clearly
unconstitutional process of picking which sites to

uk: Most UK youth on social networking sites
More than half of the UK?s 16-24 year olds are using
social networking sites such as MySpace and Bebo at
least once a week, as the ?networked generation? turns
its back on television, radio and newspapers in favour
of online communities.

uk: Young people turn off TV and discard newspapers to
surf the net
It will come as no surprise to Charles Allen and other
media executives, but young people are turning away
from television, radio and newspapers to surf the web.
A report by media regulator Ofcom found the average 16
to 24-year-old watched an hour's less TV a day than
older viewers last year.

Brits adopt 'safe surfing' habits
Nine in 10 Britons take security precautions when
surfing online, according to a new survey which goes
against previous research that suggested Britain was a
nation of cyber-security slackers.

nz: NZ television on threshold of a revolution
Kiwis will be able to watch their favourite TV
programmes over the internet within 18 months, says

The alliance against Google
What today's internet firms can learn from
19th-century history: PRINCE KLEMENS VON METTERNICH,
foreign minister of the Austrian Empire during the
Napoleonic era and its aftermath, would have no
trouble recognising Google. To him, the world's most
popular web-search engine would closely resemble the
Napoleonic France that in his youth humiliated Austria
and Europe's other powers. Its rivals?Yahoo!, the
largest of the traditional web gateways, eBay, the
biggest online auction and trading site, and
Microsoft, a software empire that owns MSN, a
struggling web portal?would look a lot like Russia,
Prussia, and Austria. Metternich responded by forging
an alliance among those three monarchies to create a
?balance of power? against France. Google's enemies,
he might say, ought now to do the same thing.

The PC turns 25
For those of us who grew up with computers, it might
seem that the beige box has been around forever, but
on Saturday morning you might like to wish your PC a
happy 25th birthday.

How did the French suddenly get better broadband than
the UK?
The French reputation for broadband superiority rests
mainly on a start-up company called Iliad. This
provides more than a million French subscribers with a
"triple play" package called Free, which includes 81
TV channels, unlimited phone calls within France and
to other 14 countries, plus 24 megabits internet for
just ?29.99 (?20) a month.

uk: Internet calls surge
Nearly two million UK households use web-based phone


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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